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How do you get over weaning?

My baby will be 1 in just 5 more days and she is completely weaned. It happened sometime in the past week.
Shes been eating solids more regularly and refusing to nurse (she will sit there and play with it) so I stopped offering. Well I decided to see if she would settle down and nurse a bit today and she sucked for a minute then blew raspberry on my b00b! I tried again at least 2 more times today and the same thing happened.
So my question is how do I move past this? Im sad because I did want to do extended bfing but then Im happy because our nursing experience has been a mixed bag.


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Re: How do you get over weaning?

She may not be weaning, but rather just excited at new experiences, such as solids and being so distractable at this age. Are you nursing before giving any solids so you know she is hungry? Have you started giving her any other fluids besides breastmilk? Try nursing her in a really quiet, dim place before giving any solids. That is if you want to continue nursing. Also, you can move to just nursing in mornings and evenings (like lying in bed nursing in the morning and evenings) to continue with the bonding that nursing gives. My ds and I did this for awhile before he weaned. It was nice to have that contact with him still, even though he was such a "big boy" during the day.
The way I got over him weaning was to start bfing a new one He weaned when I was pregnant with dd, so I went from nursing him to nursing dd with no real break.
I am sure it will be very difficult when dd weans though, since she is our last.
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Re: How do you get over weaning?

Sounds like weaning only if you want to. This is the age where they get so distracted. If you continue to nurse for a few more months, you'll see a sudden regained interest (usually around 14-15 months). Does DD take a pacifier or bottle? Since my ds never did, he used nursing as a way to comfort himself. We nursed to sleep. As a toddler, any time he was tired, or overwhelmed or took a fall, he came to me for comfort. I'd say if you want to continue to nurse, keep offering (especially during the times I just mentioned). Try when she is tired or upset.

Anyway, DS weaned at 26 months. He wanted me to read him a book in his big boy bed and didn't want to be nursed to sleep. It was harder on me than him, although I was happy it ended without tears. We were both sort of ready.

I'm ttc again now that he is almost 3, but I know this will definitely be my last. I'd do it the same way again.

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Re: How do you get over weaning?

Yeah I bet she's just on a strike. Many/MOST babies will go through this around this age. I know we had a horrible time at this age. She was like that from about 11 months until 15months. I would nurse in the bed, in the dark, in VERY quiet rooms, and mostly in the shower. I'd keep offering and maybe even pump when she doesnt nurse so that it doesnt' become a supply issue. That is if you want to continue nursing. My dd is now 2.5 and I'm preggo with number two. She went 2 weeks without asking to nurse but then the past three nights she's asked to nurse before going to bed. You just have to figure out what YOU want to do and then go from there. I'd be extremely sad if I'd have given up when I thought she was weaning. I'm sooo glad I took the time to get information on self weaning has a lot of GREAT info on it as well as other places on the net. Many moms will also agree that theyre children went through these phases. It is hard but I'm glad I stuck with it!!! GL momma. Congrats on making it to a year!!
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Re: How do you get over weaning?

I agree with what everyone else said. I wanted to answer your how to get past it question though. I don't know that this is possible if you're not really ready. My DS weaned completely in a 24 period and I *still* have regrets, and feel sad about not nursing him, and that was almost a year ago.
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