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Re: Are you a mom of 3+ kids?

Yes, it gets easier. I had a 17month old, then had twins, then when twins were 26m and older DS was 3y7m, I had my 4th. It was total insanity for quite some time. But, the last 6 months or so have been awesome. Everyone has a routine, and I can trust my kids to play alone and report to me if the youngest is eating some toy or doing something wrong I can actually cook some days. I actually sometimes dream of a 5th but that is not in the plans due to bad pregnancies and 4 premature babies as well as other concerns. But maybe one day


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Re: Are you a mom of 3+ kids?

I have three and although we have a schedule going, I'm physically worn out from playing. I just need some adult time. It's been almost 3 night away........
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Re: Are you a mom of 3+ kids?

WE have 3 los. 4,3 and almost 6months. I sort of have a routine, unless I need to leave the house then everything is out the window. Now that a lot of things are coming in the garden and canning is gong to be starting in a couple of weeks I just don't know how I am going to keep up. My house is a mess all the time which sucks because we are trying to sell it. But I know this to shall pass. SO I am just dealing and if I get one thing done a day I am happy.

And when my DP has a day off he gets a list of things to do. He loves that.

ETA: the hardest thing with the last lo is that she won't take a bottle and is only eating very little once a day so I never get any time to myself. My big outing is going grocery shoppig by myself. I think this has been the hardest part for me and has made my fuse a little shorter.
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Re: Are you a mom of 3+ kids?

For us I think it depends on the timing. dc#2 was born a little over a year after #1 so that wore me out extremely. But with #3 we waited longer and she is 3 years younger than #2. So ages 7,6, and 3. #3 is strong willed and gets into everything, but overall it seems easier than the first two because they are old enough to help out a bit now. I'm completely ready for #4 now.
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Re: Are you a mom of 3+ kids?

I have 4.... dd is 9, ds#1 is 8, ds#2 is 3 (will be 4 in Oct) and ds#3 is 15m. My oldest 2 are 17m apart. going from 1-2 wasn't hard since they were both little and I was (still am) a SAHM and we didn't have to be anywhere if we didn't want to be so we just made up our schedule as we went. ds#2 was born when dd was in full day kindegarten and ds#1 was in 1/2 day preschool. The first few months of his life is a blur,lol since I was always on the go driving dd to kindegarten then going across town to bring ds#1 to preschool (he's special needs (PDD/NOS) so he went to a certain school since they had such a great Autism program) Things got a bit easier once ds#2 got a bit older and then ds#3 was born when ds#2 was 2 1/2. That didn't seem to hard since we had moved by then and the older 2 took the bus to school so if I didn't want to get our of my pj's I didn't have too, lol. I also think you mellow out more as you have more at least IMO. You just do it because you have to. sink or swim, lol and I don't mean that in a bad way. don't fret the little stuff... in the long run if you're kids are fed, clothed and happy who cares about the little stuff.
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Re: Are you a mom of 3+ kids?

From 2 to 3 was hardest for us.. But it does depend a bit on the circumstances..

Our first 2 were not quite 17mo apart. Then a couple months after my oldest turned 3, we had our third. I was also watching my brother's 1yo and newborn at the time. So I had 5 kids under 5, full-time.

By the time we had our fourth, our oldest was 5.5 and our second was about to turn 4. That made it a lot easier (especially since they were potty trained!).

Our 5th was not much of a big deal at all.. Aside from her sister being somewhat 'high needs' she's just fit right into our everyday life!
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Re: Are you a mom of 3+ kids?

I have a large family, 5 DC to be exact:
DS turned 10 yesterday
DD1 will be 9 in a few days
DD2 will be 7 the end of the month
DD3 is 5 and
DD4 is 7mos old

In some ways it was harder to go from 3 to 4 LO's and the from 4 to 5 wasn;t tooo bad but it has had its challenges...organization for us in our house is a big one, timing, schedules....but I take everything day to day...if I set my goals for each day and am able to accomplish them with a little sanity left I'm happy!

BTW--I work out of the home and my kids go to elementary school and dc and I live on my own with just my kids (and a cat and 2 aquariums full of fish and snails) DD3 and DD4's daddy live about 5mins from us with his ailing Grandfather....(He is a good grandson!)
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Re: Are you a mom of 3+ kids?

I hear going from 2 to 3 is the hardest. Once you get past that supposedly it gets easier I wont ever know because 3 is our limit.
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Re: Are you a mom of 3+ kids?

Originally Posted by lovinmylargefamily View Post
We have six and it's like that with everyone of them. Once we get into a routine, something comes along to mess it up. Now we're pretty much a day to day routine family.
I have to totally agree with you on that! Except I only have 5 and long for a 6th!
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Re: Are you a mom of 3+ kids?

Originally Posted by TaylorMomOf2 View Post
Does DH count as one??
I only have two and I feel like every single day! I'm not one of those "I love being a mom" kinda gals.. I'm more like "I love my kids but I'm barely surviving being a mom" (Gosh I hope I'm not the only one)
So no more for us!
Good luck with whatever decision you make!

I have 3 and I am right there with you mama! Your post is right on for me.
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