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Re: What did you do with #1 while #2 was being born?

When I had Fox, my parents just lived next after laboring all night at home, about 5 am we took her over there in her jammies wrapped up in a blanket lol

This time.....I don't know. My parents moved to MT. They do plan on being here, but I don't know if its feasible for them to be here for the birth....or just after. We'll just have to see. The hospital we'll be going to is about a hour away, and the ILs are on the way...sorta, so that might work out.



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Smile Re: What did you do with #1 while #2 was being born?

Well, when #2 was born DS was with my sister because I wanted my Mom there too (DD was 9 weeks early-scary) When DS3 was born, my mom and sister were watching DS1 &DD2, and with DD4, my Mom came over to watch the 3 older ones. It was a BIG treat for them and they were so excited to have Gma over. My DH usually went home when we were settled for the night because our hospital doesn't have comfortable accomidations for DH's, plus they won't let them shower there.
I am due in DEC and my Mom is always on "stand by" and tries to keep her cell phone on and the people at work know that she can need to leave at any minute. If there was ever a situation where my Mom or sister weren't available I really wouldn't be too bothered by DH taking care of the kids. It is nice to have him there, but I know I could do it if he needed to care for our other children.
I would definately NOT want the kids present because it can cause serious distress to see Mom in pain as well as the chance that something could go wrong. I realize that labor is a natural part of life and I am not meaning to offend people that choose to have "family" births. I just don't feel that it would be in the best interest of my kids.

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Re: What did you do with #1 while #2 was being born?

with ds#2 dd1 and ds1 went to my best friend's house.

with my 3rd delivery my mil came and stayed a few days and with my 4th delivery my bil was here with the kids.

This time if my mil does not come my friend from church said she was moving in for a week! lol we will have to see...this time we have 7 at home so....I really do not want to farm them out ya know...1 or 2 here and so on...ack!! lol
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Re: What did you do with #1 while #2 was being born?

I've been kinda wondering this myself (not that I have to worry about it anytime soon! lol) We're planning another UC (although I ended up in the hospital with DS, so goddess only knows what'll happen this time). I'd like to have DS be able to be there if he wants. It's actually very important to have him there, but I also know that children have short attention spans and if he gets bored, I want someone to be able to watch after him. But then, none of our family really knows that we're doing a UC, and my MIL would probably be the closest to being okay with it, but she lives 2 hours away. I don't want anybody that's going to bring negativity about the situation in my house, so I'm not really sure what in the world we're going to do. Guess it's good that we've got a LONG time to think about it! lol
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Re: What did you do with #1 while #2 was being born?

DH's mom watched our kiddos while I had ds#3. She came to our house and watched dd and ds#2 while ds#1 was at school. I missed his kindergarten graduation because I went into labor! and then they fed the kiddos dinner and brought them up to the hospital afterwards! Then I missed his T-ball ceremonies and him getting picked for all-stars too! DH made it to that since he was the coach! Can't plan everything I guess!
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Re: What did you do with #1 while #2 was being born?

When we had #2 my MIL watched him. When we had #3 (MIL wasn't around anymore), I went into labor in the middle of the night, so my mom came over and stayed with the boys - she ended up missing the birth cause my dad said "you don't need to go yet, she's not gonna have the baby that soon". When we had #4, my mom was here to look after the boys and we had a homebirth. They ended up being out of the house while she was born cause my mom was afraid the boys were upset by the noise I made (they were ok, they'd been prepared) and took them for a walk. The only "noise I made" was while I was pushing.
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Re: What did you do with #1 while #2 was being born?

We are in denial. Somehow this will work. Somehow. Both sets of parents live 9-10 hours away. They are our closest family members. I would not leave her with one set anyway. We have not even discussed it. Six months and counting to d-day, and we have nothing planned for our 4 year old. She cannot be at the hospital during delivery. We have never had a babysitter, so hhmmm, Denial.
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Re: What did you do with #1 while #2 was being born?

I have been totally worrying about this too.

We are due in 4 weeks and we live no where near both of our families. DH's parents live 2.5 hours away.

My parents live 9 hours away. All other relatives are the same or more away.

My friend who lived across the street from the hospital who was our emergency contact has recently moved 2.5-3 hours away also.

We don't have a baby sitter and I honestly am not up for trying to find one right now, plus DD has never been to a baby sitter so I'm not up for that worry while I am giving birth.

My MIL is our contact for when anything happens but she is 2.5 hours away so she probably won't make it for the birth since DD was only 2 hours from start to finish.

We are thinking of asking our Chaplain who we have known forever and who is like family basically, she is also an insomniac and is up all hours so we figure she is perfect. LOL We just don't like to impose on people KWIM??

So plan is we call MIL right away before heading to the hospital. We have a bag all set up for DD also with stuff for her to be kept busy etc.

DH will bring us all to the hospital. If we decide to ask Melinda, our Chaplain, then hopefully she will be able to be there to kind of occupy DD in the waiting area. Otherwise DD will either be in my room, which I would rather not, or DH will be in the waiting room with DD which I also would rather not I want him with me, he's my support person.

I wonder if it's too late to get a doula??

Probably. Oh well.

Guess I should get ready for the idea that I could be going it alone.
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Re: What did you do with #1 while #2 was being born?

My mom was in town a couple of days before I went into labor. We ended up going to the hospital around 5am, so ds1 was still asleep...he stayed there (our house) with my mom. MIL went over and packed a bag for us (I was rushed and in denial, didn't pack very well)..and then we kept them updated and wanted them to wait sa long as they could before coming, but still be there for the birth...19 month old doesn't have a lot to do (except get in trouble) at a hospital. Anyway, we finally let them know it was time to come on and they got there about 5 mins after the birth Eventually, MIL took my mom and ds1 back to our house and there they stayed...we were discharged a little more than 24 hrs after ds2's birth.
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Re: What did you do with #1 while #2 was being born?

My MIL came to pick up DS (slowly i may add, I could've had dd in my livingroom! lol) and took him to her house. DH stayed the night in the hospital w/ me and then the day mil and fil came to the hospital w/ ds and saw the baby, and then dh went home w/ them and took Nick back to our house, and then back to mil's in the morning to come get me when i was released. MIL brought ds to our house for us so we didnt have to stop to get him.
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