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Re: 9 m.o. hasn't gained weight in awhile

My DD gained less than 1lb between 6 months (13lbs, 3oz) and 9 months (14lbs, 1.5oz), but grew 3" during that time as well (28.5" at 9 months). Between being slow to gain to begin with (she gradually went from 25th percentile at birth to 5-10th at 6 months, to way below at 9 months) and being newly mobile, I wasn't worried. I did add some healthy fats to her diet since she was eating solids (she's always loved to eat) by mixing olive oil in with things like her veggies, oatmeal, etc., and disguising the taste with things like cinnamon. I also gave her lots of avocados. She was still below the growth chart till her 15 month d/a, when she was suddenly at the 10th percentile. At her 18 month last week she was at the 25th. So it all worked out in the end, I think sometimes their bodies are just focusing on doing so many other things that sometimes weight gain or height growth suffers for it.


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Re: 9 m.o. hasn't gained weight in awhile

There's probably nothing to worry about. Does he seem happy and healthy, and is he meeting milestones? If so, then this could just be his normal development. Lots of babies, especially breastfed ones, see a dramatic drop-off in weight gain at about this age.

My story with my son is not too different. He was born just a little lower weight than average, but by a month old had dropped off the charts entirely due to breastfeeding difficulties. We worked it out, and by nine months, he was up to about the 25th percentile, which is probably about where he belongs given how my husband and I grew as children. Then he got mobile in a big way, had a bunch of minor illnesses, and by 12 months he was off the bottom of the charts again! Our pediatrician didn't suggest we do anything different, though, and he's back at about the 20th percentile at 17 months.

(By the way, the decreased length of nursing is normal for the age, and doesn't necessarily mean he's getting any less. He may just be more efficient. As for the suggested pumping, you could certainly try it -- maybe put whatever you get in his rice cereal instead of juice for a few extra calories. It's probably just an unnecessary aggravation, though, and personally I would be more apt to increase solids a little bit instead, especially if you try high-calorie solids like avocados or yogurt, or add oil to his veggies. Make sure you always nurse first, though. Or, you could try to just nurse more, like if he's sleeping long stretches at night, add a feeding when you go to bed. Sorry if that last bit isn't applicable; I haven't read the whole thread.)
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Re: 9 m.o. hasn't gained weight in awhile

all 3 of my kids are above average but lil DS (the only one BF) is only in the 60th for weight and is going down....
then again he started walking @ 9mo which the charts don't allow for

my PED suggested giving him avocado's too since they are high in healthy fat and protein but he said not to overdue it because too much protein is bad too, hard on the liver and kidneys. no more the 1/4 cup a day is what he told me and to skip a day every now and then
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Re: 9 m.o. hasn't gained weight in awhile

My DS is the same way. He gained really well from 0-4 months, basically none from 4-6 months, then slowly gained from 6-10months and then has gained 2 lbs in the last month and a half. He is finally triple his birthweight ( although he is still small- 6.5lb at birth 19.5 lbs at a year). BF babies do grow different. I did the supplamenting with pumped BM from 4-6 months. I depleted my frozen supply but he finally starting gaining again. My DS has always been active and hit all his milestones early. He still BF every 2 hours untill he was 11 months. I know that he was getting about 4 oz. every feed ( we weighed at BF group every week )

If it that big a concern, I would ask the Ped to run some tests but it sound pretty normal to me for a BF baby. Everything I read said that my DS wieght gain at every stage was normal.

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