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Anyone have a really great second pregnancy after a horrible first pregnancy?

I've heard the reverse... people have first pregnancies (or even first few) and then have one that is just awful, and that's it for them. Has anyone ever had a really terrible first pregnancy, and then go on to have an uneventful, energetic, decent second pregnancy? I'm not talking miracles here... just not so awful you can't do anything.

My first pregnancy, I was sick for most of it (just caught every cold/flu, had an extended allergy season twice as severe as usual so I was blowing my nose and having sinusitis for 4 months straight, so tired I could barely function, alway throwing up (but not that crazy morning sickness one, just frequently enough that it was awful). So tired... that was the worst.

It was just really, really hard, and I was given a promotion the same week I got pregnant which didn't help (other than for money stress), but right now I have a high stress/busy job so it won't be any better other than I can work from home more now, but I just don't know if I can do it again if odds are, it will be the same. It's literally (okay, figuratively) the only thing keeping me from trying again. I can't go through that for 9 months again with no medicine and no way of resting enough to have energy and always being sick.. not to mention having a toddler. Tell me there's a chance it will be different... tell me it was better for you! I can even deal with pain (i.e. braxton hicks, round ligament, not that it's easy but for me personally I have a better tolerance for pain), but nausea and fatigue are my worst enemy... it was like I never had a second trimester and I never had a nesting period, I just had 9 months of struggle.


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My pregnancy was the same. Never want to do it again. DD is going to be an only. I also knocked a rib out of place and had fainting spells. Ugh.

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Re: Anyone have a really great second pregnancy after a horrible first pregnancy?

In terms of morning sickness I would rank them like this from best to worst:
2, 1, 3, 4

4, 3, 2, 1

All around "ease" of being pregnant:
2, 3, 1, 4

All of my pregnancies were pretty different. I've been lucky not to have any with sickness all the way though, I've had 2 with vomiting every day or almost every day in the 1st 16-20 weeks, I had mild nausea in another, I had zero symptoms except fatigue in another.

I had some 1 where I gained lots of weight, another where I lost a ton (and I am not overweight)

I've had fatigue for all, but strangely enough it seems the fatigue has been worse with the pregnancies I had the least amount of morning sickness.

I know some people have the same type of pregnancy over and over, or it gets worse, mine have been all over the place.

I will say my easiest pregnancy and delivery was my hardest baby though
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Re: Anyone have a really great second pregnancy after a horrible first pregnancy?

My first was quite lovely, my second was rather horrific, but I think my third has been the easiest of them all so far.
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Re: Anyone have a really great second pregnancy after a horrible first pregnancy?

My 1st was an absolute breeze.

Ok, I mean other than normal aches pains (he liked to keep his crooked feet up under my ribs.)I had light ms from 7-18weeks, and severe heartburn at the end, but I never had BH. Never dropped/waddled. Really, I always speak fondly of my first pregnancy.

My 2nd (most recent) was absolutely HORRIFIC. The nausea started at 5 weeks. The worst nausea I have ever had. I could not have imagined that such a nausea existed. Did I mention the nausea was bad? It physically hurt (the nausea.) I couldnt eat because of it. Once I finally started vomitting (11weeks?) I didnt stop (literally puked until I delivered at 40wks. Sometimes all day) I had horrific joint and hip pain. I would be frozen from the pain in my hips (a chiro helped tremendously with that.) I was just uncomfortable 24/7 the whole pregnancy. She also came out 1lb+11oz and 1.5" bigger than my son.

Now, during the first half of my last pregnancy I cried over the fact that I could not (read: would not) EVER put myself through that again. That nausea seriously was the worst thing I have ever experienced. However, shes 4 months now, and we have already been discussing when to start trying for the next baby. Shes just so unbelievably easy going.

Each pregnancy will be different. Ive heard great things about taking unisom and B6 to combat the nausea and fatigue.
It looks like most of your trouble was with things that werent even related to pregnancy. I had a baaaaad upper respiratory infection with my first pregnancy. I dont associate that with my pregnancy though, kwim?
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1st pregnancy was hard emotionally/mentally. 2nd pregnancy I loved!
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Re: Anyone have a really great second pregnancy after a horrible first pregnancy?

So far (9 weeks in), my second has been much easier. I was so sick with dd, puking all the time. This time, I've been much more tired, but I've only been sick a few times. I'm wondering if it might be a boy, but who knows.
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My first was awful! I was miserable. I had hip issues with my second but once I got treatment from the chiropractor it was amazing. I was more than happy when my doctor offered a c-section at 36.5 weeks with the first. I went 41.5 with the second and felt like I would have been fine going even longer. This pregnancy however is another ball game, but I think it is just because its twins.
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