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Headaches during pregnancy


I am a "normally-headache-prone" person (typically migraines)... until I got pregnant. I suspected I was pregnant for several days, and then - near the day my period should have started - I had a massive migraine. I have attributed that to the sudden change in hormones. (perhaps that's an incorrect assumption? - I don't know)

So... throughout my pregnancy (I am 34 weeks), I have not had any headaches that I can recall - until the last 2 weeks. I have had 4, and the one that started last night was so painful! I cannot lay down, and am extremely sensitive to light. My DH was so kind to wake up every so often to check on me/give head massages.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?? I'm wondering if it may be a change of hormones now that I am near the end of my pregnancy.

Any hints or helps on relieving the pain? I do not like to take any sort of painkillers, especially now that I am pregnant.


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Re: Headaches during pregnancy

Call your dr or MW on Monday. It could be pre-eclampsia. I had the worst headache of my life 10 days post-partum and was given Demoral in the ER and sent home. I ended up having 3 seizures and eventually was put into a coma and air-lifted to a bigger hospital. I had atypical eclamptic seizures and was later diagnosed with peripartum cardiomyopthy. I had a lot of headaches with my last 2 pregnancies and had to take tylenol w/ codeine, vicodin or fioricet for the pain if they got really bad. It was horrible and would put me in bed for 2 days if I didn't take anything for it. I would recommend an acupuncturist, I've heard great things!!
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Re: Headaches during pregnancy

I always have headaches too...and migraines same as you with the light sensitivity and all. I do think it is hormone changes....but to be on the safe side as the pp said, you should call your dr.
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Re: Headaches during pregnancy

I am 10 weeks and having headaches/eye sensitivities. Light bother me, too much computer, too much tv, driving. I think I need a new eye glass prescription so I have an appointment next week.

I was fine until I got pregnant too
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Re: Headaches during pregnancy

I don't get a lot of headaches but in the last week I've had some terrible ones (I'm about 8-9 weeks right now). They encompass my entire head & face and make me lose my appetite and I can't do anything. I have been taking tylenol because I couldn't stand the pain any longer. I think I were in the 3rd trimester getting them I would call the dr. because I've heard they can be associated with toxemia or high blood pressure.
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Re: Headaches during pregnancy

definately go to your doctor. take no chances sweetie i had horrible migraines through both of my pregnancies but i knew they werent caused by the baby. then i had back pain which i thought was from exerting myself during the day, and turns out i had a really bad kidney infection. so i just wouldnt take the chance.... feel better sweetie
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Re: Headaches during pregnancy

I suffered from terrible migrains with DD1. I was put on tylenolw/codine for the first 3 month just to be able to function. It was horrible. Then they just went away untill I was about 8 months then I got hit with a doosy of one that ended up with tunnel vision (i would never wish that on anyone). Dr told me to get to the ER and I panicked. When I got there I was frantic but my BP was low. They gave me demerol and sent me home. I ended up with preeclampsia after all but not untill I was 10 days overdue.

I feel your pain they are misirable buggers. Feel better soon.
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Re: Headaches during pregnancy

I have had migraines my entire life. Before I got pregnant, I was dependent on Excedrin to get through the day. As soon as I got pregnant, though, I obviously quite taking the stuff. I had about 6 or 8 knock me down migraines during the first half of my pregnancy. The doctor prescribed me tylenol with codeine and something else. I can't remember what it's called. They both just made me throw up and feel miserable to my stomach. I eventually would just try to take Tylenol, which many of you migraine sufferers know is like drinking water. The second half of my pregnancy has been better. I do take Tylenol a lot to help with smaller headaches, but the really big ones haven't been plaguing me (knock on wood).
Because my head is so sensitive to pressure and I can usually get a headache at the drop of a dime, I'm very nervous about the pushing part of labor and delivery. I don't see how pushing for that long won't give me a splitting headache.
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Re: Headaches during pregnancy

I have had migranes since puberty, but strangely enough, I didn't have any with my first 3 pregnancies and very few when nursing. Well, this time around I haven't been so fortunate. The only "advice" I have is--
1)Make sure you get enough rest, but not too much. It sounds strange, but if I am in bed for longer than needed, say DH takes the kids and lets me sleep in on the weekend, I always end up with a worse headache than if I get up.
2)Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated can help.
3)Stay away from spicy foods.
4)If you feel one starting the safest thing you can take is caffiene. Not huge amounts, but a can of soda or cup of coffee. My DR mentioned that this is the least harmful for the baby. Now, if you are drinking a gallon of soda a day, that is another story.
5) If you decide that you really need something, tylonol WITH a soda is the most effective. The caff. ups the pain fighting meds.

My OB has offered stronger meds if I feel that I really need them, but personally I am not willing to take the risk. The pain can be unbearable at times, Dh has had to stay home from work a few times, and the kids have watched more TV than we usually allow(to keep them quite and out of trouble), and they have eaten more convience foods than normal, but I figure that I only have a couple of months left and the joy of a healthy baby will take away any pain memories. Good luck and hang in there!!

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Re: Headaches during pregnancy

I asked my OB and she said it's normal in pregnancy because the increase in hormones etc. I RARELY get a headache and didn't get them when preggo with DD but with DS WOW...I've gotten some DOOZIES. For awhile there (like 2 mos) I got one EVERY DAY. She gave me a Rx but I held out and now I get them occassionally, not everyday.
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