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Question i need BF help

I just had my daughter the 6th of this month and BFing has been a disaster. I don't know what's going on with my milk. Let me give some background real quick:

Due to high bilirubin test DD had to be flown to the U of Utah and stay in the NICU for a few days. While there I tried to pump but got nothing. So anyways they recommended i suppliment to help get bilirubin down...well it DID help. And she is latching REALLY well on one side, even still being supplimented not so well on other.

anyways my question is, what's going on with my milk? i skipped a feeding with dd and wanted to just pump and see what I could get. Out of both sides I got a half oz. TOTAL!!! that was 10 min of pumping and ONLY a half oz. is there anything i can do to get milk supply up?? i wouldn't even mind pumping and bottle feeding, but my milk is just not comming is!!! what's going on??? any help is appreiceated!


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Re: i need BF help

Pumping is a LOT different from baby nursing, so you cannot accurately guage milk production by how much you pump. If baby seems to be nursing well, falls asleep after feedings and seems full, and you can notice her not just sucking-sucking-sucking, but sucking-pausing-sucking, and you can hear her swallowing often, those are all good signs she is getting milk. If she's gaining well and her BR levels are coming down those are good signs too. Nurse very often to clear the rest of the jaundice out, and sit with dd is a sunny room or by a window for about ten minutes a day because the sunlight helps clear jaundice too.

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Re: i need BF help

Like pp said, pumping is very different. It really is a skill that you learn. During my first few weeks when I was pumping exclusively I only got out about 1/2 to 1 oz each time and that was pumping 30min.
At this point, don't skip feedings to pump. Pump after a feeding. Make sure you are getting plenty (lots and lots) of water, eat oatmeal every day, get some fenugreek or mother's milk tea, and try not to stress over it too much (that affects your letdown and supply). Lots of skin to skin contact. Use a SNS to supplement, either at the breast or finger feeding.
Good luck!
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Re: i need BF help

The first 6 weeks are the toughest, hang in there!

Keep nursing no matter what. The more you nurse, the better your suppy will be. Here's a link to that might help you.

As PP said, don't rely on the pump as a gauge of how much you're producing. Also, remember that their tummies are very tiny and only hold a teaspoon or so of milk, which is why they nurse often!

Good luck!!!
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Re: i need BF help

I agree with all pp's. Another good gauge of how much the baby is getting is wet diapers. I think it's 8-10 wet diapers as a newborn.
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Re: i need BF help

I agree with everyone else...

The other day my right breast was REALLY full but when I pumped I only got 2 ounces. I never got much when I pumped but also never really pumped to begin with because my daughter would not take a bottle. Even though I only got 2 ounces from pumping....I am producing enough milk for her to still be EBF at almost 11 months. And in the beginning I sometimes didn't even get an ounce. So pumping isn't an accurate way of telling you how much your baby is getting. Don't skip any feedings.

Hang in there & good luck!!
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Re: i need BF help

It's true, the pump is not a reliable way to see how much your producing. Diapers and baby chub are the best way to tell. Hang in there Mama! It will get easier.
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Re: i need BF help

to what everyone said. Dd is 7.5 mos and exclusively BF, but when I pump, I still hardly get anything. lol. I suck at pumping. I'd say just make sure to drink a ton of water and let your lo nurse on demand. Good luck momma, you're doing great!
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Re: i need BF help

You might need a better pump! Try renting a pump from the hospital.
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Re: i need BF help

It could be the pump, but also remember small stomaches do not need that much food. Which is why they eat around the clock pretty much. Just relax, I tried to pump messing around when my ds was a few weeks old just for fun, got nothing. Though, I was producing milk. I think they fact he gained 4 pounds that first month made that clear. So relax, easier said then done I know and just wait to see the weight at the next appointment. That is a better judge then the milk amount you pump. just my 2 cents.
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