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My "brand new" breast pump was used

Saturday night my partner and I were at the store and we found an electric pump. We decided to pick it up as when we priced checked it was $45. It was abouyt $10 off. The box was pretty beat up, but it was the only one they had. I'd LOVE to have a fancy pump, but we can't afford it. My supply tanked while I was on vacation, but i've been doing everything I can to bring it back. I have a manual pump, Avent Isis, but I can't get a lot we decided to buy the electric pump.

This morning I was pulling out the pieces to wash them before I used it and one of the bottles had a ring of milk in the bottom of it. It wasn't a lot, but you could tell it had been used.

Yeah I could just wash it and use the pump, but I think that is so nasty. I want to bring the pump back, but i'm worried they will make a scene or act like I left the milk in it or tell me since I bought it on sale it's mine. I know they can't take them back if they'd been opened, or so I thought. I didn't even pay attention to it when I opened it....ugh.

It's just gross....I feel like breastfeeding is becoming a challenge now. I'm doing everything I can to get my supply back up.

I don't know the point of this post besides me venting.
It's just gross.

I packed it all back up and it's sitting in the box in my livingroom now. I don't want to tell my partner because he will be like "that wouldn't happen with formula". He's supportive of me breastfeeding, but he'd be just as supportive of formula feeding...he doesn't care either way as long as our baby is fed. I don't want to feel like I wasted $45 (that's a lot of money to us right now) but I feel like, even though it was on sale, that I was buying a new pump, so I expect a new pump....ya know?

I don't know if this is the right place for this...but I wanted to get it out somewhere


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Re: My "brand new" breast pump was used

Oh take it back for sure!!! Take your receipt and say hey look I just bought this pump, took it home to use it and I can tell its obviously been used...tell them its not safe and they need to be sure NOT to put it back out on their shelves. Which store was it? I know walmart is so great about returns which can also be bad, someone bringing that pump back for one.

Check ebay!
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Re: My "brand new" breast pump was used

do you qualify for wic? if you do, they can loan you out a hospital grade electric pump so you might want to try that.
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Re: My "brand new" breast pump was used

Yeah, I would totally take it back. If they do make a scene, I would be very insistent. All major retailers (and every not-so-major retailer I've been to) have policies against accepting returns of breastpumps b/c it is considered a health hazard.
I, personally, don't have a problem with used pumps. I just make sure to boil all the parts that come in contact with milk and/or buy new parts. But I really only do that in case the previous owner had yeast or mastitis...
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Re: My "brand new" breast pump was used

Yeah, I would definitely take it back. But like PP post said, you could also just boil it.
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Re: My "brand new" breast pump was used

I would call ahead and talk to a manager so that you can him/her what happened and find out what the stores policies are. I wouldn't wait, do it as soon as possible, and make sure you have your receipt.
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Re: My "brand new" breast pump was used

I would take it back and just tell them that when you opened it you could tell its used. Show them the bottle with the milk and tell them its a health hazard. Unless they are complete a$$es they should take it back without a problem.
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Re: My "brand new" breast pump was used

They can't sell a used pump. They shouldn't have accepted it back from the previous user. I think you need to talk to a manager. They need to give you a great deal on another one, sealed and new.

ETA: I meant to say, way to go!! You are doing a great job and truly giving your baby the best milk. Keep it up--what a good momma!
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