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Re: If one more person tells me "breastmilk isnt enough"...

just tell them that your doctor said to wait until 6 months to give anything else. that will at least hold them off for a while.

my mil would talk to my baby (we lived close to her up until 5 months) about eating solids. bannana, cookies, etc. I think she just wanted to do the grandma thing and spoil her grandbaby with food.


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Re: If one more person tells me "breastmilk isnt enough"...

Doesn't LLL have literature (you'll need something simply like a brochure) that says Breastmilk is enough? If anyone finds it please post the link.

I would have some printed off and just hand it to people who say things like that, and tell them to need to become more educated if they are going to speak like an expert.

Or, if you wanted to be really nasty (sometimes I'm sure we all feel like that somedays) just ask "Oh, and are you a pediatrician/breastfeeding expert/etc?" "No?" "Well, when you become one then I'll listen to what you have to say".

Or, if anyone here attends LLL you may want to run it by the group and see what they say, I'm sure some have experienced this narrow mindedness as well.

Good luck!
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Re: If one more person tells me "breastmilk isnt enough"...

Sorry you're having such a hard time, tennesseemom. My babe never had anything except breastmilk straight from the tap and even tho MIL chimed in from time to time about the rice cereal/formula, etc. etc.----(she fed DH rice cereal at 3 WEEKS!!! She swears it was doctor's orders!)---she lives in SC and I'm in TX, so I didn't have to listen to it very much.

Is there a LLL in your area? Maybe a crunchy playgroup? Start hanging out with like-minded mamas and try not to complain about DD's fussiness to the "other camp" IYKIWIM. Try the "smile and nod" technique. Since they're not listening to you telling them about the AAP and the WHO (that says babies should be breastfed exclusively for 2 years!), just ignore the rice cereal advice and keep nursing!

It'll get better
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Re: If one more person tells me "breastmilk isnt enough"...

Ignore, ignore, ignore! Or "nod and smile" if that's more comfortable. I feel for you though. Our baby is 6 months and only gets breastmilk. My MIL is outraged that he doesn't eat solids and that we don't really plan on starting any seriously for a while. She actually wants to feed him Cheerios!

Breastmilk is enough. You provide the perfect nutrition, in the perfect amount, for the perfect development of your precious baby.
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Re: If one more person tells me "breastmilk isnt enough"...

I'm laughing to myself because after the first few months I just started saying...'uhm, no. I'm not going to do that.' A plain 'no' is so funny because it's like they are so takin a back by it that there's usually no real response. I love it when I manage to throw politeness out the window. You raised your kids now let me raise mine. Oh! And of course the best one is 'well, I did that with you and you turned out fine!' LOL
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Re: If one more person tells me "breastmilk isnt enough"...

i'm dealing with this too. not about the solids but about the supplementing and such. my sister (who lives next door) keeps asking me if he's sleeping through the night yet...i'm like "wth? he's only 7 weeks old!!!" she's been asking me this since he was 3 weeks old....i'm thinking ff babies must start doing that sooner or something? anyone know?
and the supplementing and wanting me to give him bottles and such. and i just don't get why they're wanting me to supplement the child weighs 13 pounds already (has almost doubled his wieght and he's only 7 weeks old lol). and we're thinking he's not getting enough b/c why?????

i just tell them i've decided to bf for a year at least...never shuts them up though...then i just hear "oh we'll see about that when he gets teeth". drives me nuts coming from my sister as she only bf one of her 3 children and only did that for 3 weeks. sometimes i feel like if they've never been there done that then they have no room to say anything!!!!

so off rant for me...don't know what to tell you!! but i share in your frustration!!!
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Re: If one more person tells me "breastmilk isnt enough"...

I agree bm is enough and the old bitties need to hush with all their wise words! If she cries a lot already she probably is having a hard time digesting things you eat and they want you to feed her solids then she is bound to never stop crying! son was crying just about every waking moment until I did an elimination diet to see what was causing all the was dairy, soy and wheat might want to try eliminating things to see if her fussiness gets better and you can tell granny she isn't crying because she is hungry, her digestive system is immature and giving her formula and solids will make it even worse! Man I just dispise people that have no respect for the fact that everyone has their own opinions and they are not wrong just because they don't have the same one as they do! Grrrrrrrrrr
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Re: If one more person tells me "breastmilk isnt enough"...

My DS has started solids- fruit veggies and cereal, but he is 7 1/2 months!(and 20lbs)
He was nearly 18lbs at 6mo when we started solids! He's a chubba! and he got that way from mamma's milk. I doubt it's the applesauce and peaches that is making him pack on the pounds!
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Re: If one more person tells me "breastmilk isnt enough"...

I think most of us have gotten this from MILs and Mothers and SILs and sisters, etc...
I did...and if it's not that it will be something else. So, learn to let it roll off your shoulders mama.
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Re: If one more person tells me "breastmilk isnt enough"...

Awwwww...don't stress about them mama. Just know that those comments are coming from VERY ignorant people. They have no breastfeeding education, so to speak.

Just smile and tell them "thank you for your concern, but we are doing just fine with exclusively breastfeeding. In fact, did you know that the American Assoc. of Pediatrics now recommends that baby receive only breastmilk - NOTHING ELSE - until they are 6 mo+. They are finding that breastmilk IS the best food for babies."

Okay, that was a bit long, but after nursing 3 kids...2 for 2 1/2 years each and my youngest is now 13 has taken only until now for my ignorant MIL to back off. Yep, it's a pain. However, what I have found that unless you acknowledge their comments...let them know you heard them by repeating what they said or something...THEN adding your own 'this is what we're doing' then they won't stop. They need the satisfaction of knowing you listened to, heard, and recognize what they say.

If it doesn't stop and stresses you, then just tell them you realize that they don't understand bfing, aren't aware of it's many benefits, and if they'd like to learn about them then to ask. If not, you'd appreciate no more comments about how you choose to feed your child.

Oh, with my also came out that she felt inadequate. She only bf'd her children for 3 months. Seeing what I was doing prolly brought some regrets over her lifestyle choices then. Now she tells my dh all the time when I'm not around that she 'just doesn't know how Tab can do it' in a good way.
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