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Can my 7 month old be a vegetarian?

I think it's a dumb question, but he loves anything that doesn't have meat in it. We are on 2nd foods and he won't touch anything with chicken/turkey etc in it. And if I do feed it to him he spits it out and coughs till I take it away. I thought coughing might be an allergic reaction but he only 'fake' coughs (grandma taught him that) until he aggitates his throat to real coughing. It seems like a "ew I dont like this" cough. Or he spits it out, which he only does with the meats, never his other foods.

It's not that they are chunky or something and he can't eat them - they are the same consistency as his cereal, fruits and veggies that he adores. Sorry if I sound like a dumb parent, but help? Please?

ETA: I know meats are bland - they are always mixed with vegetables he likes.


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Re: Can my 7 month old be a vegetarian?

My DS is almost two, and it took us until very recently to get him to eat meat. He still refuses hamburger, but will eat hotdogs and sandwich meat, but only occasionally. I won't force it on him; he doesn't really need it.
Just give him time. Or he may just never like meat.
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Re: Can my 7 month old be a vegetarian?

It could just be a phase. My DD went from loving chicken and other white meats and such to not really eating them much. Now, all of a sudden she'd rather have chicken. Who knows...if you want to keep offering. But, maybe just give him what you know he wont spit out for awhile and reintroduce the REAL thing in a few months? Maybe it's just the texture he doesn't like. I can't imagine pureed meat is real yummy.
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Re: Can my 7 month old be a vegetarian?

Yeah, DD didn't like meat until just recently, and now she loves chicken nuggets and hot dog bits, and likes to try out things. She used to refuse all baby-mushed foods and meats in favor of pasta, so we just got some veggie pasta, rice, and mac'ncheese for her.

Yeah, yours probably doesn't like the texture. Oh, well. Try again in a few more weeks or months. I'm not sure if it matters at this point if he has meat of not; around 7 months we were just happy DD was eating *something* instead of wanting to nurse all the time. If it turns out he is a vegetarian, there are other sources of protein out there, but it seems too early to tell that sort of thing.
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Re: Can my 7 month old be a vegetarian?

My DS will eat anything put in front of him, but my DD is still to this day at 3 not a big meat eater...sometimes she'll eat chicken and OCCASIONALLY some beef, but its rare and more of a struggle to get her to eat them. We just load up on the other stuff and smaller portions of meat...I'm sure its just a phase right now till he finds a meat he likes.
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Re: Can my 7 month old be a vegetarian?

Sounds normal to me!

my 18 mo doesn't eat meat, which is fine by me. She just doesn't like it. BTW, I never even introduced it till closer to 10 months. they definitely don't need it that young (or ever, if you substitute other proteins)
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Re: Can my 7 month old be a vegetarian?

At 7 months my dd only had breastmilk. We will introduce meat when she is a year.
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Re: Can my 7 month old be a vegetarian?

Those meats are nasty! I don't blame him! I fed jarred meat babyfood to my cat when he was sick and the smell was just unreal
My DD is vegetarian. She is 21 months old and has never had any meat at all (no chicken or fish or anything).
If you feed them properly they do just fine without it. My DD is the healthiest kid I know and she eats a very well balanced diet.
At 7 months I wouldn't push anything on him...if he does not like meat I would try other protein sources and see what he thinks of those.
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Re: Can my 7 month old be a vegetarian?

Just because he's refusing meat right now doesn't mean he's a vegetarian. My ODS wouldn't touch meat w/ a 10 foot pole -if I fed him something w/ mean mixed in (think lasagne), I'd find little bits of meat hidden around the bottom edge of his bowl. So I fed him other protein sources (beans, dairy, etc.) and he was fine (and his iron was fine, too). I don't think we were able to get meat into him until he was about 2, now he loves it. My dd, however, was late at starting solids and when she did, she would practically ONLY eat meat!! Well, turns out she had low iron, so I think that's why she gravitated to meat - her body needed it! So I would listen to his body and follow his cues because he's probably eating what his body needs, and his preferences will change as he gets older.
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