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Re: Do you get vacation and sick time on your job?

Originally Posted by bfoster2000 View Post
I work for the University System just like you but at the System Level we get a little more vacation time because we don't get that week between Christmas and New Year's off. For us it works out to 3 weeks of vacation per year and I think 12 sick days per year. When I was working on a campus, I stayed pretty close to my limit especially after DJ was born. Now that I'm working from home, I usually have a little bit of time saved up because my boss is more flexible about letting me make up an hour here or there if I need to go to the doctor or something instead of using leave time and even if one of the boys is sick, I can get away with working with them here when I have to. Now if only I had the $$$$ to take a vacation...
I know. I look forward to the week at christmas however I haven't been anywhere since 2002. Other wise I might go a 'few' places in GA to see friends or family. Can't afford a 'vacation' either!! lol

that week counts as 'holiday'. sick days would = 12 too for us.

how do your holidays work (i'm sure they'd be same prolly since the papers we get are coming from BOR - but since december thing might be different i wasn't sure)?

ours is NY day, MLK day, Memorial day, IND day (july 4th), Labor Day, Thanksgiving (thursday/friday) and December holidays (5 days at christmas), totaling 12 holidays.

I've gotten down to less than 15 hours vacation before (Ironic cuz i haven't gone anywhere but had to take off vacation time to be with landon b/c I didn't have sick time left) Thankfully it's building back up. My boss also lets me 'make up' time here and there. I work till 5:30 some days and every now and then I'll put a saturday for either half a day or a whole day (if i do a whole day mom or someone will watch landon. if it's a half day i'll bring him to the office with me). But getting the extra 4 hours here or 8 hours there I can use 3 of it for a dr appointment without having to technically report it on my sick time. I couldn't ask for anything more in regards to him being flexible with family issues. ;-)

my '5 year' increase would have been in affect this year and I'd be getting 12 hours a month vacation, but when we took that short 6 month break to go to jacksonville, that interrupted my servcie with TRS (because I elected to get the funds back we needed them to live on for a while) so even though i came back in six months, the previous 5 years I put in went down the drain and I'm having to start all over. kind of sucks but oh well, we don't have the funds for sure now to buy that time back.


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Re: Do you get vacation and sick time on your job?

I've been with my company since 2004 and get 2 weeks of vacation. We don't have sick days for salaried employees...basically if you are sick, you just stay home and still get paid.

Next year I get bumped up to 3 weeks of vacation.

Our vacation policy is unreal considering we put in 70-80hr work weeks on a consistent basis .
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Re: Do you get vacation and sick time on your job?

I'm a casual employee(1 hour a day, 5 days a week) so I am surprised but I get vacation pay. If I need a day off they just find someone to cover for me.
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Re: Do you get vacation and sick time on your job?

okay you ladies are mostly more blessed than me.. I don't have any benefits.. which means I get a higher hourly rate.. but NO paid time off and no maternity leave wish I lived in canada!!! okay that's just my beef I feel since I work I should get maternity leave.. anyhow.. BLAH!!
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Re: Do you get vacation and sick time on your job?

No paid vacation time but 9 days of paid sick leave... that you can use for whatever... just say you were sick or your child was sick, they never ask for proof unless it's multiple days in a row.
I work for the local office of education in special education in our schools so I get all the school holidays off and my check is always the same unless I've used up my sick time and gone into a dock situation when I'm out.
I missed 22 days last school year with my DDs illnesses and hospitalizations...
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Re: Do you get vacation and sick time on your job?

I get 4 wks of vacay and 2 wks sick, which carry over and accumulate if I don't use it. I used 8wks when Haydn was born in 2007 and am working at accumulating time for the next go round, whenever that may be.
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Re: Do you get vacation and sick time on your job?

2 weeks (10 days) of vacation time.
No sick time at all.

I can split up one week of vacation (using two days for emergencies/sick days/call ins, etc.) and have to use the other week as a whole week. You cannot accumulate it... if you don't use it within the calendar year, then it's gone.

I get holidays holidays paid, of course - MLK day, Good Friday, Mem. Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving + day after, Christmas eve, Christmas day, New Year's eve + day.

And since I've been there (2005, which is when the building opened) they've always done Christmas shutdown... some of it's paid (aforementioned days, some isn't, though you can collect unemployment). Last year... I had December 20th until January 2nd off.

This year... I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have December 18th - January 5th off (I took the 19th off, because it's my 30th birthday... otherwise, I'm sure I would've been scheduled).

After I've been there for more than 4 years, I'll get 3 weeks of vacation and still no sick time.

They work on a points system... basically 1 absence is 1 point. It used to be that you could have up to 3 absences in a row and that'd still be 1 point, but they've changed it. You have to have a doctor's excuse from YOUR doctor (not your child's) excusing you from more than 1 absence or else you'd get more than one point. 10 points = termination, no exceptions.

If you're late, even 1 minute late, then that's 1/2 point. Or if you leave early. It takes six full months of perfect attendance to get rid of 2 points. Or else, it's one full calendar year from when you received the point.

Currently.. I have 8 points, because DD was sick a lot from September until February and my DP was unwilling to stay home with her much (even though she has tons of sick time, personal time and vacation time).

ETA: I was paid for my maternity leave under short-term disability. 13 weeks paid. I didn't use any vacation time or anything like that.

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Re: Do you get vacation and sick time on your job?

I get....

Statutory holidays
25 annual days vacation
2 days/month sick leave anything more requires a sick chit.
Special leave for Christmas/New Year's
Friday's are sliders, so we get to leave after lunch hour
one year maternity leave, topped up to 93% of my pay.
40% pension after 20 years, 2% more for every year thereafter to a max of 70%.

But, sometimes I get slammed with overnight duty and tours, so that part really sucks.
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Re: Do you get vacation and sick time on your job?

Military members earn 2.5 days of leave per month.

If I'm sick, a military doctor orders me to stay home. So we have unlimited sick time, but we can't just call in. We have to go to the doctor who will decide whether we need to stay home or work.

Maternity leave in the military is 6 weeks, then you have to take leave if you want more. If DD is sick, I have to take leave.
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Re: Do you get vacation and sick time on your job?

I've been at my job since 2000 and I get 4 weeks of vacation a year and 12 days of sick leave. I can only carry one week of vacation a year over on my anniversary date but can accumulate sick time year after year. I rarely use my sick time and really have only used it for when Alyssa was sick. I saved up enough to have 4 weeks of sick leave that I used for my maternity leave, along with my 4 weeks of vacation. So I had a partially paid leave.
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