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My birth story!

Our newest baby was born 9/27 at 2:36PM

He was 8lbs 11.6oz and 21.5" long. I am not sure where I was hiding an almost 9lb baby though. I was pretty small compared to my other pregnancies.

We got to the hospital around 7 or 8am. I was 90% effaced and 3cm dialated. About 11am I felt the contractions getting a little stronger, but not by much. The worst thing was the pain was radiating down my left leg. I could still talk and think though, so they werent bad at all. I got up and sat in a rocking chair to alieviate that pain. At 1230 my MW came in to check me. I was 100% effaced but only 4cm. At that point she said we could either sit and wait or we could break my water. She said if we broke my water the pain would intensify, but, it would make things happen quicker. I decided since I had been going so long with not much progress that we should break my water. I tell ya that was wierd. My water broke with DS before labor started, but it was a small leak. I had the epi by the time the big gush happened with DS and when they broke it with DD. Anyways, that was the WIERDEST feeling. Then everytime more water would come out it would feel REALLY wierd. The stronger contractions started RIGHT away. Because of my history of uterine infection they werent really checking me much so I cant give how dialated I was. At one point I wanted to get into the tub, but they said their water monitors were being used, but as soon as they came availiable she would snatch them up. There was also 3 of us laboring and the nurses had polls on who would go first LOL. I never went through lamaze but, I had picked a focal point (the fire detector LOL) and concentrated on that and breathing ONLY during the contractions. SO at one point I felt the contractions get stronger. I told the nurse and she said the baby said they were too. That his heartbeat was dropping during the contractions (but normal drop, not worrysome). She decided that she should probably check me. She said I was 7-8. I am not sure exactly what time it was, but I am sure it was around 2-210. She decided she had better call the MW and give her a heads up. At this point people are talking during my contractions and it makes me want to scream but, I dont. About 10 minutes later she shows up in her scrubs. She monitors me for a couple contractions. At this point, I was ok. The pain was there...but, I was OK. She asked where I was feeling pressure and I told her my rear end and at the very end of the contraction I would feel it up front a bit. She then decided to check me and I was 8-9. She started getting her gear ready. Minutes after she checked me I had a contraction and all the sudden had this HUGE urge to flip onto my side. Up until this point the most comfortable place for me was on my back slightly reclined in the bed. I flipped. The MW said that when that contraction ended she wanted me to get on my back and get into pushing position. Lets just say that contraction never ended This was the ONLY point in which I thought "OMG what have I gotton myself into". After a couple minutes I had this HUGE urge to push. I screamed (which this was the ONLY time I screamed or even raised my voice during labor) "PUSH" I rolled over on to my back even though I was still mid contraction. At this point the MW asked my dh if he wanted to catch, he said OK and started to get the gloves on. I pulled my legs up and started pushing. The first push I held my breath and pushed for a long time. I pushed the head out. I went until I couldnt hold my breath any longer. DH was getting his gloves on and finally got them on. I grabbed a quick breath and started pushing again. That 2nd push got the shoulders out. TMI ahead: Baby came out riding a WAVE of amniotic fluid. The baby FLEW out and there was a splash Everyone in the room went "ughhhhhh" (ya know, like the EW noise) at the same time. I said it because it was relief the baby was out. Anyways, we KINDA caught that on tape. You can see the splash it was so funny and we all laughed about it afterwards, and we still are. My mom got to cut the cord. It was perfectly fitting because she had never been to any of her grandbabies births. He was born in 1.5 pushes. But, I popped a LOT of blood vessels on my back, shoulders and face from holding my breath so long and pushing so hard.

I only tore a little. Which oddly enough, it was EXACTLY where I tore with my DS she said she could see my old scar. Its just crazy because thats NOT where I tore with DD. Anyways, it required a few stitches, but that was all. My biggest baby, shortest birth, and tore the smallest amount.

Like I mentioned above...the only time I even raised my voice was to yell push. Everyone was saying "how much control I had" but, it wasnt about that at all. I just didnt feel like vocalizing the pain would do any good besides distract me from my fire detector and breathing.

I thought I would compare the epi to natural for anyone on the fence about it. Coming from someone who has had 2 epi's and 1 natural. The natural was SO much better. I dont regret my epi's, but I am VERY glad that I went for natural this time. It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be in all honesty. The contraction that I flipped on my side must have been transition so that only lasted for a couple minutes. After the birth was over, I really cant explain but I felt SO much better than I had after my epi's. My nurse asked me to stay in bed for 1 hr after delivery but, I dont think I did. I was able to get up right away to use the restroom. It felt so much better to beable to get up and not have numb body parts. I could feel everything and it was a feeling that I cannot explain. So, while I couldnt feel anything with labor when I had the epi, I also tore a lot more and I was stuck in bed for 2 or 3 hrs AFTER delivery with numb legs. This time around, I felt the pain, but I was able to get up right away and I think that the quicker you can get up and around, the faster you heal. I also think that since you can FEEL what you are doing your tear less.

Minutes after delivering the placenta (which strangly was the BEST feeling) my friend asked me "so now you have done it both ways would you go natural again if there were a 4th?" I told her that "YES I would go natural again if there were anymore children" She could not understand how I could say that, but it was the truth! (she said she would have "given her right arm for an epi, but they didnt offer them when she had her babies")

So there it is. I feel great 6days PP and I am a LITTLE tender where I have stitches and I need to see a chiro. 2days PP my back popped really bad and its still hurting. Otherwise, I feel great. We are struggling a bit with tounge thrust with DS, but I think it gets better every feeding.

I would encourage anyone who is considering having a natural birth, to go for it. I find with me when I went into it thinking "I will see how it is and decide from there" I ended up getting the epi right away. This time around I went into it with the thinking of "I WILL go natural, I WILL NOT get the epi" and I suceeded.

Thanks for reading


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Re: My birth story!

YAY! Congratulations!
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Re: My birth story!

Awe congrats mama!!! Awesome birth story!! I go natural too, never had an epi because I am terrified of needles. lol No way is one going in my back!

We need baby pics!!!
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Re: My birth story!

Oh! Congrats! Makes me want to have a baby with a midwife. That is an awesome story! We need pics Mamma.
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Re: My birth story!

Congrats on your first natural birth!!! You go mama!
Wife to 1 Mama to.. too many to list!
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Re: My birth story!

congrats samantha!!! i am so glad your mom was there as planned and cut the cord.
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Re: My birth story!

Congrats!!!!! What a wonderful birth experience!
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Re: My birth story!

Great story, thanks for sharing!
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Re: My birth story!

Yeah, great job!! Does baby havee a name? I know, this is possibly the most annoying question ever.. my DS was nameless for 2 weeks or so
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Re: My birth story!

Congratulations! Great Story! I agree about the natural births. That is how I do it too!!

Sandy, Momma to Oakleigh (9) and Olivia (6) & Onnalee (2) Old DS Feedback
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