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Re: Someone please tell me what to do!!! UPDATE AT BOTTOM


I did the peroxide and neosporin (hadn't read the comments yet and didn't think about drying my nipples out). I was really worried that maybe this wasn't a bite at all and that it was just a bad infection. However, when I poured the peroxide on it vividly bubbled on two very distinct perfect little Presley teeth marks! I also noticed, upon closer inspection, that each tooth mark has matching broken blood vessel/blood blister. I think this is what is causing the shooting pain as I'm not exhibiting any other symptoms of infection. I still haven't heard back from the LC. I really hope she's able to come see me so that she can look at my nipple and make a more accurate diagnosis. I'm in so much pain!!!

P.S. After thinking back carefully to the events that lead up to the biting I realized that DD had a bit of a fever that day and seemed to be having some pain in her right ear. I'm pretty sure that her ear was bothering her again that night and I think that is why she bit me.



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Re: Someone please tell me what to do!!! UPDATE AT BOTTOM

Poor Mama!

At the end of each nursing session, express a few drops of BM and rub it on your nipple then let it air dry before you put your bra back on. BM will help your nipple heal and will keep it from drying out.

I know how bad that biting can hurt. My ds has 6 teeth now and is working on 2 more and MAN those things are sharp! Whenever he bites me (which I've noticed is generally always when he's emptied a breast and is kinda bored just sucking) I unlatch him, make him sit up and say "NO BITING!" very firmly, and take my index finger and press his bottom lip in on his bottom teeth, not so much it hurts, but just so he understands that his teeth = biting and that it's not good. He usually cries the most pitiful cry when I unlatch him, but after a hug I let him go back to nursing. Three bites and he has to stop for a few minutes, though. We rarely ever get to 3 bites in one session now.

Good luck mama~ That definately does sound like yeast to me with the shooting pain. Eat lots of yogurt or take probiotics and cut your sugar out.

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Re: Someone please tell me what to do!!! UPDATE AT BOTTOM

If you have a pump and heating pad, put the heating pad on that size for 10 minutes or so and then pump. Will she take the other side..if so, nurse that side while pumping the other.

I ended up with an infection while on vacation. Rather than just visiting the ER, I did the heat compress and pump the entire time. She nursed the "good" side until I got home. Funny part was that by the time I got home, my body had beaten off most of the infection on it's own and didn't need meds. But I can definately remember that pain. It was horrible.

As for biting, I found they usually only do it when teething or when they are done. I never found the shields to work and ended up dealing with the occasional pain when I missed the warning signs of fullness.
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Re: Someone please tell me what to do!!! UPDATE AT BOTTOM

As another mother of a biter, I feel your pain. My ds has all 8 front teeth at 12 mos, and boy does he know how to use them!

There have been 3 or 4 times that he has bitten me hard enough that it brought tears to my eyes, both when he did it and for a couple days afterwards. He's given me little blood blisters, and deep shooting pain like you've got a couple times too. I went so far as to go to a LLL meeting where one of the ladies was a LC who offered to see me after the meeting because I was convinced that I had a YI, I was still hurting ALOT 5 days after he bit me once. But it was just a bad bite...

I've noticed that the less distracted we are when nursing, the less likely he is to bite. When we are having problems with biting, I make sure that I don't do anything else while he is eating. I take him off and tell him "No biting Mommy" firmly each time he bites...but honestly, I am doubtful that it does any good - he is only 12 months, and doesn't seem to care - lol. I guess he knows I'm not planning on starving him out!

I second the pp's suggestion about rubbing a little expressed breastmilk on your nipples. That has worked wonders for me - if I do this every time he nurses, I can usually go from tears when nursing to just sore in a day or two. It takes about a week if I don't get bit again to everything to feel normal again, though.

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Re: Someone please tell me what to do!!! UPDATE AT BOTTOM

The shooting pain in the beasts sunds like thrush - i have heard some moms dscribe it as having broken glass coursing through their milk ducts. Get thee to a dr. for medicine to treat it - i would ask to go straight to Diflucan as it is more effective than nystatin. has awesome thrush resources. Get yourself some grapefruit seed extract (NOT grapeseed extract) as well to apply topically. Diflucan comes in a generic so its under $15 (without rx coverage). I know it hurts so badly, i am so sorry . And i'm willing to bet that your dd bit that bb b/c of the thrush too. Does she have fuzzy white patches in her mouth?
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