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Getting out the door on time...

How do I do it? I'm starting a dayjob and LO (9mos) is starting daycare soon. I need to get him to daycare (10 mins away) by 715, so I can be at work by 8am.

DH is up at 530, I'm up by 6am. I leave him in his crib until 630, even if he wakes earlier b/c he hears us.

I guess I need to make the lunches and pack his bag the night before. When I get him up, I'll change the diaper and clothes, but do you think he'd adjust if I let daycare give him his bottle? He's taking it now around 630, 645. This would be 730. He can't quite hold it yet when he's sitting up.

Anything I'm not anticipating?


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Re: Getting out the door on time...

It's tough for me to get out in the morning, especially on the mornings when DH has to leave early and can't help out. When he's there, our routine is: we both get up with Z (we co-sleep and he wakes up early), DH gets in the shower, I nurse Z and pump (at the same time), then DH takes Z while I shower, pack Z's stuff, etc. That whole process takes almost an hour and a half... if I'm running late I can do it in an hour but I get super flustered and end up with a fussy baby. Oh, and an unexpected diaper explosion can throw off the whole schedule and make us late

On whether your LO's bottle can wait, I guess it depends on how hungry he is at that time. I know that if I tried to skip Z's morning feeding and wait an extra hour or so he'd flip out.
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Re: Getting out the door on time...

I say try it and see. I have to leave by 6 to get to work by 7. I get up at 5, take a lightening fast shower and get ready, pump and then get both kids up, diapers changed and into the car. It's really quite exhausting. Luckily DS gets up sometime earlier in the night so he usually isn't hungry around then...otherwise I feed him at 5 before I start the rest of it all! If I'm running late I make DH get up and get dd up and change her diaper while I deal with ds. I HATE mornings before work
Oh- I pack their bag the night before and put it in the car...
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Re: Getting out the door on time...

My dh helps us a lot in the am - my dd is a lot older than your ds, but he gets her breakfast ready and all her stuff together. I get her dressed while he gets dressed, he gets her ready to walk out the door while I dress. When she was smaller, we did do the bottle at the sitter's, but then again, she would usually take a bottle early early, like 5 am, then another later in the am at the sitter's. I know the moms with babies at the sitters usually send the bottle with their child in the am.

Get as much ready beforehand as possible and wake up early enough to have yourself ready before getting your ds up - that way you're not juggling the baby and makeup and hair and all. I also like being able to give uninterrupted attention in the am, so i refuse to try to multitask.
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Re: Getting out the door on time...

The night before, I put all the bags on the kitchen table, so in the morning I just need to add:
- the freezer packs and bottles of EBM to the daycare bag
- the freezer packs to the pump bag (so any the milk I pump at work stays good on the way home)
- the pump parts that are drying on the kitchen sink. (I don't pump in the morning, I pump at night)

When DH is there, it's a lot easier, since he can keep dd entertained and maybe even dress her. (Oh, I lay out her outfit the night before as well)

If DH isn't there (most of the time he's already gone to work), I carefully move DD (15 weeks old) to the pack n play in our room and then I take a shower. (We co-sleep but I don't leave her in our bed unattended)

Best scenario, I get myself dressed and the car packed before getting DD up.

Worst scenario, DD is awake by the time I get out of the shower. She'll be fine while I get ready, but wants to be held once I get her out of the pack n play. This means I can get ready and entertain her with dancing and singing while I dress, but once I go downstairs to finish loading the bags and putting them in the car, the process is drastically slowed since I'm doing it with one hand since the other is supporting DD in our pouch or I'm just holding her.

Since we co-sleep she eats a lot during the night and doesn't always want to eat first thing so some days she waits until we get to daycare to eat. Other days, she wants to eat before getting in her carseat. I usually do this in the car so as not to encourage loitering at the breast (which I usually don't mind) and also so she eats a little less since I will be feeding her again in 40 minutes when we get to daycare. I like her to "tank up" when we get to daycare since I will be going back to daycare at 11:30 to feed her again, and I want her to make it til that time. (If she doesn't then they give her some frozen EBM and she's not hungry when I get there and then I have to pump anyway when I get back to work)

Anyway, do you co-sleep/breastfeed? My best hope for putting off morning feeding would be to co-sleep so DD drinks all night and isn't that hungry when she wakes.
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Re: Getting out the door on time...

I would try to have as much packed up the night before as possible. For me, I have DD's daycare diaper bag (10 dipes and 4 wetbags) ready, plus her regular diaper bag (has change of clothes and extra diapers for when we're out and about with her). I had all her bottles ready in the fridge, so I just need to transfer them to her bottle bag.
I get up, take a shower, let her sleep with Daddy in the bed while I have breakfast, feed the dogs, pack my lunch (usually just grab a container of leftovers), transfer the bottles to DD's bottle bag, and pack my pump. I brush my teeth and then get her up. She gets a quick diaper change (or I might put her on the potty if she has a dry diaper) and then she gets a quick morning bf session. I do another diaper change so I know she's in a dry diaper when I send her to daycare. I'm up at 5 and we're out the door around 6:30.
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Re: Getting out the door on time...

Do as much as you can the night before. He'll be holding his bottle before you know it. Until then let him recline on some pillows and hold it. That will save you a little time.

The key is to get you into a routine. He will adjust and be calm if you are.
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Re: Getting out the door on time...

can he hold his own bottle? Emma will take her's while I am getting ready. I just talk to her while she feeds herself. Or DH has to give it to her since he is up before I am.

But I have three so there is no "getting to work on time" for my anymore. Luckily I'm flex time so I can come and go as I want as long as I get my hours in per pay period.
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Re: Getting out the door on time...

I rarely got out the door on time when DD was younger. It's getting better now, but still hard. All the pps had good advice. I'll just say you're not alone. It's tough. *hugs*
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Re: Getting out the door on time...

My son is 4 so it's a bit easier since he's older. Still though, I pack everything the night before. My lunch and work tote. His backpack with a change of clothes. I lay his clothes out for the morning on his dresser. I have to leave at 6 to get him at daycare by 615 and get to work by 645. I get up at 5 and am showered and dressed by 530, even makeup done. I get him up and dressed. Feed him a quick breakfast and we are on our way. I don't eat breakfast and I grab a cup of coffee at tim horton's after I drop him off. We are out the door before dh even wakes up. In two weeks, dh will take over doing the drop off and I will pick him up.

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