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Trying to Adopt in Mexico

For the past 13 months I've been volunteering at an orphanage in Mexico. I had only intended to go for 7 weeks. 3 days after I arrived there last July a precious little, very abused, very tiny 6 month old baby arrived. He was brought to us by the government after being taken away from his parents...his twin brother had been beaten and died at 5 months old from his injuries. Jose was recovering from a broken rib and a hernia surgery as well as countless other injuries. He was soooo small...under 7 lbs....and was almost lifeless. He didn't move at all. I was scared that he wouldn't live through that first night...but he did! Praise God! The orphanage had no baby things as they normally don't accept I immediately had to go shopping for formula, bottles, diapers,etc. He became my baby! He was with me 24/7 as we fervently prayed for him to gain weight and get better. I had to leave to go back to Canada because I had not planned on staying and had things to tie up back home. It was horrible leaving "my" baby in an orphanage in a third world country and to top it all off the orphanage didn't have enough staff to give him one on one care so he ended up being the 12 and 13 year old girls responsibility. It took me 2 months to quit my teaching job, sell my car,etc. but now I'm back here with my baby! The orphanage was so thankful that I came back and gave us our own room (a converted storage room!). 4 months later I found a cute little house to rent on the next block and asked permission to foster my LO. The orphanage agreed as long as I continued to bring him during the week and continue with other responsibilities at the orphanage. The arrangement suited me just fine and we moved into our house. Well here we are almost a year later and while Jose is a little developmentally delayed...he is catching up quickly. I can't imagine not having him in my life... and recently went to the Mexican authorities to begin adoption procedures only to find out it's nearly impossible as a foreigner to adopt from our state. Even if I was Mexican it is very difficult. They only let 5 adoptions in the whole state last year and none of those were foreign adoptions. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

The orphanage is happy to let me "foster" him indefinitely...but I would love to be able to take him "home" someday.


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Re: Trying to Adopt in Mexico

Fostering him indefinitely is a start - working with foreign governments will not be easy, especially when they are not set up to adopt outside their own country. Can you talk to US government officials who have knowledge of inter country adoptions? Perhaps you could also seek some legal advice.
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Re: Trying to Adopt in Mexico

Can you talk to US government officials who have knowledge of inter country adoptions?
She needs to talk to the Canadian officials, since she is Canadian. That said I know a few US adoption agencies who do claim to handle Mexican adoptions. Try finding an adoption agency anywhere that handles Mexican adoptions and see if they can get you started on how to proceed with this.

I know a family who spent 3 years doing a Honduran adoption and just brought their children home last month. Nearly impossible does not mean absolutely impossible. Since you are already there and already fostering him, that is a HUGE step towards permenancy. I know the US government has a loophole where you have blood relative status if you live for 2 years with the child outside the US. I do not know if Canada has a similiar loophole. And, I do know to take advantage of that loophole for the US, you have to still navigate the legal process in the child's birth country to have custody and the authority to take the child out of their birth country.

Start with an adoption agency, see if you can get a referral to a Mexican attorney. See if you can find someone who had handled Mexican adoptions inside Mexico and start there. If you can get the Mexican side handled, you can probably navigate the Canadian side somehow after you navigate the Mexican side.
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Re: Trying to Adopt in Mexico

can you also start trying to apply for Mexican residency? For example Paraguay and Uruguay dont per say allow international adoption but they do allow adoption by non nationals who are residents - I have no idea any of the requierements in Mexico for residency but they should be relatively easy to find out

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Re: Trying to Adopt in Mexico

Hey mama, glad I found this forum! I lived in Mexico and it wasnt hard to get residency there for myself as I already had a good reason to be there and stay there and so do you. My advice is to try and deal with a local attorney! Even though they tell you its virtually impossible, its not! It is doable and since you are commited to having him already as a foster, then you are commited to working to adopt him. You need to get your residency and then apply as a resident, they will allow it. It will take time though to get all the proof you need that you want him and can afford to have him. You may be required to stay there with him for a period after the 2yrs. I have good friends that may know something about this. Our ministry has a church in Mexico City and the pastor, an American, adopted some local children. Similar situation to yours! So I will mention this again (I did mention it before at our latin american conference. I too wanted to adopt from there after living there.) His adoption was years ago, so I will see what changes have came about. Will post if I find out anything that helps! Good luck!!!
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