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Potty Training 3 yod - is this the right forum?

I hope this is the right forum for this question. Sorry if it's not.

I have finally hit a situation with my 3 yod that I don't know how to handle. My older 3 children pretty much potty trained themselves. My two girls were potty trained before 3 yod (one right at 2 yod) and my oldest ds PT himself at 3 yod. So I am a little baffled about my now 3 yod. He knows HOW to go pee in the potty. And he knows HOW to poo there as well although he hasn't done that as often. I have him in a cloth part time and Pull Ups part time right now (please understand, I despise these things. I think they are no different than a diaper. It's just easier to tell him to put on a pull up when I am in a hurry that to diaper him.) He stays pretty dry during the day but he pretty much won't go poo when it's time. I can't figure out if he's scared of the potty, if it physical and mental in nature, or if he and I are simply being lazy about getting him to the potty on time. He waits until naptime to poo. My oldest dd would wait until bedtime (she did take a long time to poo in the potty but she WAS scared.) If he's in cloth pants even during naptime, he'll just go in his pants and then play like that. This, of course, results in a huge mess. I can't decided if I should just put him back in diapers or what. I homeschool so I use his naptimes to cover material I wouldn't normally have room to cover when he's awake. I have tried having him sit on the potty for a while before nap. My older kids or I read to him. Nothing!! He's had a few potty successes. Oh, and there is a large container of organic lollipops in our cabinet for when he does poo.

Maybe I am being too impatient. <<sigh>> I have another baby coming in Nov and a toddler in diapers right now. There is nothing I dread more than THREE in diapers. Has anyone else ever dealt with a child that just didn't want to potty? My ds will go pee when he needs to. He still has accidents. You know, accidents don't bother me. It getting that little boy to go poo in the potty that's irritating me. I know that boys are harder. But I simply can't figure this little guy out. Any experiences like this? Any suggestions? I would really love to get rid of the pull ups (except at night. For sanity sake we still use disposables at night.) Maybe I just need to buck up and clean him up when he's messy. My dh may be another story. He's not so, um, compassionate in this area. But if I switch him over to cloth pants full time, what can I do when he poos in his pants? Thanks for any help (or even encouragement you can offer me.)



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Re: Potty Training 3 yod - is this the right forum?

It sounds to me like you're doing everything I would do--just keep it up w/the positive encouragement!
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Re: Potty Training 3 yod - is this the right forum?

Here are some things that I've read, and some things that work for us.

Kids need to be able to undress themselves, and get to the potty on their own. I bought DD her own potty seat, and a step so she could go herself. I also make sure she's dressed in attire she can remove herself. It's helped tremendously. Maybe some cloth trainers your DS can take off himself will make him more comfortable?

I keep a tupperware container of gold fish in the bathroom. When DD goes potty, and washes her hands, she gets 2 goldfish. This little trick took accidents in our house from around 5 a week to about 1 a month.

That's all I can think of... letting her do it by herself as much as possible, and positive reenforcement w/ treats *hehe*
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