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Okay, so my ds and I have been having a rough time with bfing... 1st he had a hard time latching on and caused me huge sores and him to lose weight. He finally got back to birth weight at 6.5 wks old...thru the help of a nipple shield. Now I have been battling a yeast infection in my breasts... thankfully it isn't bothering him... Our 1st LC tried to tell me I was experiencing Raynauds Phenomenon... luckily I switched and the 2nd decided it was yeast but by this time it was ductal and very painful... Ibuprofen didn't even help! My dr. prescribed Diflucan for 2 wks- it went away... and then 2 days off meds it came back. Again Diflucan for 3 wks... it started coming back 15 days into meds. Dumb dr says it isn't yeast...use lanolin. Duh... I have been!!!!!! So after much research I am using Jack Newmans Candida protocal- gentian violet and all! Can't find grapefruit seed extract though. My question is have any of you went thru this? Any suggestions? I also cd so washing dipes in vinegar now...

My ds isn't bothered by this because he has been taking Nystatin Suspension and now the Gentian Violet... We don't have a problem with latching now if he is using the nipple shield and can nurse fine without it if he is really hungry so I don't think latch is the problem... Yeast sucks!


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Re: Yeast/Candida

If it's truly candida there are tons of things you can do. You can also get your dr to prescribe a different antifungal from diflucan as lots of yeast is becoming resistant. The most basic thing you can do is go on the yeast diet- No sugars of any kind (natural or simple). It's really the most surefire way of getting rid of it. It sucks (I'm doing it). Grapefruit seed extract works great for us too- you need to go to a health food store to find it. On there is a thread about battling thrush that will be amazingly helpful to you, but it's near 30 pages long so beware! GL mama- it sucks.

That said, some latch problems can "feel" like yeast but aren't yeast really. There are also some people who thought they had yeast but it was actually a bacterial infection. Sounds like you might want to make sure of what you're really dealing with.
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Re: Yeast/Candida

I'm allergic to lanolin and found a different product to add to my regimen to help combat or stay ahead of yeast... it's the Motherlove Diaper Rash & Thrush balm. It can be used both on your nipple and diaper area for baby. It has helped my twins bottoms immensley and my nipples are doing better. It has grape seed in it.

I agree, the PP, pointed out the bacterial infection & latch issues that can mimick yeast. Also, I have ezcema on my nipples and that can also mimick yeast issues. It's a good sign that your son is not being affected... you may have more options to finding a cure.

Sorry your experiencing all of this... it really takes the bonding out of nursing when you are struggling just to feel well.
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Re: Yeast/Candida

my dd and i battled yeast for 5 months... what finally worked was gentian violet combined with more acidophilus than i could ever imagine using before this experience. i got a giant bottle of the capsules so i could open them up, and sprinkled the powder on my nips, in her mouth, on her bum, on my girly bits (yeah, it traveled there too...) after painting everywhere with the gv. i was also swallowing about 50 capsules a day...ok, not really but it felt that way! in my case, the diflucan didn't help at all, nor did nystatin.
good luck, mama! yeast is evil!

oh, eating good yogurt would be good as well...i'd go for the natural stuff though, not the stuff with all kinds of added dd has a dairy allergy, so i didn't...
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Re: Yeast/Candida

DD and I battled thrush on and off for about 4 months. It was horrible...everytime I thought it was gone, suddenly it would be back. I had to constantly wash EVERYTHING my nipples, her mouth or my milk touched. I ended up throwing away my nursing bras. The nystatin suspension kept her mouth under control and the cream worked okay on me, but the pain and itchiness would come back when I thought all was well. We did not go as far as diflucan. I changed my diet and started popping lots of acidophilus (sp?) as a pp mentioned. And I still eat yogurt like crazy. I have no clue what made it go away, but I was about to give up bf because I thought it would never disappear. Hang in there an be persistent...try the gentian violet (that was about to be my next step) acidophillus and won't hurt

Oh, I forgot to add that dd would had HORRIBLE diaper rash that I later found out was yeast...she had it from about a week old until the thrush went away...It was so sad!
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