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What are some of the jobs/positions you've had?

I was just thinking about how my life could have been if I had made different career choices....

Here's some of the things I've done (included some interesting things in HS and College)
- Restaurant hostess
- Babysitter
- Retail sales
- Librarian
-Major's Youth Forum (project for high-risk teens...never thought of myself as one but we did qualify since mom was single w 5 children and we lived in the gvmt housing)
-Youth Court Lawyer (held real cases for 1st time offender, fought for client's "community service hrs" juvenile detention etc...thought I might want to be a trail lawyer)
- Commission on the Status of Women board member (my political phase in HS)
- Intern at WB Warner Bro. in NYC (This is the route I have most regret/curious. Wondered if I would have made it if pursue it. All the broadcasting major drooled over it and it was handed to me. One of the producers took a liking to me - sd I could be the next "Connie Chung")
- Intern at shrink office (have a major in psych but didn't want to be one)
- Au Pair (took care of triplets in Paris)
- Telemarketer (yeah, I know you hate those calls...that's why I'm nice to them. Its a hard job.)
- Inside sales rep/ manager
- Sales rep/manager for high tech
- 1st level IT support (desktop)
- Program Manager
- Pharmaceutical Rep
- Administrative assistance
- Dir of Preschool
- Commission Analyst
Now I am a Sales Compensation Analyst


"Life is a journey, not a destination". Enjoy the ride.

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Re: What are some of the jobs/positions you've had?

- Clerical asst.
- McDonalds crew
- McD shift manager
- cashier at a health food store
- Wendy's crew
- currently McD crew again, but for way less money than when I was 17
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Re: What are some of the jobs/positions you've had?

-Worked at Opryland USA (theme park that used to be in Nashville, TN) in HS
-Hostess, Sever, and Dining Room Supervisor (in HS and college)
-Mgt trainee at Enterprise Rent a Car
-Teacher- Pre-k, K, and 4th grade
-Daycare Assistant Director
-Preschool Assistant Director and Curriculum Specialist (currently-part time)

I will go back to teaching elementary school when all the kiddos are in school.
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Re: What are some of the jobs/positions you've had?

In order:
- delivering fliers for Pizza Hut
- waitress at cafe
- data entry temp at the place I work now
- extra in tv show
- extra in tv show again
- shooter girl at bar
- professional partier (would get paid to go to certain bars and dance)
- engineering in place I work now

pretty varied, I suppose.
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Re: What are some of the jobs/positions you've had?

-field hand (picking beans/strawberries)
-farm hand (cows)
-grocery store cashier
-food service (college) worker
-food service Student Supervisor (college)
-gas station cashier
-waiting tables
-Property abstractor/Title Searcher
-Nurse (current)

It seems like I've had a lot of jobs, but multiple were for one company (two dining services, gas station/waiting tables) and I often had more than one job at a time.
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Re: What are some of the jobs/positions you've had?

restarunt cashier
assistant teaching in a summer school program (hated it)
grocery store cashier
phone operator taking phone calls from people who thought they won something. i had a $10,000 winner call come to me!!
bridal store sales/minor alterations (hems and such, prep work for seamstress)
boutiqe womens clothing store sales (hated it)
optical sales
gap warehouse recieving--hard job, lots of lifting
same warehouse packing/shipping
inventory specialist-did retail inventories
nanny-dad had back surgery and couldnt drive
dunkin donuts
optical sales again
grocery store night crew clerk
grocery store cashier
grocery reciever
casheir again

the last grocery has all been with the same company

i've had a few jobs, but some i left b/c i moved or in one case they closed the store. i dont think i have ever had a job that i didnt have to deal with customers at some point... except maybe one
several times i worked two jobs too, and a few jobs were temp to begin with.
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Re: What are some of the jobs/positions you've had?

-Garden Center Clerk at a Home Improvement Warehouse (that was so much fun!!!!) (1 year)
-Stocking Crew & Forklift Operator (1 year)
-Science & Engineering Student Assistant (4years)
-Quality Control Chemist (1 year, Bleh Worst job ever!)
-Environmental Scientist (3+ Years & Current. Same place where I was a student assistant!)
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Re: What are some of the jobs/positions you've had?

-Wal-mart photlab
-Back to the photlab
-Suzy Stylist (ha that was my title, it was just retail sales)
-beer girl on a private golf club (my favorite job)
-bartendar at a curling club
-Electrical Warehouse Personnel/Manager
-Retail Sales (consignment store)
-Assistant to an Optician
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Re: What are some of the jobs/positions you've had?

- Worker at Auntie Anne's
- Worker at McDonald's
- Office Assistant at a church
- BACC Operator (monitored alarms/states of building equipment by computer)
- Diener (autopsy assistant)
- Help Desk Tech
- Help Desk Coordinator
- IT Technician
- Help Desk/IT Technician
- TSM Administrator (backups)
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Re: What are some of the jobs/positions you've had?

In order:

- hardware store cashier
- customer service manager
- receptionist
- on air personality at WPFR-FM (Terre Haute, IN)
- photo lab tech
- Resident Assistant
- Sales Clerk (Gantos women's clothing store)
- Professional picture framer
- Telemarketer
- Food service cook
- Topless Dancer
- Customer Service Clerk (Uneeda Bolt and Screw)
- Customer Service Operator (Bell South Products)
- Customer SErivce MAnager (BellSouth Prod)
- Marketing Assistant (Bell South Prod)
- Marketing Assistant (Credit Suisse Asset Management)
- Executive Assistant (German Investment Bank)
- Office Manager (Doctor's office)
- Stay At Home Mom
- Executive Assistant (IT Company)
- Ex. Asst/Office MAnager (private school)
- Stay at home mom
- Real Estate Agent
- Executive Assistant - Legal Dept - Current

I've had a LOT of jobs! Most of them I quit.

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