View Poll Results: What age did you start giving allowance & how much per month?
No allowance for my child(ren) 16 32.00%
Yes I give an allowance of 0-$10month(including clothing) 7 14.00%
Yes I give an allowance of $11-$25month(including clothing) 6 12.00%
Yes I give an allowance of $25-$50month (including clothing) 4 8.00%
yes I give allowance of $50+month (including clothing) 0 0%
other: as all polls need other 16 32.00%
started giving allowance at age 3-5years old 10 20.00%
started giving allowance at age 6-10years old 14 28.00%
started giving allowace at age 11-13years old 3 6.00%
Started giving allowance older then 13years old 0 0%
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Re: If I can ask..How much do/will you give your child for allowance?

Originally Posted by ive View Post
so you'd buy designer name brands and buy whole wardrobes(more then one set?) and $1 week? so your thinking $50+ a month for her?
She doesn't get designer labels unless it is on sale.. and the sale has to be a good one. (then again I buy most things on sale anyways) What i said was that I don't put a limit money wise if she needs a few things then she needs them. I do however watch how much I spend on one item. There will be no $50 jeans for her kwim? For example I bought about $70 worth of clothes last week for her but she hadn't gotten anything the previous two months, besides her soccer shoes and new sandles/sneakers. And hse had outgrown a lot of her summer items. For $70 I got a dress, two pairs of shorts, a pair of capris and a top.

Right now she gets approximately $20/m as "her" money and then I buy whatever clothes she needs. Not sure how much that actually adds up to a month.

When she is a teen she will be expected to have a part time job and pay for any other items she feels she "needs". I am sure she will think she needs more clothes than what I will be willing to buy for her LOL

I am teaching her about money but doing it a lot gentler than the way I had to learn. When I was growing up we didn't have a lot of money. I was lucky to get any new clothes at all and I did not get an allowance. I worked (at least in the summer) from the time I was 8-9 years old and did Xmas shopping and other things I wanted. I would say from the time I was 13 and on I paid for everything for myself, including feminine products. I don't think it was right that I had to and won't be doing that to DD. We lived in the country so it wasn't as if I had a regular job.. just babysitting and working on a farm in the summer. At least it taught me frugality!


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Re: If I can ask..How much do/will you give your child for allowance?

I voted other....

as a child i was 9-10 when i started getting a so called allowance, it worked like this in our house

i would git the $$ from our recycling of cans / bottles and other recyclable items... so i got allowance about once a month

i could make/be given extra money for extra task i did ...
Growing up in the wooded area I was given the option of taking part in caring for the acre i grow up on... twice a year our acre need to be fully racked of pine needles ... in taking part i was paid fairly for my completed sections

I also was given the option to make some money (i was raised by my grandmother , she has to bad shoulder so she was unable to do the tasks her self ... it was pay me or pay the boy a crossed the street double the amount)

stacking a cord of wood $7 to $10 depending wet or dry (wet is heavy & more work)

or if i did the whole thing split & stack $17 to $20 again freshly cut or dry

I took part in splitting & stacking from the time i was 9y till i was 15y... we would go thor 9 to 10 cords(which was cut down/split/stacked starting spring thor early fall) of wood each year and the bad winters it was closer to 13 cords

I was never paid for things like brushing my teeth /making my bed / taking out the trash ... those where just thing that are part of every day life that need to be done.... as for caring for pets , the thot was if i want the pet then i needed to care for the pet

as for clothes i was give 3 shopping trips a year my bday(july) , school cloth in Sept. and xmas .... i was told i could spent about $75 each shopping trip ... yes i bought second hand (keep in mind my grandmother & I were living off of only $375 a month)..yes i was one of those Free breakfast & lunch kids

with this i was learned hard work pays off be it real work or school work and to manage my money wisely and not to spend it on just anything ..... which paid off when i moved out when i was 18y ...on my own i completed high school with 3.0, went straight to college making deans list 4 times in 2.5years .... i was great at making $75 cover a household of 2 adult & a dog food cost for a month

DH was raised in a whole different way ... his father(paid a large check each month from his job) let DH & sister had what ever they wanted ... simple put it was all type of goodies *toys that type thing* and steak and eating out ...and by the end of the month hotdogs & beans ...ect

when his folks split due to many reason a huge one was Dh's father's spending habits ... Dh picked up on more of the money management skills from his mother

i am a save ...Dh save/ spender at time

DH bought our 4bed, 2full bath house at age 21

DH and i agree that our LO's allowance department will be more like my up bring vs. his
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Re: If I can ask..How much do/will you give your child for allowance?

I did not get an allowance growing up but my husband did. Out of the two of us I am the one that is better with money. I think it spoils children when they get too much of an allowance. I don't think an allowance is bad, I'm not saying that at all. I just think one has to be smart about it and really think it through. My oldest is 7 and so far does not get an allowance and I'm not really sure if we will be giving her an allowance. We buy the things that she needs and we have taught her to be money concious.

When we buy her clothes (every year with tax money) I tell her how much she has to spend on clothing. We make a list of everything that she needs before hitting the stores and we stay in our budget. She will often say "I like this" and we will put it into the buggy and see if it fits into our budget. Sometimes it will and other time she will swap it out for something else. I just don't like the idea of her demanding clothes we can't afford nor anything else we can't afford. I hope that one day it will benefit her into be a very money concious person that doesnt' expect a handout from mom and dad at every whim.
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Re: If I can ask..How much do/will you give your child for allowance?

