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needing to budget, yuck

I'm kind of down. I need to start budgeting groceries and spending less on incidentals (target, ooh I want this, ohh we should try this, etc.) I got off night shift b/c it was making me so sick and I wasn't enjoying my family or life.

Now I'm paying $225 per week in daycare, which is the cheapest good care I could find (and I'm happy with his care.) I work normal people hours, I'm not sick, we have real family time. But I make less and pay out more with the daycare, for more days of work per week. I don't mind working more days, I like working. But now I have to be much more disciplined about spending.

I needed to do that anyway. And I grew up very poor, so this isn't new. I just hate that we were living so high and now we have to watch our money. And it's silly, we have a nice home, nice things, etc. I'm not dying to go shop. It's just the principle of it. Like, if I really was a good mother/spouse, I would work the crappy hours for the money and the time with my son.


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Re: needing to budget, yuck

the graveyard shift is super tuff. not even close to everyone can do it.
i like to say my fiance is a very strong man, and he is absolutely untolerable on that night shift. he can't sleep, he never adjusts, he gets frustrated, and then also gets sick(and he happens to be a big baby when he actually gets sick).
so don't feel down on yourself, just work w/what you got now, and try to be happy AND healthy.
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Re: needing to budget, yuck

Hey mama, don't feel guilty over working the day shift. I think getting family time at night w/ the hubby and kids is very important and you are doing something that is healthy for you.

As for budgeting, try to set yourself an allowance each week for food/incidentals and do your best to stick to it.

Also, look at all your bills and see if you can cut anything out. My hubby is now working part time and starts school full-time in August so we raised our deductible on our home-owners and car insurance to lower the rates. We cancled long distance on our home phone (to the point where we can't call Long distance) and jsut use our cell phones for Long distance.

We reduced our cable tv package to the lowest we could stand. And we started pre-planning meals/shopping lists so we wouldn't over buy on food.

Also you get a tax deduction for most child-care costs so you can probably increase your withholding deductions so you make more per paycheck.

Good luck!
Ali, Loving Wife to Bill and Mom to Keegan (7) and Brodin (3 1/2) and baby Finn!!!

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Re: needing to budget, yuck

Making more money doesn't make you a better mom. And its not the amount of time you spend with your children its the amount of quality time you have with them. I know some SAHM who would be better moms if they actually got a gig and got away from the children for a while (my sis for one, and myself also). As long as you live within your means you'll do fine. Its all relative - for some splurging is $10 for others its $100. If taking dayshift makes you a happier person, then you will be a better mom.
"Life is a journey, not a destination". Enjoy the ride.
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