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EBF Help - 6months

Zachary had his 6M WB check last week, and the ped told me I needed to really push solids. Zach is 14lb 6oz and 27in long, according to the charts he's in the 10-5th percentile. I cannot get him to take anything but BM. I've tried cereal (really thin), bananas (real with BM) and gerber organic. When do i just give up and let him be EBF, and follow his queues for starting solids. Or do I stress some more over what the ped says. I was very straight by the book with DD but am starting to stray some with Zach. We are now using a alternative Vax schedule cause he has such a bad reaction to them and he has some skin issues and I didn't want to push solids until he was older because of that too. Of course, now I'm worried he's not gaining well. Sorry this is rambling along, I am having trouble ordering my thoughts.

Thank you for any advice you can give Mamas.


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Re: EBF Help - 6months

I'd keep on nursing and offering solids every so often. He'll eat them we he is ready. Don't stress out or make it into a big "thing".
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Re: EBF Help - 6months

I am not an expert by any means, but here's my .

If he is resisting the solids then he is not ready. If he is fighting you on it, spitting it out, swatting it away, etc...he is not ready. The more you push it on him, the more frustrated you will both get! Eating needs to be a pleasant thing, not brut force.

My nephew ate like a horse and was still in the 5-10 % for weight. It's just how he is. His brother eats the same way and is in the 95% for weight. Every baby is different!

Just nurse him on demand or as often as he will take it, and don't worry too much. If he is gaining weight consistently, and not losing, then I think you are fine (and ds, too)!
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Re: EBF Help - 6months

Why push solids? He sounds fine, just not ready to be taking in a lot of solid food. No big deal. Continue to offer, and he'll eat when he's ready.
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Re: EBF Help - 6months

dd1 refused anything AND I DO MEAN ANYTHING other than BM or water until she was 15-18 months old. she'd have a random cracker/goldfish or pretzel but food was not important to her.

i am in the process of packing to move otherwise i would post her growth from birth to 6 months. hopefully you know that breastfed kids gain the most in the 1st half of their 1st year and then dont gain too much the 2nd 6 months. i remember dd1 being in premie clothes for a month or 2 and she was full term - just little and i know she was 18 lbs at a year & 20 lbs at 2 yrs (then my milk came back in for dd2 and dd1 went up to 25 lbs in a few weeks) and at almost 3 yrs (in 2 months she weighs 27 lbs and still wears 12/18m clothes) she was 6# 13oz at birth.

dd2 is another story lol. shes beefy 23 lbs at 11 months. she was only 6# 1oz at birth and wore premie clothes for a few days and then WHAM! she was huge (to me for a nb ) -- she was fitting in nb's at 1 week rather than 2 months! she's been in 12 month clothes since she was somewhere close to 6 months. each kid is SO different!

i would force food into any child but that is just my if baby is nursing well and still peeing/pooping normally maybe baby has fast metabolism??
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Re: EBF Help - 6months

So you have a skinny minny. big deal. if your son is breastfeeding to satiety, his output is good (yellowish poops and not watery green ones), and he has plenty of wet diapers it just means that you have a happy healthy baby on your hands. remember that those guidelines are made for formula fed babies and not breastfed ones. If his weight/height gain has been consistent since birth then there's nothing to worry about. Now, for example, if he used to be in the 50th percentile and dropped down the 10th, then I'd worry. And if you're worried that he's not getting enough nutrients in him, just take a couple of prenatals yourself and eat just a little bit better/healthier than before. HTH
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Re: EBF Help - 6months

I'd say keep on BFing and occasionally offer solids but don't worry if he's not taking them. Solids have very little nutritional value (baby food) and the BM has WAY more calories. If you want him to gain more weight, more BM is best.
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Re: EBF Help - 6months

There is a ton more fat/nutrition in bm than in any amount of solids you could stuff in your lo. BM is the main source of nutrition for the first year and solids are merely for introduction, experimentation, and fun.

Don't stress over it mama, just keep on nursing and offer solids when lo is ready.

I didn't start Anna on solids until she was 7 1/2 months old and I wanted to wait until she was 8 or 9 months, but she was really ready before then. She has been gobbling up broccoli and banana so far on her own for a week now.
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Re: EBF Help - 6months

follow your gut mama, my dd is 8 mos and has only had sweet potatoes a few times, and she is just fine.
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joyful mother
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Re: EBF Help - 6months

Breast Milk is gonna be the very best nutrition. Only one of my babies have started solids before 10 months (1st born). My 4th born was over 12 months and is very healthy. If you didn't have enough milk and he is hungry my guess is he would gladly take the food, the fact that he's not wanting the food says he is getting enough. If your ds is not gaining well and it is a problem solids won't really fix it maybe cover it up but not fix it.
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