I voted "other" and "3-5"

We started giving ODS $1 week around him turning five years, I think, maybe a little sooner but not much. We wanted to teach him about savings and money. Also, he is very much at that "I want that" stage and I feel like once he hit that, he was old enough to earn and save. He has a wallet and collects loose change he finds or that he cons grandparents out of. lol. He's purchased a few toys on his own that he's saved "long term" for and a few junk items, especially at first. He's already learning that if he wants a nicer toy he has to save and can't buy the $1 PEZ dispenser at the check out line. So it's a $1/week well spent for me :P

We buy all of his clothes, and I don't really keep track of the monthly expense of that since I don't really buy every month. I am not sure when he'll start buying his own clothing, but that's many years off IMO.

We also put a little bit away into each of our boys' savings every month as a direct deposit. But they don't know about it and it's just something we do and have been doing. When anyone gives them money (more than a few $$) they go with me to deposit it in thier savings and we talk about it, but I don't think either of them "get" it yet. They just think it's fun to pass the check over to the teller
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Re: If I can ask..How much do/will you give your child for allowance?

So far, DS doesn't get an allowance. DH and I haven't talked about it yet. I bribe him sometimes because he loves to put money in his piggy bank. If he helps me with XYZ, I'll give him some change or a couple bucks. One time, I had a very important appointment and I couldn't take him. He got hysterical because he wanted to go with me. I told him I would give him $5 if he babysat my dad while I was gone. He calmed right down. And was asking for his "dollars" as soon as I got back.
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Re: If I can ask..How much do/will you give your child for allowance?

Yes I give an allowance of $11-$25month(including clothing)
other: as all polls need other
started giving allowance at age 6-10years old

These are what I chose. Yes, I will give allowance IF my children do their EXTRA chores. They will be required to do some stuff like keep their room clean, etc. I won't start before 6...but we'll see how they are and how we feel at the time.

I chose other for 2 reasons. 1 is they're not old enough yet, but this is what I'd like to do. 2 is that I don't believe in giving money without doing extra chores just for the simple fact that they will get plenty of stuff regardless of chores/allowances so it's not like they're going to be buying necessity items. It's not money they're owed, I feel, etc
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Re: If I can ask..How much do/will you give your child for allowance?

My daughter is 6 and we dont give her an allowance yet. She gets "rewards." If she does what I tell her to do (clean room, put away clothes) she'll get ice cream after dinner, etc. If we are at the store and she asks for something I always ask her, "do you deserve it?" If shes been bad she doesnt get anything and if shes been good she gets something small. I dont see why children need an allowance until they are pre-teen/teen when they just have to have everything all the time. Then I will pay my kids for doing chores around the house and they can buy all that stuff themselves. But they certainly wont get the allowance unless they've earned it.
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Re: If I can ask..How much do/will you give your child for allowance?

We do allowances here. We settled on $6 per week after looking at the snack prices at the after school center. It's not too much and not too little. We also have this piggy bank - Money Savvy Pig - which is nice. The caveat with the allowance is that some must go in each section. It doesn't matter how much or how little, but some has to go in each. Periodically (usually the end of the year) we take out the donate and invest portions and put them to use with charities and savings bonds.

We don't relate the allowance to chores because they do chores as part of the family. This is a totally seperate skill, imo, and it's stressful to have to learn it all at once. We'll probably do the clothing allowance at age 12-13, and increase the amount given to the child as he grows, to cover more expenses (necessities) until he's 18. Hopefully by then he'll have learned how to budget well and balance a checkbook.
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Re: If I can ask..How much do/will you give your child for allowance?

My daughter is 8 1/2 years and she hates cleaning! She is my lazy child-lol. As of lately, now that school is out, she is offering to help clean around the house for me. She vacuumed and wiped down the tables and put things away for the last two days. It is usually a struggle to get her to clean. Now that she is showing an interest in doing chores, my husband and I have been talking about setting up an allowance for her. I think that $5 a week for helping around the house and for keeping her room clean is a great start. My hubby and I need to talk about it further and decide on an amount for her. I want to instill in her responsibilty first without getting a reward, plus she needs to know how hard it is to keep things clean when everyone doesn't pick up after themselves-lol. Believe me, she has been complaining about her baby brother leaving out his toys. Right now her reward has been the great feeling she gets from helping out with chores around the house and that makes me so proud of her.

ETA: I don't include clothing in with their allowance. I have always looked at clothing as a necessity for growing children, so we buy it when they need it!

When my daughter gets money, she is Scrooge McDuck and counts it over and over again. It is the cutest thing...she likes her money!

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Re: If I can ask..How much do/will you give your child for allowance?

I give my dd $1 for how old she is per week. She's 14, so she gets $14 per week. She needs to budget that to buy gifts for her friends with, to have money when she goes on vacation, etc.
Clothes aren't included in this. Its my responsibility to clothe her, she's my daughter. Yes, she wants the mall brands and that's fine, but I only buy when they are on sale.
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