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Re: so how much does it cost really??

We adopted internationally and with everything (travel and hotel and buying crap), we came to about $40k. Yup.


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Re: so how much does it cost really??

For as long as I can remember, I planned on adopting, even having biological kids. When I was younger and single, I wanted to go ahead and adopt then, but opted to do foster care. It was a bit of a pain going through all the red tape, but worth it in the end. I still dont know if that will be a road I would take to actually adopt. One road I do know I will take is international. I have been researching it for about 3-4 years now because I want to know the ends and out of it all and what country I would actually like to pursue. I was amazed to find that some countries are actually FREE! So therefore your fees are all from the US! And boy can those add up if you dont know the shortcuts to take. All in all, plan on about $15,000-$20,000. Some places require so much more than other places, like Russia where you have to travel there at least twice to get it approved. And the more you are willing to do for yourself, the better off you will be and the cheaper it will be. And I suggest an agency instead of a private attorney. More options, cheaper, and more organized. Im American and he is European, so we are looking into different options we may have adopting as europeans instead of americans, like if its cheaper or easier. For parents that have the ability, establishing residency in the country you hope to adopt from, or another country in general makes you adoption much easier. Because you get to go by that country's rules, not american rules, your adotions are finalized there, then the child comes to the US just like if they were your biological child or spouse. Now of course, that isnt possible for most people. In my case, that is the path we are strongly considering. Will take our cost down by at least 75%. Maybe even more....
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Re: so how much does it cost really??

I will be adopting for free from foster... in fact, they actually reimbursed 400.00 for a carseat and finger prints that we purchased up front.

We do foster care (in CA) for our son and daughter and will be finalizing here shortly. We were placed with our LO's in 2007 (not siblings). In CA all children coming from the foster system are considered special needs for adoption. They will all be elig for the subsidy. If they have a high level of special needs the cost increases. It will also increase for every age increase.

The state will reimburse you for non reoccuring adoption related expenses up to $400.00.

If you have a child in your care for under 1 year, you pay $500.00 per child for the homestudy to be completed. We have had our children for more than 1 year so the fee was waved.

All in all, we will have to pay for the filing fee with the court and that will be our out of pocket cost for the adoption. If we hadn't claimed the carseat, that too would've been a waived fee.

So, they are actually paying us 400.00 to cover any fees that we've paid into the adoption. Of course, we didn't have to travel like PP and we had to go through months of bull becasue of the foster system, but now that things are just about said and done, it was amazing and I wouldn't trade it for the world!

So, there are ways of adopting for free from the foster system... It just takes a long time!
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Re: so how much does it cost really??

I adopted from the foster care system for free.

My son was placed with us at 5 days old, straight from the hospital. For 24 months he lived with us as a foster placement (parental rights were terminated at 14 months, then it took us another 10 to finalize the adoption). For those 24 months we were paid a monthly stipend of about $650 for his expenses. The state also provided WIC, Medicaid, and clothing (in the form of vouchers to Target). He also received free therapy services from ECI.

We only had to pay $1500 in attorney/court fees to finalize the adoption. When you do the math, we were "paid" about $15k to have him in our home for two years, and we only paid $1500 to adopt him. That's more than free.

He was a foster (not foster-to-adopt) child, but even in the case of foster-to-adopt children in my state, you still get paid the $650 or so a month until you take adoptive placement (which usually doesn't happen right away, because most newborn babies are legal risk, so you have to wait for termination to take adoptive placement). So adoptions will pretty much always be free, or very, very close. (Of course, you could end up paying for things like inspections, court costs, attorney's fees if you find yourself in a legal battle, etc., but even then chances are that you'll come out ahead financially.)
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Re: so how much does it cost really??

A friend of mine is adopting triplets from Ethiopia.

Apparently, it's one of the less expensive and more 'ethical' places to adopt from..meaning you don't have to pay a chunk to bribe government officials to do their the first baby was $11,000 plus $3,000 for each of the others.

My ILs adopted 6 kids from Guatemala, for about $25,000 each.

I just heard that the "adoption credit" is being phased out over the next few years!
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Re: so how much does it cost really??

My daughter is Korean. All together her adoption, plus our travel expenses, plus governmental expenses was about $30,000.
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Re: so how much does it cost really??

I just heard that the "adoption credit" is being phased out over the next few years!
Where did you hear this? I just searched and can find nothing about this. I'm pretty sure the adoption community would be all over something like this. All I can find is that apparently the credit was raised in 2007, not that its being phased out at all.
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Re: so how much does it cost really??

It is my understanding that the adoption credit will be phased out in a few years, unless the government decides to make this a permanent thing.

Our domestic newborn adoption was about $19,000.
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Re: so how much does it cost really??

We adopted from Ethiopia last year and the entire process- from first homestudy, to photocopying all our documents, to program fees, to flying there and back, was 18,000. HOWEVER, the tax credit is about $11,500. So more than half of our expenses were covered by the tax credit. I have not hard of the tax credit being phased out, in fact it seems to increase yearly. If someone has a reference for the phasing out of the tax credit I'd be interested in seeing it.
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Re: so how much does it cost really??

We spent about 27,000.00 for our international adoption...but it was spread out over a couple years with a big lump coming for travel/lodging at the last minute. But we were able to plan for that. My company had adoption reimbursement that was equal to the federal tax credit--so 10,960.00 for us at the time. You should check out your own or spouse's employer to see if they do any of this. Also the fed tax credit ended up being about 11k so all in all we sort of balanced out financially.
Having said that....our sweet daughter is priceless and if it is something you really want to will find a way. It is great that you are getting info ahead of time.
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