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How do you EC in public?

My dd is 13 months and we have been ECing since she was 4 months old. Were at the point where she will tell us whether she has to "pee pee" or "poop" so we have been having to use public restrooms. My problem is she uses the potty almost everytime when were home. We have a small ring that fits on the big potty and she sits there until she's done and then says "all done". When were out in public she's nervous of the "big" potty because she has nothing to sit on and I have to hold her up. What do you mamas do when your out in public? I saw this neat potty that fits over a big potty and folds up for easy storage. Here is the link:
What do you think of this? Has anyone ever tried it?


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Re: How do you EC in public?

I just hold 'em over the potty. With the fold-able seat, you have to deal with taking it out, storing it, etc. When I hold them, I hold them in front of me. One arm around their back under the armpit and the other one behind the knees. Then have them dangle over the toilet. That's what we've always done. When the boys are old enough to stand up to pee, we'll tackle the standing up positions.
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Re: How do you EC in public?

I sit down on the seat and put them between my legs on the seat in front of me. Then when they're older (I forget what age) I just help them stay steady while they're on there by themselves.

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Re: How do you EC in public?

I have one sort of like that...I have a hard time getting it to stay settled on the potty while trying to place my DD on top of it...and I would have to use a seat cover no matter what because she doesn't like being dangled over the potty, never has....heh...You might try it, maybe that one doesn't try and stay 'folded' so much as ours does...hehe
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Re: How do you EC in public?

Originally Posted by corey0902 View Post
I saw this neat potty that fits over a big potty and folds up for easy storage. Here is the link:
What do you think of this? Has anyone ever tried it?
A friend of mine had this when her oldest was little and said that it pinched her DD so they tossed it.

If you have a regular diaper bag with a pocket on the back for a changing table pad, a one piece potty topper should fit in there (the ones with the padding). That is what I used when I was PL my older kids.
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Re: How do you EC in public?

I hold Skye over the potty or the sink or outside in the parking lot, whereever she needs to go...I HATE public restrooms even for myself....the thought of her sitting on a public toliet seriously makes me freak holding her over the potty makes her not come in contact with any of the germies...heheh mommy has issues hehehe
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Re: How do you EC in public?

hummmm.... Do you ever hold her over your toilet or sink at home? or does she only use the potty? If you never hold her at home, then I would suggest doing that sometimes so she can get comfortable going many different ways/positions. In public, my dd was particular (and still is!) whereas my son would go anywhere. Try to hit the one person restrooms instead of those with lots of toilets/traffic. We have gotten to know all the best restrooms to use in our town and know the ones our kids feel most comfortable in.

Also, if you are tense or uneasy when you are taking her potty. She definitely can sense your tension.

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Re: How do you EC in public?

We have 1 almost exactly like that from baby R us and I loooove it! My DD (14 months old) has been using it fir a while now. She doesn't like dangling either. Works GREAT, but I do hold her hand because ut's not quite as sturdy as one at home (bjorn brand), but we've never had any issues w/ it.
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Re: How do you EC in public?

That was my DH's (and my) biggest concerns about ECing is how to do it in public when we're out of the house. We are both germphobes so like pp the thought of our baby sitting on a public restroom is...ick. lol

We had a foldable insert like the link above only it didn't have actual hinges- it had a rubbery hinge at each section vs. the actual hinge on the onestepahead product. I think that would stay put better. I never thought about pinching the baby when sitting, so I don't know. We have a Baby bjorn little potty that we keep in the car (for on-the-road-and-can't-wait situations for our toddler -- the baby uses it too).

I think I like the idea of having a diaper bag big enough to hold one of the padded inserts. They have huge ziploc bags now that one would fit into so the rest of the bag contents wouldn't be contaminated when you put it away. I might try that!
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Re: How do you EC in public?

We do the parking lot thing, too. Avoid public bathrooms at all costs! I know it is easier with a boy, but holding her to pee in the parking lot might work. Rory pees every time we get in the car - I open the door, stand behind him, and pull down his pants. Nobody can see any part of him naked, and nobody even knows what he's doing... Except for the time when he was playing with my car keys while he peed and set the car alarm off, then EVERYONE looked over to see what was going on. Ugh! Anyway, it's not the best thing to teach a kid, but it works, and when he's old enough then we'll explain that it's only okay if he can't make it to the bathroom and by that age he'll understand NOT to touch everything in the stall and will actually be tall enough to pee in the toilet on his own without my help.
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