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Re: Apparently I'm crazy b/c I won't use formula...

I HATE it when ppl comment on how small your baby is and when they say that they aren't gaining enough weight! Then when they are preteens we get to hear about how they are over-weight and run the risk of serious health problems! All I can recommend is " Keep up the good work!" And stick to what you feel is right for you and your DS regardless of what other mindless pll say! I was in the same much so that I prolonged DD's 4 mos checkup because I was afraid that the ped was going to tell me to stop Bfeeding due to her not gaining weight regularly. I asked my fiancee is he was going to stand behind my decision to b-feed before we went to the dr's because if not either him or I were not going! Needless to say the Dr. just said to nurse as much as possible and to try to nurse even if she doesn't seem like she is hungry! If she doesn't want to- no big deal, if she does - Great! (BTW- She hasn't gained a ton of weight because she grows at least an inch every month or so! maybe that is the case with your son as well!) She is 5 1/2 mos old and still going strong nursing full time except for when she goes to the daycare! (then she gets what was expressed from the day before!)


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Re: Apparently I'm crazy b/c I won't use formula...

I'm pretty much supported in my BFing efforts but just want to offer sympathy. Gotta love inlaws and their great advice....

We also had reflux, but gave ds the reflux syrup for two weeks and apparently this calmed the esophageal irritation and we took him off it after two weeks w/no more problems. The theory was that my supply was increasing in preparation for a growth spurt and so his burps which were frequent at the time would bring up alot of milk and stomach acid- he was just suffering in a temporary situation.

He hardly burps at all anymore and rarely spits up now. I never changed my diet, just followed my ped's advice that it was probably a passing phase and in this case, that was on the money!
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Re: Apparently I'm crazy b/c I won't use formula...

I definitely can feel your pain about family. My MIL use to constantly try to get me to see things her way about breastfeeding which is that if I "had" to do it then 6 weeks was enough. My older sister is now constantly nagging me to "quit already" since my son is now almost 22 months old. We are still going strong though even with a few problems with plugged ducts and moving and everything, and I'm not about to quit just because my sister is making fun of me.

Good luck with the DH though, since my DH is supportive BUT when someone else tries to get me to wean DS he tends to jump on board with the suggestion since he misses me not nursing all night long. ROFL!
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Re: Apparently I'm crazy b/c I won't use formula...

Originally Posted by cupcakewright View Post
Have your Dh amd SIL read this.

Similac Alimentum Hypoallergenic Formula

Corn Maltodextrin 35.5% , Casein Hydrolysate Derived from Milk - 17.5% , Sugar Sucrose - 14.5% , High Oleic Safflower Oil 9.7% , Medium Chain Triglycerides 9.5% , Soy Oil 8.0% , C. Cohnii Oil Less than 2% - a Source of Docosahexaenoic Acid - DHA , M. Alpina Oil Less than 2% - a Source of Arachidonic Acid - ARA , Calcium Phosphate Less than 2% , Datem Less than 2% , Potassium Citrate Less than 2% , Xanthan Gum Less than 2% , Magnesium Chloride Less than 2% , Monoglycerides Less than 2% , Sodium Chloride Less than 2% , Ascorbic Acid Less than 2% , L-Cystine Dihydrochloride Less than 2% , Calcium Carbonate Less than 2% , L-Tyrosine Less than 2% , Potassium Chloride Less than 2% , Choline Chloride Less than 2% , Ferrous Sulfate Less than 2% , L-Tryptophan Less than 2% , Taurine Less than 2% , M-Inositol Less than 2% , Ascorbyl Palmitate Less than 2% , DL-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate Less than 2% , Zinc Sulfate Less than 2% , L-Carnitine Less than 2% , Niacinamide Less than 2% , Mixed Tocopherols Less than 2% , Calcium Pantothenate Less than 2% , Cupric Sulfate Less than 2% , Vitamin A Palmitate Less than 2% , Thiamine Chloride Hydrochloride Less than 2% , Riboflavin Less than 2% , Pyridoxine Hydrochloride Less than 2% , Folic Acid Less than 2% , Potassium Iodide Less than 2% , Potassium Hydroxide Less than 2% , Phylloquinone Less than 2% , Biotin Less than 2% , Sodium Selenate Less than 2% , Vitamin D3 Less than 2% , Cyanocobalamin Less than 2%

