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Re: What does your 2 yr old say? Any 2-3+ word sentences?

Geez.. A 24 months my dd could speak in entire 10 word sentences, non stop, litterally NON STOP, without repeating anything.

She had an imaginary friend named Day-Day. SHe could spend HOURS upon hours talking about the things Day-Day did.

I loved to send her with her dad in the car, just so he could listen to her instead of me. It made your ears bleed.


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Re: What does your 2 yr old say? Any 2-3+ word sentences?

Well by 18 months Kearnan was speaking in complete sentences and sounded like a tiny 5yr old, but then he regressed and couldn't speak at all for a very long time. Tharen has been pretty single minded on his physical development (walking early, climbing early, running, jumping ect) but kept right on a pretty normal track for speech until he hit two. Then he had a word explosion. Now he is a tiny chatter box. He never stops. He talks away all day long. He is 29 months now, so almost 2.5yrs and he can speak pretty understandably most of the time and in pretty decent length sentences. His vocabulary is well over 500 words, and growing every day. He likes to play pretend and his favorite is his belief that he is a monster. The most common phrase these days is "I monster, grum, I eat you. grum grum grum." Or "Kerny come play with me." (he can't say Kearnan). Or "where is daddy?" BUt I think my favorite so far was when he carried on a long conversation with the woman who brings her therapy dog in to OCHB to visit the kids on Tusedays. We were just sitting there when Tharen decided that he needed to tell her about all of our dogs genitalia (he discovered that Duke had a penis a couple months ago and has been facinated ever since). So it went somethign like

"Duke hab penis."
"I hab penis"
"Kisa hab no penis"
"Kisa hab bulba"
"I hab two puppies."

Thanks goodness I don't think she really understood him. He has a little voice and there was alot going on with other kids wanting to pet the dog and just general therapy center noise. He's usually so shy with strangers, but apparently he decided this particular stranger needed to know all about our pets privates.
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Re: What does your 2 yr old say? Any 2-3+ word sentences?

Sounds pretty normal to me

ETA: The long convo's that other people don't hear/understand crack me up. Ds2 (2.5) tells people all the time about recent things going on...or usually about the time he fell off the top bunk (bunk beds) and about Monster House (the movie). Ds2 is a lot like pp...he had a fairly normal vocab up to 2 and really exploded. Everyone comments on his expansive vocab and conversational abilities. It really cracks me up.
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Re: What does your 2 yr old say? Any 2-3+ word sentences?

Ben is 15.5 months and says
yes, and yeah
The guy, the guy, the guy! (always 3 times, LOL, and I have no idea who this "guy" is, LOL)
nana (banana)
And other random words now and then that he hasn't said more than once.
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Re: What does your 2 yr old say? Any 2-3+ word sentences?

At 25 months, DD still has her pronouns backwards, but otherwise can speak in long sentences.

* "Do you want some french fries and ketchup on your plate so you can eat them?" (meaning *she* wants some -- prompting us to offer!)

* "And thank you [in a prayer] for the zoo." and then, reproachfully to us, "We didn't go to the zoo."

* "The cat wants to find a bug so she can pounce."

* "Audrey (the cat) has a bottom. Does she need ointment?" [giggle giggle giggle]

But language is where all of her attention is, and she's barely up to par on some of the motor skills.
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Re: What does your 2 yr old say? Any 2-3+ word sentences?

My dd is 19 months and she talks pretty well. She says all sorts of theings and she can call everyone in our family by their name. She has her own versions of words though snack is nack. Please is peas. My son Noah is Noe but she does really well I think. My son who just turned three is quite a talker also. All 5 of my kiddos talked at an early age. My firt dd said sentences clearly at 19 months. She was my first though so I talked to her constatnly. we used real words too not the babytalk stuff. I think that helped her learn alot faster.
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Re: What does your 2 yr old say? Any 2-3+ word sentences?

Originally Posted by slingmama4 View Post
Well mine is a bit younger, but I thought I'd share. DD is only 15mo, and the 4th of four, so she's "had" to be an early talker to get her way and fight for what's hers.

