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Re: Potty train already dangit!

DS is 2.5 and about a month ago I told him he was a big boy and we weren't going to wear diapers anymore. He had 1-2 accidents for about a week but hasn't had one now in two weeks. We just had to go cold turkey for it to work, otherwise it was just confusing him that he could wear diapers but not go potty in them.


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Re: Potty train already dangit!

Originally Posted by imommy View Post
Yeah I keep telling myself that. When I get frustrated I repeat to myself "he'll do it when he's ready. he'll do it when he's ready."
I keep telling that to myself too, only with "she". Every time I ask Mia, she says "No! I not go potty!" She can do it, knows how to do and what to do, she is just so darn stubborn and I refuse to make it a battle of the wills...sigh....
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Re: Potty train already dangit!

DS2 was fully pt'd by the end of last summer - but then he started bouncing back and forth between using the potty and not using the potty. It was all about control with him, and if he could have one thing to control it was where he would put his pee. Yeah, it was a drag. And yeah, its hard not to be emotional. Even when I think I am being so neutral I realize my kids can read me like a book. But now he is using the potty and is also dry at night (10 days straight and counting!) which means he is going to night train before his older brother. Anyway, I feel your pain. They just do it when they are ready, and even if they are physically ready there is emotional readiness. Good luck!
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Re: Potty train already dangit!

Originally Posted by knoxmama81 View Post
My DD just turned 2 in Feb. but, she was almost fully Pled a couple months ago and now a few weeks ago she started refusing to use the potty. She won't go in it at all now.
I have been there! My ds was pottytraining well at around 18 months but around 21-22 months old he decided he didn't want to go on the potty anymore. He really got the concept well, pretty early. I would take off his diaper on the changing table, put him down and he would run and pee quick and run off. Easy peasy. Now he has a 2 year old attitude, but is potty learning again.

One of his daycare teachers tried to get him to pull down his pants to change him the other day. A skill all his classmates are working on. He wouldn't even do that, yet alone go potty for her. She told him to go back to his sleeping cot, until he was ready pull down his pants. He went back to his cot and then back to the bathroom, refused to pull down his pants and got sent back to his cot, and this keep going on until all his classsmates were either to the potty or changed. She finally broke down and pulled his pants down for him.

And what did he do. Cheer loudly, Yeah! And clapped for her. Like finally I broke you and got my way! The daycare teacher were busting up laughing at him. Can you say strong willed.
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Re: Potty train already dangit!

Man o man... I feel your pain!

My ds is 2.5 and totally not into pt'ing. He doesn't want to sit on the potty and I'm tired of wiping his big booty. He's tired of it too.
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Re: Potty train already dangit!

we're so there!! my dd is almost 2.5..she was totally pl'ed at home then she got a nasty stomach bug and was having gm's like 7 times a day..and i was like i'm so sorry sweetie you have to wear a diaper.. and then ds was she's getting back into it.. i need to get some knit shorts for her that she can pull up and down by herself..its funny too she used to go on her little potty but this time around it's all about mama and papa's potty..she won't use the little one..not that i miss washing it out..

anyway for the mamas who just go cold turkey what do you do at night? i've always been super hands off..but i'm really getting tired of i think dd might need a gentle nudge..or really me just being more consistent..
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Re: Potty train already dangit!

I potty trained cold turkey also and what I did was let my son run around naked and kept a potty chair in the living room. I know some people may think its strange, but it worked well. Yes there was pee a few times on the floor but he learned quickly that he didn't want to pee or poop on himself. I also made sure to put him on the potty every 15 minutes or so. He did have a hard time pooping on the toilet for a while and would hold it until I put a pull up on him for night time, but he had it all down at around 2 1/2.
I think being consistent and having a routine is key.
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Re: Potty train already dangit!

Hey there! We are totally frustrated over here too (or I am anyway ). Thomas has a VERY strong will and still doesn't talk much. So I am confused as to whether he doesn't understand what I am asking him to do, or if he understands perfectly but is just holding out. I am trying to be as low key about it as I can. But I am about ready to do a crash course on PLing and go cold turkey too. I have about 10 potty training pants that will hold a little but not much. i thought I'd let him run around in those for a week and nothing else and keep that potty right there in the living room with us. Who knows - maybe his younger brother will PL at the same time if he pays any attention to what's going on. But that's probably wishful thinking since the only time I tried to put his younger brother on the potty he screamed his head off and clung to me like I was holding him over a pit of snakes.

Good luck! Wishing the best for you!
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Re: Potty train already dangit!

If I may be so bold, I am going to tell you what I did. My 2 year old (he'll be 2 1/2 next month) has been semi-potty trained for a couple months now. I say semi because he still needs help in the snap/zipper department as well as balance for peeing and wiping. I'd rather do that than change a dipe, though! He is even starting to stay dry at night! We've had one accident over the past 2 weeks and he is wearing underpants full time, even when we go places. ANYWAYS--we started doing practice runs when he had an accident. We put him in cloth trainers and never looked at another diaper. Every time he had an accident, we went from the accident to the potty 9 times talking about how you're not supposed to go in your pants, you go in the potty (very calmly). He hated it about the 3rd practice, but we did all of them. It only too about 4 or 5 sets of practice runs till he was making it to the potty at least 75% of the time. After a couple more weeks, he pretty much had it licked. Just thought I'd pass it on! We'll be trying the same thing on our baby boy when it's time.
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Re: Potty train already dangit!

We went cold turkey with dd. We took her to Target and let her pick out several packs of underwear. Then we told her that she didn't wear diapers during the day anymore. We put the underwear on and followed her around closely for a few days. Every time she had any sign that she needed to use the potty, we ran her to the bathroom and put her on the potty chair. We cleaned up lots of accidents for the first few days! But after that she caught on and only has the occasional accident now. Every once in a while something will cause her to completely regress for a day or two. Even though I have wanted to, I have never put another diaper on her during the day. I don't want her to think that that is an option. I think people get frustrated with a day or two of more accidents than successes and just put the diapers back on.

I never punish dd for having an accident, but now that she is trained and really gets using the potty, she has to help clean up if she has an accident. I get two towels and we wipe up the floor together. Then we go upstairs together to put the wet clothes in the laundry and get clean clothes. It helps reinforce the idea that having accidents is messy and that it takes time out from playing to clean up.

We still put a diaper on at night, but she often wakes up dry. I just don't want the hassle of working on night training right now.
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