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Our baby Oliver born at home! **story & pics**

We had a beautiful peaceful homebirth yesterday afternoon! Oliver (no middle name yet) arrived 4 days early, after only about 4 hours of labor, and he's my smallest babe yet (the other 2 were slightly late). 7lbs 3oz, 20".

I had a few ctx in the early morning, but they tapered off and I went back to sleep. DH had to be at work early (6:30am), so by the time my alarm went off, he was gone and I was feeling yukky and knew I wasn't going to work. So, I slept in a bit longer (until 7) and then got the kids up, dressed, fed & took them to daycare. I was having mild, irregular contractions at that point, and I wasn't totally convinced that I was actually in labor (my other 2 labors started with ctx 5 min apart), so I just left a quick voicemail for dh giving him a heads up that I *might* be in labor. Well, around 10 they started getting more consistent at 10 minutes apart. So I started to get a bit nervous, because I was totally by myself. So I called dh again, he didn't answer his work phone or cell phone and I left a message saying "You'd better start wrapping up and head home". Around 10:30 I called my mw, and she said "Are you ready for me to come?" and I said "Well, my ctx are only 10 minutes apart", and she said "Well, I think you sound a bit breathless, I'm packing my bags now and I'm coming" and she hung up (she had a 30 minute drive). Then I called my doula (also a 30 minute drive), my dad (he & my stepmom were coming to take care of the kids). Right after I talked to them, my ctx jumped to less than 3 minutes apart (!!!). Then I tried Paul again (no answer), so I called his boss and said "This is Kerry, Paul's wife - can you track him down for me because I'm in labor, and he needs to come home NOW!" and he said "I'll find him!!!!" and slammed the phone down. LOL. Then I called my best friend. She said to me "are you by yourself????" and I said "Yes, and I'm a bit nervous because I can't get a hold of Paul" and she said "Why don't I come over and sit w/ you?" and just then the call-waiting went and it was Paul (whew) saying he was on his way.

He got home around 11, mw & doula showed up around 11:30, my dad around 11:30. We sent him to pick up the kids from daycare (we wanted them there during the birth) and by then labor was really going. The kids just kind of came and went, and Claire was really sweet, trying help me, stroke my hair, etc.

Paul and I just worked together for the next hour and half and then around 1:10 I asked my mw to check me (I felt pushy), and she said "You're complete and the bag is bulging - it going to break soon". So I laid down on the bed on my side (I was tired), and started pushing. With the first push, my water broke (exploded more like!), and Paul yelled out for the kids to come up right now! They ran up (along w/ my dad & step-mom)- 2nd push, baby's head crowned, mw told me to go slowly, so I paused, pushed again, head came out and his eyes were open & he started crying and he wasn't even fully born yet!! Another push and out he came at 1:24pm!!! The kids' eyes were like saucers!

1 hour old:

It was a wonderful birth, I had no tears or even skid marks and I feel wonderful! Within a couple hours of the birth, everything was cleaned up and I was having a homecooked omelette and enjoying my new baby. He latched right on like a pro and he's doing great. We took him to the ped today, and he hasn't lost any weight atl all. Very mellow and apparently obvlious to the noise created by his older siblings! Hubby gets 6 weeks paid paternity leave, and I get 3 months, so we're going to have a great spring/summer! What a great birth experience for everyone!

First dipe (a BizzyBHive):

Proud brother & sister this morning:

First prefold (a bamboo Panda Tushies -so squishy!!):


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Re: Our baby Oliver born at home! **story & pics**

Congrats mama! He's beautiful... sounds like the perfect birth and makes me wish October/November would hurry up and arrive so I can have mine!
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Re: Our baby Oliver born at home! **story & pics**

oh what a beautiful birth you had!!! you have a gorgeous family mama!!!
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Re: Our baby Oliver born at home! **story & pics**

That is an AWESOME birth story, and he is so amazingly beautiful. Congratulations mama! Enjoy your new little one.
Robyn, Mommy to T , wife to Shawn TTC #2!!!
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Re: Our baby Oliver born at home! **story & pics**

Congrats. It sounds like you had an awesome experience. Your children are absolutely beautiful!!!!
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Re: Our baby Oliver born at home! **story & pics**

oh mama! he is so precious.

beautiful birth story, what an experience for your whole family!

(and ps, i'm quite partial to the name oliver joseph )
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Re: Our baby Oliver born at home! **story & pics**

Congrats!! I love the birth story, it sounds like it went very well! He's adorable!
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Re: Our baby Oliver born at home! **story & pics**

What a sweet story & great homebirth! Congratulations He is beautiful. Great job!
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Re: Our baby Oliver born at home! **story & pics**

What a wonderful story! He's absolutely perfect! The picture of your DD helping you is priceless.
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Re: Our baby Oliver born at home! **story & pics**

What a beautiful story! Congratulations! Oliver is perfect!
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