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storage help needed...

ok. two girls share a room. michayla (6) and audrey (the baby) i need some serious storage ideas. low budget style.

i saw the hanging storage thread, which i might get, BUT... if i get that, where am i gonna put some kind of wetbag/pail? i need one that will fit 2 days worth of dipes.

here's some pics of their room. maybe ya'll will have some ideas, i'm all out
the room is about 10x11.

the door is next to the dresser.

mic uses 4 of these drawers. the rest are the baby's bath towels, mic's bed sheets, and some odds and end stuff. waterproof lap pads and the like.

the closet, which half the time has a pile of michayla's stuff on the floor, spilling out. ugh... behind the open closet door also lives an easel. (mic is an artist. so she says anyway lol)

under the window i have 2 toy bins (totes with lids)


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Re: storage help needed...

1st your girls' room is adorable. I'm thinking you're going to have to use some of that wall space for storage. Is anyone handy enough to make shelves? I have a shelf to be hung above the dresser and on it sits three baskets which holds my entire stash. Even if you don't want it to hold your stash it could hold things you don't reach for daily. Or get some things out of the closet and into the baskets so you can hang more of the older daughters clothes or store extra toys in there? I shared a room their size as a kid too. We had two tall bookshelves attached to the wall. Up on the top shelves were whatever my mom wanted kept in our room, but that we didn't necessarily need to help ourselves to. Lower shelves were our things. Since you probably need both dressers and you already have them, I think shelves is your best bet personally. I think that small space of wall to the left of the larger dresser would be really cute with set of three shelves and some baskets.

Also as hard as it may be, when space is limited try to make sure you're not holding on to too much extra. Always clean out old items when you get new ones. My mom taught us that as kids and I always found the before Christmas purging to be just as exciting as Christmas. You find things you forgot about, and you anticipate new things.

eta - Could you hang the hanging storage above the low dresser? I know it goes over a closet but it's cute and cheap. I wonder if you could just nail it to the wall?

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Re: storage help needed...

I agree that shelves would be a good idea. I also think you should get some under bed storage boxes. Put 1/3 of your kids toys in there, and cycle them so that you aren't buying more and they get excited when new toys come out. it also helps with space issues. that should open up room for your diaper pail.

if you can put the baby bath stuff in with the adult stuff (assuming you have a closet where you're putting that, you should be able to open up a drawer for diaper stuff. that'd open up some room too!
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Re: storage help needed...

If you are not especially handy, those "floating" shelves like they have at IKEA don't hold much weight but would certainly hold diaper supplies and stuffed animals, and aren't hard to install. IKEA also has cool storage things that hang from the ceiling, especially in the kids' department. If you don't have an IKEA you can at least look at the website and get ideas.

If you are handy or know someone who is, it may be a good idea to have a shelf run the entire perimeter of the room at the height the existing shelf is next to the window. And have pegs or hooks under that shelf. Invest in some attractive boxes or bins (they don't have to be expensive, they just have to match or color-coordinate with each other and the room) and you would be amazed how much you can keep there. If you are really short, just get a pretty step stool to keep in the room so it's effective storage.

Also, you can keep a LOT of stuff under the crib, especially while it is on the highest setting. Even at the lower setting, you can still store a lot. But since it's exposed, it's best if it goes with the storage on the shelves around the room.

My girls share a room, and one of the reasons it looks so clean most of the time is that we don't keep any toys in there other than the loveys they sleep with. Just their beds and their clothing storage. We have toy storage elsewhere in the house. If it's an option, it's worth considering.
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Re: storage help needed...

I think you could hang some shelves above the changing table. Do a search for posts from Meri, she has a nice shelf hung above the changing table that seems to fit diapers really well. Then replace the garbage can with the diaper pail. I'm sure the girls won't notice it not being there.
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Re: storage help needed...

I would try rearranging the furniture. Also, maybe get some storage containers for things that you don't use every single day - and keep those under dd's bed or the crib. She can maybe switch to the 4 drawer dresser and you can use the longer dresser for the changing table and have room for more things in that dresser.
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