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Re: Does it get harder...

Originally Posted by wbkt8 View Post
i think it's just different. it's definitely harder with a toddler just from the point of view that she wants to assert herself/do what she wants not what you want. so i think from that regard "parenting" becomes harder as they get older.

however, it is really nice as they gain independence and can do things for themselves. and it's just fun to see them grow and learn and discover the world. and it does help some of the frustrations of being a parent when they can express their needs/wants to you - of course it also opens up a whole new set of challenges.

i'm also a part-time student and when dd was very small it was easier for me to get my work done b/c she was happy to lay there next to me/near me and look around etc. while i studied. now it's really hard to do that while she's awake. but on the other hand doing laundry or other household chores - she likes to help with those now. or even if she doesn't, she can entertain herself for short periods of time while i'm doing something else. so you know it's a trade off.
My 2 year old can do many things for herself. She's recently learned to put on her own shoes! She can help clean up. She's VERY verbal. It's nice because I can be nursing on the couch and carry on a conversation with her behind me. Car rides are way better. We talk the whole time. Feeding is great. SHe can tell me what she wants and all I do is set it down in front of her.

But she does make a mess. She knows that we write "on paper", but I'm not sure if she really knows what paper is, or is deliberately disobeying- like when she colored on the refrigerator. I think the older she gets, it's less physical, but WAY more mental. The older she gets, the more I HAVE to think.
With YDD, I don't think much, but it takes more of ME doing things. KWIM?

So it's really what type of person is easier for you? Physical or mental?


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Re: Does it get harder...

I think it was *easier* when he was an infant. With infants, you just break out the boobie or the bottle when they are hungry. Toddlers, you actually have to cook for them. Infants can't get into anything and you can get more things done. Bram's still a crawler so he can't get into *as* much as most toddlers but I'm always afraid he's going to pull something down on top of himself or because he's always literally on the floor, he finds things no one else will ever find and swallows it. (Tylenol PM, anyone?)

On the other hand, I do really prefer the toddler years. Of course, I miss him being tiny and stuff but its just so neat to see the things they can do at this age... He's learning signs really fast now and it just blows my mind! Its so fun to have a toddler.

Now if I could just convince DH to TTC again, I could have one of each.
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Re: Does it get harder...

It's interesting to see all the responses.

My DD is 16 months old and I'm loving it. Some days I do think "it would be sooooo nice if I could just put her down and when I got back to her she would still be right where I left her" I do miss that. I dont miss however feeding every 2-4 hours, not getting any sleep, and now that she is more communicative she doesnt cry as much as she can tell me or point to whatever it is she wants or needs.

For me sometimes it is a little harder for me to get things done. She always likes to be right there - so it usually has to wait until she goes to bed and I deal with a messy house until 9pm.
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