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Anyone pregnant with IUD?

Just wondering if anyone here has become pregnant while having the mirena in? Orange juice doesnt usually bother me. The only time it has was when I was pregnant with both my boys. This morning I drank some with breakfast and now feel nausiated. Maybe I'm crazy


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Re: Anyone pregnant with IUD?

There is a mama right now who is pregnant and had/has her IUD! I think she is almost half way done too.
Very possible!
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Re: Anyone pregnant with IUD?

I've heard of it and well I'm kind of in the same boat and confused. Besides having many issues since having my IUD now I've picked up on cravings..not liking a lot of the foods I use to, getting heartburn again, constantly going to the bathroom and feeling looking bloated. I since have passed my period date and prior to that I have taken 2 tests that both said NO so here I am a week after my last test and I am about to head to the store and pick up another!!
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Re: Anyone pregnant with IUD?

It didn't happen to me but it did happen to someone I know.
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Re: Anyone pregnant with IUD?

This would be MEEEE. However I'm 19 weeks on Thursday (so not quite halfway unless you consider that in 4 of 5 previous pregnancies I delivered at 38-39 weeks ). And, I have a Paraguard and not a Mirena, but the difference in failure rates is neglible between the two IUDs.

I actually didn't figure out I was pregnant until 9 weeks. We brought a new little boy home from the US fostercare system end of March. By late April, I do recall being tired a LOT. But, he's needs can be overwhelming and his behaviors are extremely intensive, so I really, really thought the exhaustion was from dealing with this little guy nothing else.

End of April, we went to a soccer tournament, I didn't drink enough and I felt really SICK for 3 days afterward. I thought it was extremely strange but didn't think anything else beyond I was dehydrated and needed to do better when out in the heat.

First of May, we went to a soccer tournament for oldest son. I didn't drink enough on day one and the morning of day two I puked, minorly. I attributed it to being dehydrated, as it can make you puke. And, when I drank, I was much better. Again, that was as far as my thinking went on that.

Memorial weekend, we went to my sisters for a party. Once again, we were outside all day. I was very careful to drink plenty, a smattering of soda with salt in it and lots of water. Got home and was so nauseous that night I really was afraid I was going to puke on Dh in the night. I lay in bed all night trying to figure out WHY I was having this bizarre reaction to the heat. I'm only 31 and boy was I feeling OLD at this point.

Sometime in the night, I realized that my last AF had been end of March. But, I had major abdominal surgery end of February to remove a monsterous ovarian cyst along with my right ovary and fallopian tube. I was still nursing my toddler quite a bit. I'm hypothyroid. And, my hormones have been more than a bit messed up for years now. So, when you add the stress of the new child, I really didn't think it was a big deal that I hadn't had AF in several months.

But, I had the thought in my head, and I knew I would obssess if I didn't test to rule it out. So, the next morning, I told DH. He laughed at me. And, then he bought a digital test so I couldn't start at an old test to see evaopration lines and try to prove I was pregnant when I definitely was NOT.

The only problem is that the test said positive almost immediately. Woops! I went to the doctor 2 days later, and the first u/s at 9 weeks showed the IUD still perfectly positioned in my uterus. My perinatalogist did another u/s at 11 weeks and at that point the IUD had migrated into the cervix and is now encased in the mucous plug. When my uterus began to grow, it shifted the strings so they cannot be found. Because of that, they cannot remove the IUD. But, the peri feels that since its now in the cervix and surrounded by mucous it shouldn't present any risk to the baby anymore.

I still have not had a lot of typical pregnancy symptoms. I suppose that is a blessing all things considered. I've puked exactly 3 times this pregnancy, which may be a record for me. I'm still tired a lot, but I still think dealing with the new little one has a lot to do with that. I'm not in maternity clothes but I can see a noticable difference in my shape now. If it weren't for feeling him kick regularily and these repeated u/s that keep showing he's definitely in there, I'm not sure I would believe I AM pregnant. And, I'm still blown way that with a fail rate of a merely 0.7% for Paraguard I hit the lottery and ended up with #8. Dh is getting a vasectomy after I reach 24 weeks, but we both joke that its not likely to make any difference and with our luck, we'll have a vasectomy failure as well.
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Re: Anyone pregnant with IUD?

My friend N**** got pregnant with the Mirena 4 times (no jokes) but miscarried after every one very early on, between 5-8 weeks. My friend T****** got pregnant with the Mirena but it was a tubal pregnancy . I have heard before that you can get pregnant but if you get it out fast enough you can have a healthy pregnancy!
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