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things your parents did that make you go 'WHAT?!'

So my parents did ALL kinds of things when I was a baby/kid... that make me go
I was born in 1982... so it wasn't like it was THAT long ago... my parents were just very out of the loop on things, and still are, and it drives me nuts!
For starters, they didn't have a carseat for me (or my sisters who were born in the 70's). I guess it wasn't the law? When I was a baby my mom would just lay me in the passenger seat while she was driving. SCARY.
I was reading through the babybook she kept for me... and she started putting baby cereal in my bottle when I was 2 weeks old. She always talks about how I did nothing but scream and NEVER slept for the first year of my life... well I wonder why?? I couldn't digest that stuff at 2 weeks old! I wonder if other people did that back then? I wonder if she asked a doctor if it was ok, or what? She also documented in the baby book how she would lay me on the couch as a baby... and she'd come back in the room and I had rolled off... and I 'just kept rolling off!!'... UMMMM... hello??? I'm surprised I made it out of her care alive.
Let's see, what else... she smoked while she was pregnant... like a chimney. I have a picture of myself sucking on a gigantic candy cane when I was 4 months old.
My parents always let me eat junk food like it was meals. I had stretch marks in elementary school.
I bet there are way more things, but this is all I know of/remember.
I'm just curious if anyone else's parents did things that make you say 'what in the world were they thinking??'?


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Re: things your parents did that make you go 'WHAT?!'

My mom says that she doesn't really remember much about when I was little. And since I was the second child, my baby book is almost empty. My parents were a little weird with my older brother....he was left handed (like my dad), but my mom and his teachers forced him to use his right hand instead. That just confused the poor boy. So today, he uses both hands rather than just one or the other.
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Re: things your parents did that make you go 'WHAT?!'

In my baby book my mom wrote that my favorite foods at 4 months were yogurt and spaghetti!!
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Re: things your parents did that make you go 'WHAT?!'

Nothing, actually! My Mom extended breastfed all of her kids. I think she used cloth with me some of the time, I think sposies were like the new big thing at the time when I was born so she used them. She co-slept. And, I had a carseat. LOL

Although, DH's Great-grandma told me she fed her babies lamb meatballs at 2 months old.
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Re: things your parents did that make you go 'WHAT?!'

I was left in charge of my sis when i was 5 and she was 1! My dad and stepmom were going for out of state trips and leaving me in charge when i was 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But we did have carseats!

I know hubbys parents drove drunk with all the kids every weekend and they would just fold all the backseats down and the kids would play tag while driving! plus MIL drank like a fish and smoked like a chimney with every pregnancy. There;s more but its a looooooooong!
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Re: things your parents did that make you go 'WHAT?!'

Nothing really. I'm at least 3rd generation crunchy. My mom did have the habit of "creatively" answering questions I had as a kid. It let to confusion later in life about some things.
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Re: things your parents did that make you go 'WHAT?!' you are lucky you made it. I don't know of anything from when I was really little. But, I know I had a lot of responsibility from 3rd grade on. I would get myself up for school and get ready and ride my bike to school all by myself. I also fed myself breakfast and packed my own lunch and did my own laundry! Then I rode my bike home. My DD is in 1st grade and doesn't even pick out her own clothes for school, I really can't imagine her doing anything I had to do when I was little.

Oh and in 3rd-5th grade my parents used to send me on outings alone with this old man that went to our church and they didn't even know him. We would go to the Zoo and parks and things like that after school. They let him be my surrogate Grandpa (um, I had a Grandpa...actually 2). Luckily he was really nice and wasn't a perv or anything. But, looking back on that there is NO way I would send my DD with some 65 year old man I barely knew- anywhere ever!

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Re: things your parents did that make you go 'WHAT?!'

My mom fed me solids at 2 weeks old. Mashed potatoes made with butter, milk, and salt! Apparently I kept crying and crying and she asked her MIL (my grandma) what was wrong and my grandma said, "Why, she's hungry! You have to feed that baby!" So my mom began stuffing me with food. I was a super fat baby and even my doctor (I was born in 1977, btw) told my mom to stop feeding me solids. She didn't stop, though, because it did make me stop crying (I guess.)

My dad swears he gave me alcohol in a bottle to keep me quiet on long car rides but I cannot figure out if he is joking or not.
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Re: things your parents did that make you go 'WHAT?!'

Oh man, what is up with some of our parents?!?!

Um, my mom smoked too while she was pregnant, and in the house, car, restaurant, MY freaking room, everywhere (so did my dad). I actually got in trouble when I was like 11 or 12 for putting a "no smoking" sign on my bedroom door...and my wishes were promptly violated. My parents smoked pot until I was 6, my dad even got caught while he was in the military. My mom said she quit and forced him to quit when she realized that we could get taken away. My dad started smoking pot again when I was 12 at my mom's cousin's house while all of us kids were in the house (in other rooms, but IN the house still!). Um, my mom verbally abused me all my life and I don't trust other women. Our "sex talks" consisted of "if you get pregnant before you're 18, I'll kick you out", and then when I was 18 and said I wanted to wait until marriage, she just said "thats nice" and went about her business. I had sex a month later with a guy I only knew for a week. Oh yeah, and probably the thing that scarred me the most, my parents had CRAZY loud screaming sex, wouldn't let us kids sleep with our doors closed, and yeah...I heard them have sex at least once a week for like 5 years. I've always had problems falling asleep, so I was never asleep when they went to bed (wish I had discovered sudoku then...its my "fall asleep magic pill"). And she wouldn't let my brother and I have a room in the basement until I was 17 and he was 15! Then when we moved right after I graduated, they kept looking at houses with the bedrooms all on the same floor and I said that I absolutely refused to sleep anywhere near them again (I don't think they knew why-or at least they pretended not to know)...they finally settled on a house that had the master bedroom downstairs and the other ones upstairs. I picked the bedroom across the house from them and tried to never go downstairs after they went to bed, unless it was like 1 in the morning. There's plenty more, but thats enough.
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Re: things your parents did that make you go 'WHAT?!'

My parents smoked everywhere when I was a kid. Other than that I don't really remember them being too crazy. We had carseats and booster seats, but we were out of them pretty early. I think that was normal though back then.

My mom would always tell me stories about how when I was an infant my dad watched me she would come home and he wouldn't have fed me, but she hates him so I never know what is true.

DH's parents are another story. His mom used to make him scrub the poop out of his underwear when he had accidents as a child, made him clean up his own vomit, he would get punished for his OCD, she fed him oreos for breakfast (and wondered why he was overweight), and she let her husband push him around. Also, I'm sure she had great intentions, but they also took him to see his stepbrother (who he had never met before) in the hospital while he was dying of cancer. DH says he can still remember the kid hooked up to all the machines and puking blood. He already had anxiety problems having to do with death and disease, and seeing a child on his deathbed really aggravated those.
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