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Food NO NOs?

A friend of mine has been going on and on about how you have to be VERY careful about what you eat when you are nursing b/c it can really affect your babys system. No beans, brocoli, tomatoes, anything that causes gas or anything acidic...I was just wondering if anyone else agrees with this...should you just eat less of these things, not eat them at all or have at it?


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Re: Food NO NOs?

Each child is different. Some foods *can* cause gas, but that's not true for every baby. Likewise if you eat copious amounts of say spinach soup...when your baby is 2 months old he might be a bit gassy, as might mama. (not that I'd um...know or anything, LOL)

For the most part, you do not have to abstain from foods however. The most common culprit of issues is dairy vs. the things that you listed. But again, each child is different. I'm a spinach/cabbage loving type of gal, and unless I over indulge it's never been an issue. (and by over indulge I mean I ate that yummy spinach soup for every meal for two days, whoops!)
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Re: Food NO NOs?

Like pp said, some babies are affected by their mother's diet, however I didn't do any diet restrictions (ate broccoli, onions, dairy, etc.) and DD didn't have any problems. I would start off eating normally, and only take items away if it seems like your LO is reacting when you eat those things.
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Re: Food NO NOs?

I also think it depends on the child. My LO who is EBF has never had a problem with anything I've eaten. My approach was just to eat what I wanted in smaller quantities and see if he had any negative reactions, especially in the beginning. If your baby does seem overly gassy, just examine what you've consumed over the last day and try to cut down or avoid those things. I've never really been the type to completely cut things out, I think keeping everything in moderation is best (just my opinion though, drives me crazy when pregnant women completely cut out all lunch meat and caffeine)
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Re: Food NO NOs?

With my first I did abstain from foods like onions, broccoli, etc. because I didn't know any better. With my 2nd, and then my twins, I ate everything, even caffeine at times, and none of my babes ever had a problem. I agree that it depends on the child but I wouldn't restrict myself just because there "may" be a problem. A baby is exposed in the womb to everything the mom eats so if the mom ate garlic while pregnant, chances are, she can eat it while BFing.
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Re: Food NO NOs?

I eat anything and everything and my son has never had a problem.
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Re: Food NO NOs?

Both of my boys have been rather sensitive to my diet. I've had to virtually eliminate all dairy or they spit up frequently. Gavin is also sensitive to hot peppers and doesn't much like it when I eat things with a lot of cilantro. It sounds crazy, I know- and from what I've read, sensitivities are uncommon. I wouldn't change anything unless you have a problem- and be aware that a problem may not manifest for a few weeks after birth. If your little one seems unusually fussy, gassy or spits up, then work on identifying the cause. Good luck!
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Re: Food NO NOs?

We did have some problems with dairy and some acidic and other foods (peppers, onions, garlic esp). It was easy to stop eating them altogether when eating them gave Margo hot lava butt right away and made her clearly miserable.

I'm sure it's different for every baby's system
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Re: Food NO NOs?

I eat anything and everything. Some things do make DD (and DS when I nursed him) gassy, but nothing too bad.

I have noticed that ice cream seems to bother DD, so I don't eat as much now.
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Re: Food NO NOs?

I guess I have been lucky and I haven't had a problem with my diet and any of my babies having issues with what I have eaten.

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