It's mine!
I wanna bite. (sounds like iwannabi)
I wanna eat. (and lots more I wannas...)
Water (wa-yer)
Come on (sounds like comeon)
I want. I want.I want(over and over and over again til you give it to her!)
I wanna nur nur (when she wants to nurse)
Night Night.
By By
Shoes (soosa)
Please (peez)
Daddy, Mom-eeee, Rylan sounds like why-win, Nolan is just No, Gideon she hasn't tried, and she calls her self La-La.

Oh and the other day , not kidding, she yelled out our back door at the our dog when it was her nap time.... "Rylie, come inside and nur nur and go night night." (which sounded like Why-weeee um intye n nur nur n go niy niy!") I about dropped my jaw.

She picks up new words like everytime I say something to her. It blows me away that she is absorbing so much , so fast. I really don't remember my boys talking as well as she does so early.

I can believer that, as my then 15 month old first born child, stated when waiting to bathe, "I want that yellow duck up there." while pointing at the 2 tier rodded shelf in our bathroom at the rubber ducky. He started repeating words at 6 months, while singing twinkle, twinkle to him. His first self initiated word was "Amen" after praying before reading a children's devotional book to him at the age of 11 months. Children are faster these days.
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Re: What does your 2 yr old say? Any 2-3+ word sentences?

ive always been told by the pedi that dd1 was a bit advanced verbally (not that i really care bc they all develop at their own rate) but i remember at the beginning of this 2nd yr she was rambling on and on and on about everything 3-5 word sentences. now she is almost 3 (july 8th) and i swear she doesnt miss a beat it like having a conversation with myself some days. just playing alone with her toys she says BIIIIIG sentences like ' hi, im the mommy and your the daddy and this is the baby - baby needs a bath.' she just rambles like me. she started talking at about a year and never stopped to breathe lol but unless she has a cold and is all nasal sounding pretty much everyone can understand her. she's like a 5 yr old in a tiny little body - started signing back to me at about a year & still signs to us.

dd2 has been babbling since she was about 5 months. she is almost 11 months now and has a slew of words. so far i think she has put mama buh bye or daddy buh bye together she's just earlier than i thought lol - she is just starting to sign as well.
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Re: What does your 2 yr old say? Any 2-3+ word sentences?

DD has never been fast physically by any means, but good Lord the girl talks. She's been speaking in very short sentences since she was 16 months or so and at currently 24 months, she often uses 10 and 12 words together. She makes up stories and asks questions about everything. I was an English teacher before having her, and we've always read books and worked on words, so that probably has something to do with it too. We're about to have a baby boy, and I'm guessing he'll walk way before she did and probably talk much later. :-)
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Re: What does your 2 yr old say? Any 2-3+ word sentences?

I remember coming to DS when Asher was about 12m and reading a language thread like this. All the mamas were talking about what their LO's were saying at a year old, and almost all of them were way ahead of Asher. I felt so bad and thought for sure he was terribly behind. We had "Help Me Grow" (the under 3 evaluation program for our area) come out to our house and I asked her specifically about his language. She actually told me he was slightly above average. So yeah, don't compare your kid to other kids, it doesn't really tell you anything! Plus I think it is probably even worse on an internet parenting forum like this. I think parents who are excited about their children's language skills are more likely to answer, so you end up comparing your child to a bunch of kids who are actually excelling in language.

To answer your question, DS started sentences at around 21 months, but they were pretty simple sentences. I can't really remember examples, but I do remember his first sentence, which was "I want to turn on the light." He did go through a language explosion sometime after the age of two, and is now (at 2.5) is very advanced verbally. (which of course, is why I felt compelled to answer ) He tells stories, sings songs, uses lots of details, speaks in paragraphs, and strangers can understand about 75%-85% of what he says (depending on the person).

Honestly though, your DS doesn't seem behind at all, and I'm sure he will go through a language explosion soon, surprising all of you and surpassing your expectations!

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