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I'm so sick of this!!

I am SOO sick of an over active let down. What can I do to fix it? SHe ALWAYS chokes. I can't ever nurse in public bc I have to be ready with a burb rag in had to catch the milk as it comes POURING out of my boob. She always unlatches when I let down and milk goes everywhere. It's been like this for almost 5 months now and I"M SICK OF IT!!!! lol


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Re: I'm so sick of this!!

I have the EXACT same problem...exactly...I carry around a lil' rag for this reason ...flying milk. I just wait with my hand ready to cathc when she unlatches. I don't know if there is any way to stop it, I'm curious, though. DD chokes every now and then, but its getting better as she gets bigger and more used to it. I still tdont like when I'm in public though. I feel you , mama.
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Re: I'm so sick of this!!

My DS is 1 year old next week. He finally got used to my overactive letdown in the last couple months.

I have asked many LCs about this. The only suggestion I have gotten is to nurse way leaned back so that gravity is working against them. ON your back wiith baby draped on top of you or reclined in a chair. And to catch the letdown in a cloth and then go back to nursing. I am not sure there is much else you can do!?!

I would love to know what some other mamas do so that I can be prepared for next time.
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Re: I'm so sick of this!!

After pumping and then using a nipple sheild, we had an OAL issue too. I used to use the side of my hand to compress right above the nipple or to the side during let down. I could feel where my milk was heaviest in my breast and just adjust. I didnt repeatedly compress, just held it till babe started sucking more, instead of gulping and then let up.
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Re: I'm so sick of this!!

I have had severe overactive let down with both of my babes. My oldest didn't really mind it. My youngest began to refuse the breast at 4 weeks because of it. She would scream and cry and choke because of it.

I called in an LC as soon as we started having problems. The LC I found was wonderful! She actually knew several things to do to fix it and it worked.

First when you are at home try to nurse in a reclining position because this helps prevent the overactive spewing of milk.

Second you need to do block feeds. You will nurse your little one on only one breast each time they want to nurse for 4 hour blocks. So for the first four hours of the day anytime your LO wants to nurse only nurse on the left breast. The next four hours only nurse on the right breast. Then switch back to the left breast again.

You shouldn't have to do this for more than a few weeks and your supply will regulate and the overactive letdown should stop or lessen to a point it is no longer a problem.

It worked great for us! She started nursing again and is still nursing like a champ at 19 months.

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Re: I'm so sick of this!!

I had that too, and block feeding fixed it, though I did tend toward oversupply for several months--I just block nursed when the symptoms appeared. Once I fixed it I stopped getting plugged ducts and mastitis too!! BTW, once we fixed the oversupply/letdown issues, my DD would fuss because the milk was so slow and had to getb used to more work again!

Here is a link:
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Re: I'm so sick of this!!

I saw an lC and she advised this:

- Nurse only on one side (which I was doing and it is just easier for us)
- Pump off a little bit of milk - only 2 -3 min and it will help w/ the babies choking and spit up
- Reclining - but Reese could not stand it
- Let some drain into a rag ahead of nursing (before you ever put the baby on)

All this seemed to work for me (she is now 4 1/2 mos.). Having her drain one breast REALLY helped. I don't mind being lopsided sometimes - it makes me feel like I did my job :-)

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