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Re: Doc wants me to supplement AGAIN???

my ds was a spitter up from the begining! its a laundry problem UNLESS they seem upset by it then it could be reflex.......

at 8 months joes is FINALLY outgrowing it.

i would think that if you gave your DD formula you are setting yourself up for even more spit up and possible nipple confusion bc of her age.

some babies spit up more then others and as along as she isnt projectile voimting (flu like) then shes fine.

also try elimanting dairy, if heard lots of moms say this helps

good luck mama


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Re: Doc wants me to supplement AGAIN???

I'd try cutting out dairy for a week. If you don't see improvement try cutting out anything in the cabbage family (including broccoli and cauliflower) onions, also sometimes bother babies, chocolate, and spicy foods too.

If you try cutting out everything that might possibly be bothering her I would check into seeing if she has reflux, it sounds like it to me, but I'd try altering your diet first.

ETA: if she does have reflux I would try taking her to the chiropractor. Do not let them do surgery unless you 100% agree that it is neccissary and you have tried everything else. My neice had very severe reflux. She had to sleep strapped to a board completely upright, and was on a heartmonitor for 6 months because she would spit up so much she couldn't breath (not choking) anyhow my sister took her to the chiropractor and she was sooo much better afterwards. Because she was so sever they had to go back every few months. Her 3rd child also had reflux, and as soon as he was diagnosed she took him to the chiropractor and after 1 visit he never had another problem. When my DD was 2 months old her ped thought she might have reflux, so we took her to the chiropractor, and she was just fine.

I definately wouldn't suppliment. Especially with as young as you DD is and being a premie, I think it would cause more trouble than good.
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Re: Doc wants me to supplement AGAIN???

I was told by a lactation consultant that it doesn't matter what you eat, your body breaks it down enough before it gets to your milk. My daughter had horrible reflux for the first 4 months though. I never once supplemented. Is your letdown fast that maybe she gulps too much air which would cause her to spit up bad? Or maybe she just isnt a good burper? I wouldn't do the soy, I'm very strongly against soy formula. I would do reflux meds before soy formula. GL! Hope you figure something out.
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Re: Doc wants me to supplement AGAIN???

Soy is in every high instance allergen list I've ever seen - I have no idea why so many docs want to give babies soy formula. Your breastmilk is the BEST food you can give your baby, no ands, ifs or buts.

Some babies just spit up a lot. Is yours peeing enough? Gaining weight? If so, it's a laundry problem. My DS spit up after EVERY time he nursed for MONTHS. I thought for sure he wasn't keeping anything down, but he always gained lots of weight when we went for checkups. I know how disturbing it is to watch your little one spitting up, but if they are peeing, gaining weight, and not uncomfortable, it really is just a laundry problem.

I second what a pp said about finding a new doctor. If your baby isn't failure to thrive, they should not be telling you to supliment NOR frightening you with surgery! Get a second opinion, find a new ped who is PRO breastfeeding!

Look into your local LLL group too - lots of support to be had there!

Good luck mama! You're doing a good job!
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Re: Doc wants me to supplement AGAIN???

NO, do not supplement. Take ALL dairy out of your diet. You will see a big difference. Call a la leche leader today. Get support. Do you/baby go to a chiropractor? That will help. Also try Keep nursing!!!! My daughter nursed and nursed, spit up and then nursed again. She was huge. She is 13 now, tall, slender and so healthy. She nursed until she was 4. The spitting up stops. Just keep NURSING. Call a leader, she will give you all the help and advice that you need. Have her come to your house.
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Re: Doc wants me to supplement AGAIN???

Did not read all pp's so some of this might be repeatitive. Sorry. Breast milk is the very best feeding option for babies ( especailly a 7 week olld baby) and especially a baby with food sensativities and allergies. Don't stop nursing. I am sure your dr is well meaning, but most dr's ..even pedi's and ob's .. doin't know much about bf and even what they do know is often flawed. Definatley eliminate ALL dairy. Definately call a La LEche League leader.
Also, how much is she spitting up. Is it projectile. How is her other behavior/moods? Is this a reflux issue..common in premies? Take a tablespoon of water or other liquid and spill it on your kitchen counter...once out of the spoon, it looks like a heck of a lot of liquid, way more than a tablespoon. Maybe she is possibly not spitting up as much as you percieve. Hang in there will get better!!!
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Re: Doc wants me to supplement AGAIN???

to preface my post i will say I am not a doc. ped. LC or anything of the like, simply a mom with a similar problem and info to share...

in a nut shell supplementing is the wrong idea . Granted sometimes, rarely, there are medical issue that require supplementation - just because theres some spitting up is not cause to take away BreastMilk!!!!... BM is the best!! Is DC's diaper output good? is weight gain good is she 'happy' as a 2 mo. old can be??- just a few things .. try cut out the dairy to start - start with the obvious ones, milk, cheese ice cream... then you could move on if you have to to the hidden dairy - as a pP said its practiaclly in everything... it could take 2-4 weeks to see results so hang in there.. also - check out the LLL message baords - there is super info there. Trust me on this one - I'm haning out there a lot I had some issue with DS and literally when I cut out the dairy items it helps TONS tho' it's hard (I've been sober (from dairy) for about 2 mo.)

heres a link to the message boards- check 'em out there's great info there -I promise!!!!!!

Find your local LLL or IBCLC
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Re: Doc wants me to supplement AGAIN???

Originally Posted by tennesseemom
I agree that it could be a dairy issue. I cut it out of my diet when I noticed my baby getting tummy aches around 3 weeks of age and she is doing ten times better now.

About Fenugreek, I know it gives my baby horrible gas and indigestion, so I cant take it anymore. You might try cutting it out for about 4-6 days and see if it makes a difference.
I agree. I cut dairy out for awhile with my twins because they were having problems. I also had to stop the fenugreek due to gas and poop issues.

One of them had reflux too which causes them to spit up alot. My friend said her ped at the Children's Hospital told her to give her twins 1ml of Mylanta (I think, I would have to verify) for the reflux. I tried it with my daughter and it helped. My ped told me to keep her somewhat upright and still for 30 minutes after eating and that reflux usually goes away on its own by 9 months. HTH
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Re: Doc wants me to supplement AGAIN???

I know I went though this w/ my ds. He had a high needs to suck and I had over supply. So how things went were.

Little one would cry for the breast, not becuase he was hungry but becuase he needed to suck, so I would nurse him, but since his tummy would have milk in it from just eating he would then fill it up on milk to much and it would all come out which then left him crying becuase now he was hungry and the same process would start over again.

There little tummys are very little, so perhaps just try nursing for a couple minutes, let that settle in his tummy and then nurse again for a couple minutes. Also make sure you burp after a couple minutes. Air pockets can cause everything to come up. I used to just burp after each breast but still he spit up lots, so i started to burp while still on the same breast and it did help him not not spit up as much.

IT could be a number of things. Hang in there.
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Re: Doc wants me to supplement AGAIN???

The twins (now 26 months) were both spitters, but the younger one (22 minutes) was spitting up more and doing it more often. I would nurse them and put them up on my shoulder to burp straight away. It was my Ped that told me to do that. He said to keep babe upright, or in burping position, for at least 15 minutes after nursing, just to let it all settle.

I would avoid supps with formula, because a common reaction for most children is to barf that right back up anyway. I would, too, come to think of it... Double yuck!!

Hang in there, Mama


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