and ask him if it sounds like something he wants to feed his baby
Then have him read this article on sucrose in formulas. Have him give you his reasons as to why your child should get artificial breast milk as opposed to natural breast milk. If he's like my DH, then good luck sticking to your guns and ignoring him. Hopefully he's not as hardheaded as mine is though.
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Re: Apparently I'm crazy b/c I won't use formula...

Then I am crazy too, I have never touched Formula!

Just tell them NOOOOO!!!! I hope they get it soon!
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Re: Apparently I'm crazy b/c I won't use formula...

any updates mama?

How is it going?
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Re: Apparently I'm crazy b/c I won't use formula...

Truthfully.... What is working for me (I have milk to feed an army and I constantly let down and too much foremilk) is to pump it out. Now, here is why: Number one your son is demanding to eat a lot. Is he emptying each breast fully though? Try pumping to see how much your getting out of each side. He may be stopping when the flow slows down because it's not coming out fast enough. Mix it well, then feed it to him. He maybe getting to much foremilk. It can't hurt to try it for a day. It is the only thing that works for my 7 week old. She is miserable if I don't pump.
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Re: Apparently I'm crazy b/c I won't use formula...

Um, hypoallergenic formula? GROSS! Thats even more processed than regular formula!

Thank goodness you know that breastmilk is the best thing for your LO momma! My LO has reflux but we have choosen to unmedicate him for various reasons and he is a very healthy 22 weeker at 15 1/2 pounds!
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Re: Apparently I'm crazy b/c I won't use formula...

I hear ya. I am out 25+ foods for my TWO year old and most people think I'm nuts.

BTW, I would give it a week or two off dairy or dairy/soy since he was reacting before being medicated -- it might help. You won't always see it immediately, thus the week or two.

Meds did help my daughter's reflux, but the combo of the meds and the diet really made a massive difference. She ended up not needing the meds at around 7 months once we finally eliminated everything that was bothering her. Your mileage may vary, of course.

One of the great things about breastfeeding is if babies DO have allergies, you can often determine them younger. I'm glad we found out what bothered my daughter before she started solids -- it was harder on me, but far less complicated in the long run.

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Re: Apparently I'm crazy b/c I won't use formula...

Your problem sounds exactly like the one I had with my son--failure to gain weight and bad reflux. DH has a family history of milk allergies so I tried eliminating that first and that did help.

My husband and ped also encouraged me to put him on formula to help with weight gain. Small problem though if said child is allergic to milk as you are left with soy formulas (plenty of info available on the Internet to tell you why you shouldn't be feeding that to your child, plus a good % of babies who are allergic to milk are also allergic to soy) or milk based formulas that are broken down further like Nutramigen or Alimentum. If you have an extra $20-$25 to throw away buy a can and have DH smell it--the stuff smells so bad it will surprise you that any child would drink the stuff. My son threw up all the formulas worse than my breast milk. I think they recommend trying a formula for several days at least to see if your child has an allergy. Meanwhile you are left to pump and hope your supply doesn't dwindle so much that if the formula experiment doesn't work you CAN go back to breastfeeding. One other thing to point out to DH if you cannot get your child to take Nutramigen or Alimentum (which is a good $10 more a CAN than regular formulas) your only other recourse is to prescription only formulas that cost thousands of dollars a year.

If your son has problems with YOU drinking milk products I would not continue to drink/eat them even if the medicine helps the problem. You may be making the reflux more severe and the medicine is just masking the problem. A great support group on-line is called PAGER Pediatric / Adolescent Gastroesophageal Reflux Association, It is for parents whose children have acid reflux. It has tons of information and lots of people who are in your same boat.

-Good luck
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