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Sorry if this has been posted before, I didn't see any. I'm planing on ebf when my baby gets here, I'll also be a sahm, and my question is do I need to get a breast pump? If so which one, electric or manual, I don't want to spend a lot of money (unless it's an investment type thing). Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks.


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Re: questions

well i have nursed will all 3 of my boys and with my oldest one i only nursed for 6 weeks. i didnt have a good pump and i was having problems. i was young and it just didnt work. i wish i could have invested in a good pump at that time. i think it would have helped me through the tough times.

i would suggest you get a pump. i have a medela double bp. i paid $249 and i have used it with my 2yr old and im using it now. i am not a sahm but i only use it 4 days a week 1 x a day while im at school. its still well worth the money.

sometimes you might be sore and feel like you cant do it. i would suggest a good pump.

i know some mamas only nurse and dont have a pump but i know i would die without one!!!

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Re: questions

I EBF my son until 8 months. I have a hand held pump that I've used twice at most. If you aren't comfortable nursing in public you could pump. Your DH can bond with your baby in other ways so he really doens't need to feed the baby.
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Re: questions

Are you planning on having a freezer stash for DH, public or if you and DH go out on a date or something? If so, a pump would be your best friend. Even if not, pumps are also handy for ensuring your supply doesn't drop, if bub gets sick and doesn't nurse as much, you can still pump to keep your supply up, once your supply starts dropping it's really hard to get it back up. I have a medela pump in style, but mainly because I have to pump daily, twice at work, to get milk for the next day. If I were just occasional using I'd probably go with something smaller like the medela swing. I'd personally spend a little more on a pump if you're going to need it for a while.
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Re: questions

I bought a Medela electric breast pump and used it at first to help with engorgement, but that was it. So in my case it wasn't worth the money and should have just bought a hand pump. I work part-time, but am able to bring dd with. I suggest a hand pump if you don't want to spend a lot of money if you want something on hand or learn how to hand express. That's all a friend of mine does.
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Re: questions

I just used the hand pump they gave me at the hospital. DS wouldn't take a bottle, so in all honesty I really only used it about twice though. It worked and it was free.
The first month, I just rented from the hospital to help get my milk in, and get used to nursing.
In my scattered line of thought, I guess my advise is to wait to see if you really will use it, before you go out and buy one. I thought I would really need one too, and have made due with what the hospital offered.
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Re: questions

I don't think you need one. If you feel like you do after the baby is born, send DH to Target to buy an Avent hand pump for $40 or so. Or you could buy it and leave it in the box and save the receipt so you can return it if you don’t use it.
I EBF DD and only used my pump to relieve my engorgement. I already had the pump because I worked outside the home with DD1.
My lactation consultants told me to get the Avent rather than the super expensive electric pumps. I used the fancy electric pumps at the hospital and seriously, I did fine with the hand pump. I pumped like a champ with DD1
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Re: questions

I only *needed* to give DD pumped milk 2 days out of the entire 12 months that I nursed her. I needed to pump once due to engorgement in the first week. So I was more than pleased with the Avent hand pump that was gifted to me. I would do as a PP said, get the hand pump and keep it in the box with the receipt. If you find that you need it, you have it, if you don't, return it.
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