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Re: Wanting some advice and maybe reassurance.

Originally Posted by Tahaacke View Post
As far as I know he is happy drinking water and eating his baby food.

Thanks for all the advice & info everyone. I do feel better.
If you want him to gain, have him drink more breastmilk and less water/solids. Those are empty calorie fillers that make him feel more full faster so he doesn't eat as much. Breastmilk has the fat/calories to fatten him up more.


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Re: Wanting some advice and maybe reassurance.

please don't worry mama! Many of us here have tiny lo's and this should help to comfort you as I know it really helped me when ds was gaining super slow compared to all of my friends babes who were also bf. I had to learn to stop comparing and focus on if he seemed healthy, happy, playful, meeting milestones etc. But really, my hubby and I were both small- and my hubby was ff and I was bf. I think ds was about 14 lbs at 7 months also and he is SUPER active and has been since he was very tiny- so take that into account!! Ds is 17 lbs now and will be 1 in a couple of weeks and he actually looks more proportionate now than before despite still being in the very low percentiles. With my ds, he did gain weight more quickly (though not by much) when he ate more solids. he didn't start really eating much solids until more towards 7 months and even then it was cereal mixed with formula or expressed bm after bf in the am and then we did it a couple of times a day. But don't feel pressured to push solids because as a pp said, the amount of calories in solids is not comparable to the amount in bm!! Anyway, don't let other's comments get you down- I had many people tease me and say things like "don't you ever feed him?" which I took too personally as I was so paranoid that he wasn't getting enough. Also- many doctors will try to push formula to add weight on, but this doesn't always work. I was so relieved when I took ds to the pediatric gastroenterologist (for other issues than weight gain) and he told me there was no need for formula- that he looked fine and was just thin, but seemed very healthy- it was nice to be reassured by a medical professional for once!
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Re: Wanting some advice and maybe reassurance.

Our story

Catherine was 8 lbs 3 oz at birth, I had a huge over supply and only nursed her on one side and at 4 months she was 14 lbs 6 oz. Great right?


At 6 months she was 14 lbs 2 oz,...whoops. (exclusively breastfed, no solids)

So I took her home and did these things.

Started nursing on both sides every feed, sometime 3 sides, haha started over one side one if she would have it. So that she would get tons of hind milk, with all the fat.

Started nursing after she woke up from her naps and again before her nap, to "top her off" even though it might have been only an hour or so since she ate last.

Started feeding her after she went down for the night, (this would be like you offering milk all night) We don't co-speel but right before I go to bed I wake her and "Dream Nurse" her one more time for the day.

Also sometimes I have to leave the room with her because she is easily distracted by her 4 big brothers.

2 weeks later she was up to 14 lbs 7 oz.

Now at 8 months she is over 15 lbs, not huge by any standards, but growing.

Still EBF, no solids. Like PP said solids are empty calories.

I was donating milk to the milk bank so they tested my milk and I only have 15.4 calories per OZ, now while that is in the normal range it is on the low side so we just have to make ehr caloires avaliable more often. (I stoped donating when she wasn't gaining)

I would try a few things, have you tried breastmilk in a cup while baby is away from you, mayeb that would be better then a bottle, or have the car givers mix your milk with the baby food for the extra calories.

Also you might try freezing your milk into "popsicles" and let him eat them in one of those Munchkin mesh feeders.

I would do high calorie/ fat foods at day care like avacado, bananas, pears, prunes.

In the long run, like others have said, We need to look at not just weight gain for indications our babies are healthy. Activity levels, wet diapers, milestones, sleeping patterns, etc...

So good luck!
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Re: Wanting some advice and maybe reassurance.

In my experience many kids slow down in gaining around this age. My dd was 8lbs 12oz at birth and at 6 months was 14lbs and then only weighed 17lbs at 12 months, she is still a teeny tiny at 32 months and 24lbs. My ds was 10lbs 6oz at birth and 15lbs at 2 months but slowed right down and was only 17lbs at 6 months and now at almost 12 months I would say he is only 20lbs.
I would watch his development more than his weight gain my ped once told me that if they have nice chunky thighs that means they are fine. He also says that if every kid was above the 50%tile for weigh we wouldn't have gymnasts, LOL He is fun but a great Dr who we love
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