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thrush again. did I stop meds too soon?

about 3 weeks ago Kenzie and I got thrush. her ped gave us enough Nystasin "to last for a WHILE for both of you" (she said) she said to keep it up on both for about 2-3 days after it goes away. well I did it for 10 days... then I started it again a couple days later on both of us because the breast pain came back. and kept that up for about a week. well this morning her mouth was covered in white. so we are on it again. I think I am going to finish the whole bottle and I think it comes with a refil so I will get that too.... I am definatly going to get some gentian violet. should I do them at the same time? I know the gentian violet will work (it did with my ODD) I jst dont want to waste the Nystasin... any advice


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Re: thrush again. did I stop meds too soon?

DS and I tried Nystatin for 3 weeks, and it did NOTHING for us. I wouldn't refill from my experience. If it hasn't worked by now, it's probably not going to. GV did get rid of it for a few days for us, and Diflucan gave us a 2-3 week break. Diflucan is usually the next option, and my only issue with it was that I had an allergic reaction (throat started to close and required some serious Benadryl dosages to re-open, thank God that was all!). We even tried modified/compounded form of Nystatin, and it didn't work, either. I've been told my obs and other peds to try Monistat in the mouth and on the nipple (and diaper area as needed). I tried it on me and his diaper area, and it did seem to help some, too. We had a nightmare case (lasted from 5 weeks - 9 months of age for DS!!!!! ) that the docs and I finally decided just needed to be "grown out of" - aka his immune system just needed time to mature. It got to where his only outbreaks occurred when he was teething. Which may not sound bad, but the poor little guy got 8 teeth before his first birthday! FYI: Heat (ie drying everything that touches either of you on high) and the sun (I hung everything outside and even washed then set the exersaucer and regularly used toys on the porch regularly) kill yeast. I also found Grapefruit Seed Extract really helped finish clearing us up. In fact, that was the last thing I tried, and we haven't had it since! GL , i know how frustrating it is.
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Re: thrush again. did I stop meds too soon?

Nystatin never worked for us. Neither does GV. I've had thrush with both kids, and the only thing that got rid of it was diflucan (with dd1 both of us had to take it). I agree with pp that if nystatin hasn't worked yet it probably won't.
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Re: thrush again. did I stop meds too soon?

nystatin didn't work either, first dd and third dd's had thrush, and they both got crazy bad yeast rashes too!

I take acidopholus when BFing, clears it right up. Got some HMF from my naturopath this time, it's the same stuff, just a nice powder...I put it right on the nipple when feeding for my little, and no problems there either. It's not messy like GV either.

good luck mama, at least it's not hurting your LO, that's what would make it worse!
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Re: thrush again. did I stop meds too soon?

I'd go for a diflucan prescription. I think you need to take the diflucan for awhile too...
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Re: thrush again. did I stop meds too soon?

i would use gentian violet i have had thrush with both kids and the nystatin never worked. I would try the gentian violet for 4-5 days you just put it on once a day on both yourself and baby with a qtip no more than a week though. I would try that before the diflucan. The thing with nystatin is it has sugar in it to make it not taste so bad i dont even know why they prescribe it plus its a pain because you have to put it on so often.
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