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Question Co-Sleeping... when to stop??

My Daughter is 10 1/2 months old and has pretty much slept with us since she was 6 months old! She's always slept in our room, but around 6 months, she started waking continuouslythrough the night & would only sleep well if she was with me. We were very open to co-sleeping, & still love having her right there with us. We've always put her down in her crib (after she's asleep), then she usually wakes between 10 & 11 screaming her head off until we put her in bed with us. Once she's with us, she grabs my hair or my shirt, cuddles up w/ me and goes right to sleep. We know eventually she needs to be in her own bed- for her, & for us, but now we aren't sure what to do. She is stubborn and will scream for 30 minutes if we let her. Nap time is the same story!
Just looking for input on what other parents have done...



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Re: Co-Sleeping... when to stop??

I don't know. I think it's different for every family. I adored cosleeping but it got to the point where my DD would seriously kick me all night the legs, stomach, crotch, even chest. It was like she was climbing me while she was sleeping and I wasn't getting any sleep. We started weaning her into her crib at around 8 months. She sleeps the first half of the night in there, then I bring her into our room, lay with her and nurse and then put her in the pack and play next to our bed. We all sleep so much better this way. She is quite the active little thing when she sleeps and this way I can respond to her right away so she doesn't get completely awake but also have my space and she has her space. Also, the first half of the night in her room allows DH and I to have some alone time before bringing her into our room for the second half of the night. If you're comfortable with cosleeping and it works, I say do it until you don't feel comfortable with it anymore.
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Re: Co-Sleeping... when to stop??

Dips slept with me off and on for 5 years. He got his own bed at 18mo-2years-ish, but he moved in to his brother's room so he was never alone. For the next three years he hopped around, between his bed, his brother's, and mine.

I weaned him off needing someone there to fall asleep with at around 2.5-3. That was the only part I was growing frustrated with before. I don't like to go to bed at 7:30, nor do I need a nap each day.
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Re: Co-Sleeping... when to stop??

Our 7 y/o still crawls into bed with us
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Re: Co-Sleeping... when to stop??

IMO you should stop co-sleeping when it is no longer working for either party involved. If you are not comfortable with her sleeping with you anymore then it needs to stop. If she is not sleeping good say because you are waking her then it needs to stop.

We stopped co-sleeping a few weeks ago because 1. I was tired of being woke all hours of the night by my guy moving all around and 2. I was ready to have my bed back with just my husband. Greyson didnt have an issue with it because he had already been napping in his crib for a few months and going to sleep in there at night for at least a month and then I would pick him up and take him to bed with me when i went for the night.

If its not working anymore then I say stop.
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Re: Co-Sleeping... when to stop??

Jazmyne has slept in our bed since she was born. There have been periods where I just wanted my bed back and when that feeling was happening more often...I got her a toddler bed.

She now sleeps in her own bed until she wakes up at night wanting to be nursed and then just stays in bed with us. At nap time, she sleeps in our bed as well because she just does not sleep well in the toddler bed for some reason.

That being most of the other posters have said...when the sleeping arrangements are not comfortable for one or both parties involved that is when it is time to change something.

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Re: Co-Sleeping... when to stop??

Well my oldest is 6.5 almost 7 and still sleeps with us the majority of the time. He has just started sleeping in his own room. But he also has special needs, so tht is at least part of it. I don't think there is an age where you have to stop, I think the child will let you know when they are ready to move. My mom slept with my brother and I when we were little (we're 20months apart). We shared a room till I was about 10, and my mom would sleep with us if one of us was sick or had a nightmare ect. And if my dad went away on a business trip we would all pile into my parents bed together, we loved it. After I had my own room my brother would sometimes come sleep on the bottom bunk of my bunk beds if he had a nightmare. Even into my teens my mom would sleep in the guest room bed with me if I was sick. I turned out pretty normal (some would argue) and my mom and I have a healthy relationship, we aren't creepy close or anything, but we are really good friends. My brother is the same way with her, and he and I have come to be good friends since our teen years (there were years when we were kids that we wanted to kill each other). In the past year or two we have actually gotten close, more because of shared interests than anything.
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Re: Co-Sleeping... when to stop??

I have to agree that you just do it until they or you don't want to anymore. We co-slept with our older daughter. I worked and I loved getting all the snuggle time with her. Prob by 6 months or so she fell asleep in her crib and then during the night I brought her into our bed for the rest of the night. When she got her toddler bed at 1 1/2 she would come to our room on her own. Then as she got to be 2 and understood more we told her she had to wait until the sun came up to come to our room. If she came in during the night we walked her back to bed and told her when the sun was up. Even now at nearly 4 she will come in and tell me the sun is up and crawl back in bed with me for another hour or so before we get up. When DH is OOT I let her stay with me the whole night. Now DD2 has never slept in our bed. She loved being swaddled at night so we left her in a pack n play next to our bed. She slept through the night at a very early age I think because she was so big. At 6 months I put her in her crib and she sleeps all night without waking up. In the morning when she gets her bottle I bring her back to bed to snuggle with DD1 and I. We will continue like that until they simply don't want to.
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Re: Co-Sleeping... when to stop??

I can't answer that question for you, but I have had a baby/child in my bed for almost 11 years now. We coslept with our first baby until she was 5 years old. We had tried many times from the age of 2-5 to put her in her own bed but she just wasn't ready for it. I gotta say, when she was ready, that was it!

We coslept with our second baby for 3 years and for the last few months of that, a newborn, too. She transitioned to her own space and then bed much more quickly than her big sister did.

Right now we are currently cosleeping with our 3 year old boy and our almost 2 year old boy. We have thought about trying to transition them together to their own bed this fall (they will share a bed still.)
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Re: Co-Sleeping... when to stop??

Our 3 year old still makes her way into our bed almost every night. Some times she will sleep all night in her bed maybe 1 out of every 10 nights.

She does start the night off in her own bed/room, and any where from 1am-5am we hear a knock knock knocking on her door. DH will get her in and she snuggles right in and we all go back to sleep.
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