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Re: My daughter got hit on her bike today :( (shes ok though)

First off glad your DD is safe! The lady was totally wrong to leave until she knew your DD was REALLY OK KWIM? I would file a report.
That being said you aren't supposed to ride your bike on the sidewalk, for this reason. If you do ride your bike on the sidewalk it is supposed to be the same speed as a pedestrian walking. Or at least that's the laws in Oregon.


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Re: My daughter got hit on her bike today :( (shes ok though)

first of all glad she is ok. and yah Id file a report. hope u find out who the person was.
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Re: My daughter got hit on her bike today :( (shes ok though)

Very glad she is safe! Very, very scary.

My son (14) was hit right in front of our house. He was turning into our driveway from the other side of the street. As he was crossing on his bike, a Trailblazer T-boned him (for lack of a better word). He dented just above her grill with his body/helmet, and he was flung across the street to the other side of the road. I'm SO glad oncoming traffic did not hit him!

She kept saying "I didn't see him, I didn't see him". When the cops got there, that story turned to "he pulled out right in front of me".

Definitely file a police report. If you have to claim any damages through your insurance (in our state, it is car insurance that covers it), you will likely need a police report on file.

My son sustained a hairline crack in his skull, road rash all over, and soft tissue/muscle injury/bruising on his right side. He is EXTREMELY lucky.

I tell everyone that the helmet literally saved his brains. He got a hairline fracture in his skull even WITH the helmet. I don't want to think of what would have happened without it.

The lady that hit your daughter had no legal business leaving the scene, let alone the moral implications. If she gets in trouble, GOOD! The hitting her may have been a mistake, but not making sure she was okay is complete crap.

Encourage her to wear her helmet! I tell my boy that we cannot control the actions of others, but we do try to minimize the damage. So glad she is doing well!
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Re: My daughter got hit on her bike today :( (shes ok though)

Wow I am so glad your DD is okay
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Re: My daughter got hit on her bike today :( (shes ok though)

If I were you I'd go back Tuesday, not Monday. All the staff at my church is off on Monday since Sunday is such a long day for them. Maybe go both days, I guess it could have been cleaning crew or something. So sorry about your dd! I almost hit a kid once, I was totally lost and my ds was screaming in the back seat so I pulled in a parking lot to turn around and checked for cars then headed out. So did not see that kid but thank God he saw me and he stopped. I got the finger but honestly deserved it! If you never find out who it was could you call your news channel to do a story? Maybe they will just interview your dd about it to warn other drivers and the hit and run driver will at least feel like doo doo.
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Re: My daughter got hit on her bike today :( (shes ok though)

Thanks mommas

Todays update:
The church called me back and let me know that no one there drives a white car, however, *sometimes* there is a white car parked in a stall that is actually from one of the apartments near them.

The police dept. said again that its specualtion unless the person who drives the car admits to it. Heaven isnt hurt at all so they said filing a police report *is* something I can do but since there is no person on the other side it wont do anything. If she were hurt, it would help as far as insurance goes but shes not and it really wouldnt do anything. I think it wouldnt hurt but hubby, friend of the family police officer and now daughter say just let it go.

I think Im still going to check out the apartments around the church and see if I can find the white car

ETA: thank you again mommas for all of your support and letting me know that I wasnt overreacting.

And on that particular street, there is a bike lane on one side but not the other so she was on the sidewalk. :/ Otherwise, we are supposed to use the bike lane on all streets that have them.

She rode her bike today and was a little freaked out, but she was OK and feels much better
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