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help and encouragement please??

DD is 7months old tomorrow and i'm bfing her but i'm kinda getting burn out on it...
I love the time we have to snuggle while I feed her but for the past month or so she only latches on and sucks for a few seconds then she has to sit up and look around, then she goes back to nursing for a couple more seconds....its driving me crazy and I really think its affecting my milk supply. DH and I wanted to go out on a date (which we dont do much because I hate pumping) And I only got 2 ounces a milk when I pumped for like 30min.
AND my boobs are always "floppy" like they are empty...

I guess its just getting harder, rather than easier.... Which is not what i expected.

She nursed every 2-3 hours at night too.... Gah. I'm just wishing she would nurse more efficiently....

Brainstorming- maybe she's not nursing well because there isnt a "regular" steady flow? IDK

Any help would be apreciated!

oh BTW she isnt eating baby food (although sometimes i wish she would) she thinks its gross and spits it out.

anyway...sorry this is long but I'd just like some ideas or help, i really want to bf her till she's at least 14months BUT its just getting really really really tiresome!


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Re: help and encouragement please??

All I can say is to hang in there!! I've bf'd 5 children and they were all different and went through different spurts. I also never could pump much, especially at times when I wasn't pumping often. It usually took me a while to get the milk going. Have you ever tried taking fenugreek to get your milk to increase? I make tea with fenugreek in it, but you can buy pills and make it easier on yourself and it works awesome!
And as for it kinda getting old... I would just try to enjoy even the times when she's poppin' on and off. Honestly, my son (who is over 2.5 years) still nurses (2 times a day) and is SO bad for popping on and off to TALK to me (ROFL---that creeps some people out!!!) but I sit and either read or knit and just have conversations with him and I just like it. haha Guess it just takes getting used to because I remember my 1st child (who I nursed until he was 2) wasn't as easy for me. I put up with it, but man did I get tired of it at different stages in his life. BUT... just hang in there and do all you can to increase your supply if that's an issue and just know how great it is for your baby!
Hope I've been a little help! And if you want to try to also increase milk for pumping... I'd start pumping more often, even if you only get an ounce the first few times. It WILL increase because your body will start "thinking" differerntly and it will supply your demand. I'd freeze some or just use it to mix with food.
Hope it gets better for you
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Re: help and encouragement please??

I know how you feel. Around that age they start to get more curious about hte world and what is going on around them. It is hard but it does get better.
My dd nursed every 2-3 hrs at night until she was about 9 months old. Then we had to let her cry it out at night. She wasn't nursing for food, but for comfort and because that was the only way she knew how to fall asleep. (we didn ot just leave her to cry I went in every 7-10 minutes to comfort her by touch and talk but no picking up and no nursing)

As for the baby food....Have you tried homemade? Do you have a food processor or blender? You cook the veggies or fruit and then puree them in oneo f those two appliances. A great food to start with is sweet potato(no blending needed, just bake or microwave) or butternut squash.
That is a great website with recipes.

For your dates....try to pump more often and take fenugreek, mothers milk tea, eat oatmeal, all will help you make more milk. Remmebr it is supply and demand more(more pumping) you will make more. What about formula just for those seldom nights you want a date? Some people are way against it, but some feel once in a while won't hurt. I did this a few tiems when I didnt' have a stash yet. But once you are pumping more then you will have a stash.

Hope some of that helps you!
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