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Re: young kindergarten - holding back?

Well, my ods made the cut off by one week and we chose to wait another year. I am very happy with our choice. We did full day kindergarten when we did enroll him.

If he is tired of being the youngest he will be disappointed to start kindergarten so young. He will be the youngest for the rest of his academic life.

Can you switch him to a different program for next year and then do kindergarten the following year? Maybe a new program will help resolve any discipline issues that might arise.



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Re: young kindergarten - holding back?

I'd hold him back a wait a year.
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Re: young kindergarten - holding back?

I am obviously in the minority here, but I'd say enroll him in K. He wants to go, is academically ready & I believe he will catch up socially in a matter of months. Any classmate who is ridiculing or ostracizing him should be dealt with by the teacher & his/her parent - 5 year olds are still young & they want to conform & follow the rules.

You mentioned he is going to do a camp this summer with older kids - that should give him a head start of fitting in more with his peers.

What will happen if you wait a year? Will he be socially fine but academically ahead, making him bored & wishing he wasn't the smartest kid in class?

Either way, it is a tough situation. I suggest enrolling him, then using the next few months to see if he can become less socially awkward by placing him in same-age groups. You can always pull him out before school starts.

BTW, my younger son makes the cut-off by 2 days; we will be dealing with this in 3 years! I am hoping to send him but will hold back if necessary.

Good luck!

ETA: typo & I have an idea: if you know one or two of the boys who will be in his class, could you set up play dates for summer so he has a few buddies? If you don't know anyone, could you speak with the teacher & admin. & ask them to hook you up?

mama to two energetic boys, age 5 & 2!

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Re: young kindergarten - holding back?

do they have a split program? Here they have one where kids go to preschool in a semi- structured setting and if they are ready, after christmas they go to kindergarden. after that depending on how it goes they do a second year of kindergarden, regular first grade or transitional first grade (which is more like kindergarden at the begining of the year and more like 1st at the second half of the year)
If you have that option, thats what I would do.
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Re: young kindergarten - holding back?

go with your heart--you already KNOW the right thing to do...
eta- Liv is 5 oct 17 our cut off is Oct 1 she begs to go to school but I figure she has at least 13 years for school--I would have to have her tested anyway and even though I think she could go-she'll be home another year with me
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Re: young kindergarten - holding back?

thanks for posting! my nathan will be in the same boat. he's only 8 months now, so hard to tell if he'll be ready. but he's physically tiny, so i'm thinking of holding him back so he's not the youngest AND smallest!!
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Re: young kindergarten - holding back?

This is definitely a tough decision to make and one that we will have to make one day. My DD was born ON the cutoff date for IL (Sept 1) so she will be the youngest in her class with the exception of kids that are tested in.

I think it really depends on the individual child. I was the oldest in my class and was bored a lot. One of my sisters was the youngest in her class and she struggled. My other sister was one of the youngest in her class too but she was the best student out of all three of us. I think in her case being the youngest was a motivator for her, she wanted to keep up with or even get ahead of her peers.

We plan on sending DD to preschool when she can go. If at the end of the two years the school tells me she's not ready for kindergarten I won't have a problem waiting another year. However, I don't want to hold her back simply because of her birthday. We'll see how it goes.

I think being the youngest or the oldest in the class has the potential to be equally problematic. I really think you have to look at the child and not just their birthday.

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Re: young kindergarten - holding back?

have you considered a Montessori school?
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Re: young kindergarten - holding back?

well, i was like another poster, have an oct bday and started kindergarten at 4. and my parents said i was so excited and so ready for school(which sounds like your little guy). i never had any probs in school-socially or academically. but regardless of all of our stories, you should just go with your gut! you're his mommy-you know best! hth!
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Re: young kindergarten - holding back?

My dd could read, play a mean game of dominoes, and write stories before Kindergarten.

But, she wasn't as mature as the kids she should have been in school with.

I do daycare, and I had a group of kids in both ages. She played well with both groups. BUT, with the older kids, she was a major follower, and with the younger group, she was a leader, or at least made her own choices.

I chose to keep her out til the next year, so she would be the oldest in her class instead of the youngest. I was more worried about her at 13 hanging out with 14-15 year olds than I was about Kindergarten.

Now, she is a freshman in high school. She's 15. So, she's one of the oldest in her grade. BUT, she is also at the top of her class, and is involved in band, writing groups, dance and church. She makes friends that I like, and she usually makes really good choices. (but, she's incredibly lazy)

In 7th grade, she still hadn't started to develop, so I'm SO glad I kept her back, because that was hard enough in 7th grade, much less in 8th.

At 15, she still hasn't gotten her 12 year molars either. She got her 2 year molars at age four. I always wondered if her slow teeth had anything to do with her overall development.
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