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Full stomach, but brain says keep eating!

Hey mamas, I dont think I have ever posted in this forum, but I need advice. A little about me, I have had 3 pregnancies/births, and am currently at 197lbs, 5'7"tall. I am still nursing my almost 2yo ds, and contrary to most mamas, I havent lost much weight at all while nursing my son. So, lately I have really been putting my mind to it and changing my eating habits. Fresh veggies, lots of them, fresh fruit, whole wheat bread and pasta, lots of water/tea, etc. only thing I wish to add more of is exercise. Its a bit challenging with the kids and my dh gone for the moment, so I figure I would start with one problem (my eating habits) and pick up on increasing exercise when dh gets back. I am doing pretty well, I still fight the incredibly strong urge to consume vast amounts of sweets, but treat myself at night to 1/4 cup of fat free ice cream to give me something to hold out for. The point of this all is regardless of my stomach being full, and I physically know and feel it full, my brain says to keep eating. I mean, I know it has something to do with boredom and emotional issues (stress, missing my husband) and I am home alot due to gas prices, and other things. Is there anything I can do to help quiet my brain, if that makes any sense? I keep busy with household chores, playing with kids, but its always there, the thought of eating. Please tell me there is something that can help! TIA!!!


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Re: Full stomach, but brain says keep eating!

It is soooooo hard!! I have 2 kids 4 and almost 2 and I had SO MUCH HARDER time losing w/ number 2!! I just had to really commit and really fit in those work outs!! Gym memberships really made a difference for me!
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Re: Full stomach, but brain says keep eating!

I eat constantly even though I'm not (always) hungry. I have no advice but wanted to let you know you aren't alone.
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Re: Full stomach, but brain says keep eating!

Gym memberships with trainers and babysitting for sure.

Keeping lots of vegetables around so you can snack and have the in hand plus crunching feeling.
Make sure you are getting lots of protein and fibre so you do stay full.
Get out of the house and away from temptation.
Drink your water.
Have some fun decaff teas around.
Put your fork down between every bite so you get to enjoy your meal.

It does take a while to literally reprogram your brain to shut off when your full and not to keep wanting the food sensations to continue. Give it time.
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Re: Full stomach, but brain says keep eating!

I would also highly recommend taking a good quality multi-vitamin (good being something from a health food store, not the stuff at Wal-Mart, ect that your body cannot absorb!). Sometimes the reason your body keeps saying "eat some more, eat some more!" is because it is low on a certain mineral/vitamin and is looking for it. Weird cravings like liver should be indulged (if you can stomach the stuff ). Strong sugar cravings can really be helped by taking a good omega 3 supplement (I take Krill oil from Mercola's website, it's actually better priced than our local health food store) and taking or making your own good quality probiotic. You can have a really cheap probiotic without costing any extra money by using kefir grains and straining it each day and drinking it. Multis are generally fairly inexpensive. It is a bit of an investment for the trio but they are my three basics that I always take and are so healthy for you in so many ways, not only to curb food cravings and sugar cravings. Plus you really save doctor bills in the long run so you come out really far ahead! I can see if I can find that study on 64+ plus just simply taking a multi how many BILLION they estimated they could save nationwide in healthcare. Pretty amazing.
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Re: Full stomach, but brain says keep eating!

i suggest some reading about your "cravings"
what foods is it you often crave. you said sweets so i'll say it's probably high carb items.
i'm certainly not saying you should cut out carbs but learn to control when and how they are consumed to cut out the cravings
i love the insulin resistance diet book from cheryle hart and mary kay grossman
i also like the carb addicts books by rachael and richard heller.
i think reading will enlighten you and help you on your path to weight loss and craving maintenance.
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Re: Full stomach, but brain says keep eating!

I also had this problem, I just started WW and it is helping me to slow down on the carbs. I havent had the cravings that I used to, and I have lost a few pounds too. I found on my highest food day was the day I treated myself and had some eggos. The simple carbs sent me on a craving binge. If you eat even one simple carb you will crave them all day. If you can eat more complex carbs like Whole grain products you dont get the insuline spike that you would with something like white bread or white pasta. It really does help, you just have to get over the first couple of days. It isnt easy, I found it to be almost as hard as quiting smoking if you can believe it. You can do it, I also found that writing everything that I ate down made me more aware, and made me think about it. Good Luck mama, its not an easy journey.
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Re: Full stomach, but brain says keep eating!

I definitely agree with the vitamin advice. I had the same problem and I believe it stopped when I found out about some nutrients I was missing. My body no longer tried to keep me eating in search of those nutrients and I began to have a full feeling after eating. Good luck, mama!
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Re: Full stomach, but brain says keep eating!

I currently take prenatal vitamins.. he still nurses at night.. but I am going to look for some omega 3 vitamins too and see if this helps with my sugar cravings! Glad to have read that!
I wanted to add, that I understand the wanting to eat even though you're hungry.. mine is due to my thyroid though.. have you had yours checked? It would be worth ruling out that possibility at least..
As far as exercise.. I was also in your position wondering how on earth I'd get the time, particulary since dh works 14-16 hour days. So, I have been going to a local school that has a track in the evenings and bringing the baby and his wagon.. I just buckle him and pull him along for the ride and he LOVES it.. I take him his sippy (has a slot for drinks) and some toys and books etc and he has a wonderful time! It has been my perfect solution! His wagon is a double seater too so if you have two they can both come.. And it's very reasonably priced.. Here is his wagon:
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Re: Full stomach, but brain says keep eating!

Yeah I am a constant "snacker". I can eat constantly! I had recently lost 7 lbs and gained it all back in a week...yes, I can gain weight that quickly! So I am back on the treadmill. A lot of times when I think I am hungry, I am actually thirsty...I've even read that several places so maybe try to finish a whole glass of water. It's harder than you think! Also, I make myself eat an takes forever if you eat the whole thing. OR I will do a low fat type popcorn. I can finish a whole bag in no time but that is better than a brownie and still being hungry right? I also like to have a few cute workout clothes items so when I do exercise, I feel good about it.
My hubby also has problems being full. I started putting away leftovers before the meal started so there is nothing left for him to go back to and get 3rds of. He doesn't get full very was his upbringing to have big portions, full meals 3x a day, and finish his whole plate. So it is hard for him too. It's something that takes awhile to overcome. Also since you aren't able to leave home as much, it helps to not even buy extra goodies and things so when you do get hungry all you have is healthy snacks.
I also like to eat things that seem really filling to me like oatmeal. I can have a big bowl and feel full but it's not too many calories.
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