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Re: UPDATE: 1st POST:Anyone not do well baby visits from the beginning?

Originally Posted by haydn'smommy View Post
Good for you for making an appt with a new ped. Try this: go in and when the nurse asks if your child is up to date on immunizations, say yes. It's not a lie. Your child is up to date by your standards. If the ped asks you about it, say something along the line of "I have nothing against vaccines, but I really want to wait until he's over 2 to do them. I've done all the research and I'm fully aware of the benefits and risks of not vaccinating. I'd be happy to sign a waiver if you'd like." Make it not at all open for discussion. Make it clear you're confident and comfortable with what you have chosen. Good luck!!!!!
Great approach!! Thanks! I'm even taking in my typed up delayed schedule so hopefully that will pacify her!
Sometimes I really do wish I lived in a more "crunchy" area were the doctors were more on board. But from what I'm reading and hearing lately more and more parents are delaying so at least the doctors are getting more exposure to this as well!

Originally Posted by Terra View Post
Okay, I have an appointment set up with a new pediatrician on Thursday at 9:45 PM for a "checkup" for DS and to also just see if I like her at all for both DS #1 and DS #2 coming on Monday!! Say a prayer, wish me luck/send me whatever positive vibes that you have that even if she doesn't agree with me she'll respect my decision to delay vaccines It would be nice to have a good relationship with a pediatrician so I'm hoping this will be it!! This will #3!!

Good for you, mama. It's kind of scary stepping out of your comfort zone (aka current ped) but you may find it to be totally worth it.
I'd recommend letting her know that you may not vax AT ALL and see how she responds to that.
When I told our old ped. that I wanted to delay/selective vax, I could tell by his body language that he wasn't keen on it (he perked up, rolled his chair away from me and crossed his arms) but he said that as long as we did SOME vaxes, he was ok with it.
Well, once DD neared 6m, he really started pressuring us and it became more of 'When are you going to start w/ these shots' than any interest in her growth and development.
Maybe if you set her expectations low on the shots, she'll not only be 'okay' w/ it, but avoid stressing you at ALL!

GL--let us know how it goes. I hope you LOVE her
Seriously!! I like that!!
I can't believe that doctor got huffy with you and turned away. So disrespectful! Like I always say, they can disagree, but no need to disrespect my views...wonder what would happen if we huffed, crossed our arms at them and turned away!


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Re: UPDATE: 1st POST:Anyone not do well baby visits from the beginning?

Heh Yeah, I knew from the start that he wasn't too keen on non-vax, but as the holistic ped didn't have hospital privelages where I delivered & DD had severe jaundice, I went w/ him by default.
Am glad I sucked it up and took a step outside my comfort zone and looked elsewhere.
Really, unless you live on a small island or something, you DO have choices of doctors. Hopefully we have the strength to get out and find someone who meshes w/ our beliefs

Come to think of it, when I brought DD to the ER for a breathing treatment (croup) and was refusing steroid shots, that doc really DID pout. Not just being flustered and crossing his arms, but he actually sent us home w/o completing the treatments because we wouldn't submit to his shots. Not a big fan of being challenged, those ER docs
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Re: UPDATE: 1st POST:Anyone not do well baby visits from the beginning?

We do not go to well baby visits, I can see that my babies are growing good, eating good, and I am on top of health and safety issues regarding them. If they get sick, I generally can tackle any illness here and feel totally confident about it, if they're so sick I'll take them to an immediate care, the ER or to the ped as needed. My ped is supportive of non-vaxing, but does recommend well babies...I just don't have the time, money, sitters, and don't want them to get ill, so I go against their advice, they're okay with it though.
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Re: UPDATE: 1st POST:Anyone not do well baby visits from the beginning?

We did visits well visits at 4 weeks, 6 months, and 10 months (dd is almost 12 months now). I'm planning to do them on the recommended schedule now that I've found a dr. I like. We have needed to go in twice when dd was sick, and it was SO GREAT to have the dr. (we use a family practice doc) know my baby and notice that she wasn't as active and alert as usual. She had also gotten to know me, and knew I wasn't the kind of mom to bring dd in for something extremely minor.
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