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Re: My supply is GONE, help!

Some one may have already mentioned these, if I'm repeating, I apologize.

Drinking plenty of fluids
ALFALFA (can't say enough about alfalfa!! I take 3 GRAMS per day)
Fenugreek (which you stated you were taking)
Yogi nursing mothers tea
Brewers yeast
More Milk Plus tincture (I think that's what it's called)
and nursing frequently as possible. Offering the baby the breast even every 15 minutes, just to get your breasts to respond to produce more.

my LC sent me this at one time too and I've saved it:

The #1 concern of new breastfeeding mothers is “Do I have enough milk? Is the baby getting enough?”

Signs of adequate milk intake:
* Breastfeeding at least eight to 10 times in 24 hours
* At least six to eight wet diapers and three to five bowel movements each day by the time the baby is five days old
* Regains birth weight by two to three weeks of age
* Weight gain of at least four to eight ounces a week
* Consistent upward curve on the growth chart
* Active and alert baby

Normal Newborn Behavior
Cluster feedings - Babies usually nurse in an irregular pattern. They will breastfeed frequently (maybe even every hour) then sleep for a longer interval (maybe even five to six hours). Just make sure that in the newborn period, your baby is breastfeeding eight to 12 times in 24 hours.

Day/night confusion - Many babies choose to sleep in long stretches during the day, and want to take shorter naps and “play” during the night. This is a common newborn pattern. By attempting to wake the baby to breastfeed every two to three hours during the day, you will help him to adjust. During the day have lights on, talk to the baby, have the TV or radio going – and make it an exciting time. At night keep the light dim, talk quietly, and do not stimulate the baby’s interest, make it a boring time. After a couple of weeks, the baby should adjust to more wakeful times during the day, waking at night to feed and then go right back to sleep.

Sleepy babies - Some babies snuggle up with mom when put to the breast and sleep instead of eating. To wake a sleepy baby, unwrap the blanket, massage the back and legs, or change the diaper. Don’t bundle the baby in too many blankets, because the baby will just want to sleep if he is too warm. To help rouse and activate a baby who falls asleep at the breast, change sides when suckling stops. You may need to change sides three or four times during each feeding, changing every five minutes or so, until the baby is a little older and more awake.

To increase your milk supply

Breastmilk is made on a supply/demand basis. To increase your milk, just breastfeed more often. Adding one or two extra nursings a day will gradually increase your milk supply. The number of “starts” of breastfeedings does more to increase your milk supply than the "length” of nursings. Feeding your baby for 10 minutes every hour will make more milk than feeding your baby for 30 minutes every three hours. You will spend the same amount of time feeding your baby, but will encourage greater milk production with more frequent feedings.

To “jump start” your milk supply (increase in minimum amount of time):

Make the decision to devote the next 48 hours to an intense effort to make more milk. Let the laundry go, let the dust wait, fix simple meals, or order take-out. Breastfeed the baby every hour, even if it is only for a minute or two at each breast; 7 a.m., 8 a.m., 9 a.m., 10 a.m., 11 a.m., etc. Continue feeding every hour for as long as you are able. After about five hours, most moms need a break! then nurse every two hours for a stretch. It will seem like a long time by comparison. When you are able, begin breastfeeding every hour again.

At night, feed the baby on demand. You will both need the rest. If the baby sleeps, wake him one time after five or six hours to breastfeed during the night. The next morning, begin again to feed the baby every hour. Follow the feeding pattern from the day before.

After 24 hours you should notice a change in your breasts. Some moms will have more milk by then, some will feel totally empty and their breasts will be achy. Either way, something is happening! You may feel discouraged and “teary.” These are signs that your hormones are gearing up to increase milk production. Push through these feelings and stick with the plan for another day.

Within 48 hours from the time you started, you should be producing more milk. You should hear more swallowing when the baby is at the breast, you may feel fuller, and the number of wet diapers and bowel movements the baby produces should increase. When these signs of increased milk are evident, you can begin to feed the baby on demand, but at least eight to 10 times in 24 hours (and remember the “cluster feeding” pattern).

During your free time, pamper yourself – take a bubble bath, walk outside, watch your favorite television programs, rent a video, or take a nap. Eat simple, nutritious foods such as peanut butter sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, pizza, hard boiled eggs, veggie sticks, and fruit. Make sure to drink water and fruit juice to satisfy your thirst. In fact, it is a good idea to have a tall glass of water next to you to sip while you are nursing.

Increasing your milk in this way can be a very demanding two days, and most moms never have to go to this extreme to manage their milk supply. However, this is a fast, effective way to help your body to make more milk when the situation calls for quick action.


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Re: My supply is GONE, help!

