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Re: heres another question? medicated or non medicated birthing?

Pain from an acute attack like appendicities or gall bladder is typically constant and is pathological, i.e. abnormal and caused by disease. Pain from uterine contractions are intermittent and typically build in intensity and are not pathological.

If you are able to remain drug free during your labor pain acts like a feedback mechanism, and your body actually will make its own morphine like chemicals (endorphins) which help you cope with the pain and even after the birth give you a sort of euphoric (think runner's high) feeling.

As a childbirth professional I'm not against the proper use of pain meds and epidurals during birth. But each woman's experience is so subjective that to tell someone else what labor will feel like is useless.

I will highly recommend another book to you. It is called Creating Your Birth Plan:The Definitive Guide to a Safe and Empowering Birth by Marsden Wagner, M.d., M.S. This book and Henci Goer's will really help you make informed decisions about medications, and other pain coping strategies, as well as birthing positions. Its my new favorite "birth book."



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Re: heres another question? medicated or non medicated birthing?

I've given birth twice so far (due in aug) both times have been drug free. With my second, I had pitocin as well(also an evil evil evil drug IMO)

I was very intent on having natural childbirth, with each of my boys. Even though I am really young (19 with my first, 22 with my second and will be 23 with our third), I found that once the DRs & nurses knew my wishes to be unmedicated, for the most part they left me alone.

Its hard, and it hurts. Let's be honest. It's labour. It's scary. And unfamiliar. I don't know a single person in the world, not afraid of the unknown.
Do your research, and make the best decision for you and your babe, mama.

Ask yourself if you will regret it?

I almost caved during my first labour and got the epi, because my contractions were one on top of the other, and I had alot of back labour. However, I was well past the point of anyone being able to do an epi for me, and typically, when you feel you have nothing left, and you can't take anymore, you're in transition and babe will be born before you know it!

It honestly, is the most horrific pain I have ever experienced in my life (and btw, Im a wimp too ), but it's absolutely pain with a purpose, and one of the most incredible and amazing things in the world to experience. The high you get after giving birth, knowing YOU just did that! YOU gave life to that beautiful little babe. There is nothing else like it in the world. Taking that experience, and being drugged.. not something I wish to ever experience.

Good luck with your decision making, mama!
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Re: heres another question? medicated or non medicated birthing?

I highly recommend Natural Birth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon. Teaches you everything you need to know to work WITH your body during labor instead of against it. We actually work against our uterus when we tense up during a contraction. That is actually where most of the sensation of pain stems from during childbirth. I have had two epidural births that were by no means painless and a natural one after reading this birth that I would say was virtually painless. It was awesome and I agree with other women that labor is a sensation that you know is purposeful and good while pain or discomfort from disease and sickness is not. It's a lot easier to relax after reading the book and knowing that labor is natural and normal. Research and preparation is key to preparing to have a natural childbirth that will be rewarding. You can probably find this book at your local library or on Amazon cheap. Not to be confused with Lamaze. Totally different and most of those births go med. heavy. Best Wishes.
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Re: heres another question? medicated or non medicated birthing?

You can do it if you really want to. I was crushed at having to be induced for severe pre-eclamsia with my first and I ended up having an interthecal placed when I was 8 cm. I was also on a muscle relaxer to prevent me from having seizures due to high blood pressure, so I was stuck in bed. Not fun. With DS, I worked hard to keep my BP low. I labored at home until I saw some spots of blood (which I thought meant 5 cm dilated). I was considering having pain meds again (between contractions, LOL) as we drove to the Hospital because I was feeling a lot of pain in my lower back. When I got there I was complete, so 10 minutes later DS was born. I had one of those balance balls that I labored on during hard contractions, and DH applied so much counterpressure on my lower back (with a tennis ball) he said he thought he was going to hurt me! But it felt good. I did lamaze style breathing to help me focus on something other than pain. Now, if I'd have had a 20 hour in-Hospital labor, things might have been different. For me, if it got to the point that I was so worn out I couldn't cope anymore, pain meds would have come into play. That's how it was with DD. But unlike your appendix, the labor pain builds so it's not hard transition contractions for 12 hours... It's a mind over matter thing!
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Re: heres another question? medicated or non medicated birthing?

Everyone says, "this or that is as bad as childbirth" but really, I don't think so. I haven't had appendicitus, but I had a kidney infection that involved hunching over like that, and IMO, unmedicated birth went way better than that. Yes it hurts, but *pain* doesn't kill you, the pain itself doesn't hurt you, it just points to an underlying condition...I think the problem is that we fear pain, and usually it is indeed a warning that something is wrong, like your appendix or kidney is swollen, please go get help now, etc. But in birth, it is just pain, just discomfort, just a part of the normal experience of birth, to be expected, it's just a sign that you are in labor now...

If you've ever had bad constipation/diarreha/gassy cramps, you know how it hurts to push a bowel movement, but you know that you will feel better once you get it out of your system? So you have to push whether you like it or not...IMO, birth is similar to that. It can be excruciating in the moment, but you just do what you need to do, in short spurts.

I did wimp out during my first birth because I left the door open..."I hope to avoid med, but I will get an epi if I can't handle the pain." Well, define "can't handle." If you are so tense because of fear of the pain that you cannot dialate fully, then ok, maybe after a point that situation would qualify as "can't handle" the pain, and an epi might actually help. But when my nurses asked me in the midst of transition whether I "needed" an epidural, I thought (in a totally undefined way) maybe I couldn't handle it afterall...but I was still dialating and still lucid, so obviously I *was* "handling" the pain. Just because it still hurt didn't mean I wasn't surviving it. You "handled" your appendicitus pain for 12hrs. You hurt, but you put up with it. You couldn't make it go away, but you put up with it. In birth, the most intense pain is transition. If you just put up with it until you get past transition, pushing isn't quite so bad. You get to rest between attempts. And then it's over, and you have a baby to adore.

FTR, I was a lot more relaxed for my 3rd birth, the one I did unmedicated, and because of being able to relax about it, I actually walked into the hospital still smiling and laughing...the nurses thought maybe I was in early labor or having a false alarm because I was too happy to be in serious labor...I was at a 10!!! And ds was born within the hour, with 2 pushes. Those two did hurt rather sharply, and I moaned a bit waiting for them to take their stupid 20 minutes of electronic monitoring, but being calm and letting it out vocally really helped, as did the warm shower I had at home before coming. Afterward, I felt pretty good, and my recovery was faster than when I had the epi for dd.

Oh, and with dd's epi, I did tear, and it wore off before the stitching. Yeah, so I got all the negatives and did not even get the benefit of not feeling the stitches...which if I hadn't had an epi, they would have been more careful to numb me.
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Re: heres another question? medicated or non medicated birthing?

I've had both an emergency appendectomy and gone through labor/delivery, and I say you can do it. I wouldn't say one hurts more than the other, I'd say they're very different sensations. The appendectomy is sharper and probably worse because of location and unpreparedness for it when it happens. With labor, you can prepare yourself, you get breaks between contractions, breathing will help, and once it's over, it's over with no awful recovery period like with the surgery.

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Re: heres another question? medicated or non medicated birthing?

Originally Posted by Chickie.xOx View Post
I will be doing natural as long as I can, then Epi here I come!!!
haha! this is how i feel as well. i'm not trying to be a superhero. i hate pain and if it gets to the point where i can't take it i am absolutely getting an epi. i got them with my first 2 births and it was great. the only thing is this time i would like to change positions during the birth so i am considering other forms of pain relief this time.
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