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Question Is there a PLing Fourm? I need help (and hugs)!!

Do we have a PLing fourm besids the EC?

DS1 is 2 1/2, and up until now he would stay in a wet/poopy diaper ALL day if I'd let him. He is more concerned with having fun, but recently he has been requesting a "new diaper". I just think that with this type of communication if he is realizing he is dirty it's time to persue PLing, RIGHT?

A few months ago we lived on the potty for a few days. It was a nightmare, and we were both frustrated and tired by the end of the day so I knew it wasn't his time. I am SO not looking forward to PLing, but I think it's time to re-try don't you??

DS2 I EC for poop since it's quite obvious what he's doing, and he actually gets mad if you don't put him on the potty because I think it's just easier to come out KWIM? DS1 started crying this AM because he looked like he was struggling with a poop so I hurried and put him on the potty and he FREAKED! He will actually hold his poop if I put him on the potty, and will go and hide later in the day to do it.

Some days he seems excited to wear underwear and others not so much. I just don't know what the right way to go about this to have a successful, *HAPPY*, exciting experience rather than tramatize him KWIM?? I don't want him to freak and scream everytime he puts on undies or sits on the potty. Pottying should be fun LOL!!

Can anyone point me in the right direction - a good book, thread, psycologist?? If we don't already have a PLing fourm I'd like to suggest one to complie all the threads I think it would be a good resource for mamas like me who haven't a CLUE.

ETA: I should mention that we have a sticker chart on the frige and use M&Ms sometimes. These are his two FAVORITE things in the ENTIRE world, and even these aren't enough to get him to go.


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Re: Is there a PLing Fourm? I need help (and hugs)!!

I asked a while back if we could have a PL forum. The mods said just use the EC forum. I don't agree with this, because there are specific challenges to PLing that are radically different than ECing, plus you have the whole issue with what seats/trainers/etc to use but I'm not in charge, hee hee.

Basically, your child has to be ready, and you have to use a system that motivates him. Recognizing when he's dirty is a start, but that may not mean he knows when he needs to go. Running and putting him on the potty when he is peeing or pooping will help, as will wearing something (or nothing) so he can feel when he wets will also help. Taking them to the potty on a schedule at first, to give them the opportunity to use it successfully when they still don't know they need to go, also helps.

Some kids like sticker charts or other rewards when they use the potty. Some are motivated enough to keep their new big kid undies clean. Some learn so they can do big kid things, like go to preschool or join a soccer league or whatever. My second child is thrilled to get to wash her hands afterward, go figure. You have to figure out what motivates your kid.

Most kids learn to pee in the potty first, then the pooping comes much later, then staying dry through the night is last. My first child did it in reverse order, staying dry through the night at 2, pooping in the potty at 2-1/2, but didn't master peeing in the potty in the daytime until she was almost 4 (she honestly couldn't tell when she needed to go). My second child is going more of the traditional route.

I can't recommend any specific resources, because usually they only have one or two methods, and you have to tailor the right method for your child. Good luck!
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Re: Is there a PLing Fourm? I need help (and hugs)!!

My best advice would be follow HIS cues. If he wants to wear underwear one day, awesome - and if he wants to pee/poo in the potty make it a HUGE deal, and have a party over it. Maybe even offer stickers (like on a chart or something) or dollar store toys or something. And, on the days he doesn't feel like wearing big boy underwear - thats okay too.

I am pretty clueless too as I just Potty trained/learned my DD at a few days shy of 3 years old. I know she was ready. She'd sit on the potty. So, I just gave her a little nudge of putting in her panties and we haven't looked back since (it's been about 3 weeks now).

Good luck!
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