We've been thru that! Seemed DD was always taking a growth spurt til she was about 3.5 months old. And it only got worse each time she got a bottle. So - the bottles went bye bye. And things got better, ALOT BETTER! - And like other mamas have said - your DS should NOT be getting that much from a bottle!!!! I've talked to our local midwife/lactation consultants/etc.. and I was told no more than 3-4 ounces (about every 2 hours) until after they were 6 months... Formula fed babies do 6-8 - but every 4 hours - b'milk digests so much faster. My dd is 4 months and 4 days - she still just takes 3 oz every 2-3 hours. My advice - give up the bottle feedings, period. stay calm. and nurse nurse nurse! oh yeah - keep up the hydration and find a love for oatmeal! haha. good luck mama!
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Re: My supply is GONE, help!

I'm no expert but for me stress and lack of sleep are supply killer . A friend of mine lost her whole supply when she had baby #2 and was in the process of moving. Do you have a good lactation consultant in your area?
If you think lack of sleep/stress might be playing a role and you're going to give a bottle anyway, maybe you could have dh give it and get some sleep.
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Re: My supply is GONE, help!

I dealt with this for almost 2 months w/ my DS (3-mos to 5-mos of age). Although it's not likely that it's serious, it can be. As long as there are enough wet diapers/day you should be fine and it's likely that your DS has just hit a growth spurt or has hit the *distractible baby* marker (you can find lots of info on this on If you think there is a real problem, you're probably right. My DS was NOT having enough wet/dirty dipaers and was doing LOTS of sucking but no swallowing. The only thing that ended up working for me was taking Domperidone (Motilium).

Have you started cycling again? Even if you have not, do you know if you have recently ovulated? Many women experience a dip in supply upon ovulation. A magnesium/calcium supplement can help.

Also, I notice that when I don't get enough protein for bfast and lunch then my supply suffers. Add an egg or two to your breakfast and make sure you get plenty of protein at lunch as well.

Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions.
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Re: My supply is GONE, help!

Are you sure it is your supply and not something else? If you LO is having enough wet diapers maybe he is getting enough and is crying about something else. I don't know. Have you tried pumping to see how much you get from each side? I know that pumping isn't always an extremely accurate indicator of your production, but maybe it can help make you feel better that your supply really isn't gone.
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Re: My supply is GONE, help!

Originally Posted by mommyofnoah View Post
Quaker makes oatmeal to go bars now in a variety of flavors and they are so yummy! I keep them by my nursing station with a glass of water. Its like eating a bowl of oatmeal, but you can do it one-handed!
Fiber one makes a GREAT oat and chocolate bar too! I'm ADDICTED!
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Re: My supply is GONE, help!

A few things came to mind while reading your post:

- you're teaching him nipple preference by following it up with a bottle. Babies drink differently out of bottles -- they will OVERFEED out of a bottle, so don't worry yourself that he needs the full amount he'll drink out of that bottle. They have trouble stopping when they're drinking from bottles.
- supply is naturally lower in the evenings. Especially when your baby is still growing SO quickly, in order to keep up your supply what you need to do is just keep switching him from side to side. When he's frustrated with one side, go to the second. When he's frustrated with that one, back to the first, which will have made more milk in the meanwhile. Back and forth and back and forth, and if he gets too frustrated to latch on, change something about the situation -- go sit in the bath, or turn off the lights, play white noise, try nursing in a sling. He will eventually become satiated. This is normal and common and you MUST get past it and allow him to build your supply in this fashion or you will only get more and more behind.
- it is unlikely that your supply has dropped, rather, as he is growing, he has higher needs. You need to do the relatching from side to side to raise your supply to meet his needs. He's also pulling off in anger because he knows he'll get that FAST PACED bottle afterwards. I'd ditch it. If you're truly worried he won't get enough without it, try an SNS.

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Re: My supply is GONE, help!

I always had a HUGE dip in supply when I was about to get my period. I always knew...

We went through this around the same time you wasn't so much as a supply issue so much as a I like a bottle, and this is way harder. Its hard to watch them be so upset, but MOST babies won't go too long without caving and eating. Its rare they won't eat for longer periods(from personal experience). If he gets too worked up, try nursing in the tub where its nice and warm and there is lots of skin to skin contact. For me I ended up having to go into a very dimly lit room and try for a while before he would be calm enough to eat..

*hugs* Its not easy, but it sounds like your dedicated and thats really all it takes!
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Re: My supply is GONE, help!

Contact local LLL (la leche league). Can find info here: - they can help you get/purchase an SNS (supplemental nursing system) nto use and offer additional help. GL!
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Re: My supply is GONE, help!

Thank you all so much for everything you've suggested. I am going to try the nursing break/vacation (nursing every hour for 48 hours) along with oatmeal and my fenugreek. For the next 48 hours and see if that helps. I do want to clarify that he doesn't get a bottle every time he eats or every day. He got the bottle that one night and last night and those are the only times. But I didn;t know that he didn't know when to stop.. bottles are going away. I'm going to camp on the couch and watch me tons of movies that I havne't had time to watch.. thanks again everyone. It really helps to have the suggestions and support.. I am determined to make it.
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