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Re: Co-Sleeping vs Not and Bfing

We started out co-sleeping because my little guy came home sick (bad jaundice), but moved him first to his pack n play in our room and then to his own crib in his room. This works best for us. I think you should do what works for you. I get up when he wants to nurse and we sit in the rocking chair, with just low lights, and it's very soothing and nice for him. He never cries to go back to sleep, I just lay him back down and he coos himself back to sleep. I can't sleep well when he's too close to me. And I need my sleep as much as he does. At 7 weeks he typically only gets up once in the night. That works for me!


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Re: Co-Sleeping vs Not and Bfing

My dd will be 1 next month. She has slept in her own room since night #2 home. I couldn't sleep through her grunting and little cute noises. I have gotten up every night since she was born and trecked my butt into her room for feedings. When she called - I answered. Average of 2-3 times a night. We have been night weaning for the past week and it's going well for all of us. No crying or anything. I work full time and I'm getting tired. But we've been doing it for a couple weeks shy of a year. You do what you have to do - and I don't believe our relationship "suffered" at all.
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Re: Co-Sleeping vs Not and Bfing

We co-slept with my oldest dd but i always went to our rocking chair in the bedroom to nurse. she then went to her own room when we moved. my last dd wanted nothing to do with sleeping in our bed. shes still the same way after 18 months. would rather sleep in her own bed.

i could just never get the hang of the whole laying down and nursing thing
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Re: Co-Sleeping vs Not and Bfing

The first 2 weeks after DD was born she was in her bassinet next to my bed because I had a csection and DH was deployed so it just made it easier to be right next to her. During that 2 weeks i discovered co-sleeping is not for me. I could not get comfortable in bed with her. I had to sit up and nurse her. There have only been a handful of times that I have been able to lay down and nurse my DD longer then 30secs. and she is 9mo.
I get up anywhere between 1-3 times a night and nurse her in our living room with her more often then not its just 1 time because I go to bed late. I hear her making noises before she is ever crying so she has only ever cried a handful of times in the middle of the night.
I think what ever works for you and baby is what is best. I needed my sleep and needed a place i was comfortable nursing her other wise I would get frustrated and nursing wouldn't go well. So she knows when we sit on the couch is time for Milky!
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Re: Co-Sleeping vs Not and Bfing

We co-sleep for the first few weeks maybe 5-6 and then I get them into their own beds. I get up to nurse my LO's until they no longer need me, so where between 4.5 and 8 months. No big deal, I do it because I don't care about being up and I can't sleep with them in my bed.

All of mine nurse until they are almost 2 so I don't think it has caused us any problems.
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Re: Co-Sleeping vs Not and Bfing

As long as you have something that works for you, thats what matters!

Both my kids were/ are in their own rooms. DS was in his crib in his room from the day we came home. I felt terrible about it and while I was preg with DD I *swore* she would sleep in our room.

WOW can that child make noise! She was sooooo noisy we had to move her to her own room. No one (not even her) was getting any sleep because she would snort or gurgle or grunt and wake either DH or I up and we would roll over in bed (she was in a crib in the room next to my side of the bed) and then she would wake up because of the blankets was a neverending loop.

Once we moved her it works much better. I still feel a little guilty about it but I know that it really is best for all of us. I just liked having her close by.

I will also add that both my kids are *crazy* fast eaters thanks to my insane letdown so neither of them ever nursed for more than 5 mins at a time. I weighed DD at the pedis once and she got 5oz in about 4 mins. The pedi was *Shocked* (as was I).
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Re: Co-Sleeping vs Not and Bfing

We also only coslept for a little while (1 month). Then dd was in her own room and I would fetch her and nurse her in a rocking chair in our living room when she cried. She started sleeping through around 2.5 months so no problems for us!
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Re: Co-Sleeping vs Not and Bfing

Listen to your own mothering insticts!! If things are working for you...that is what matters. I have nothing but positive feelings about co-sleeping, but because I didn't sleep sound w/DS in our bed it worked best for us not to co-sleep. He nursed until he was 2 1/2! I would call that successful!! Now I have an 8 month old who doesn't co-sleep all night w/ us but comes to our bed at around 5 every morning. This works great for us and I am still exclusively nursing. SO...You don't have to co-sleep to have a sucessful nursing or bonding relationship w/ your child. I say "Hats Off" to the mama's and families that can do it.
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Re: Co-Sleeping vs Not and Bfing

I am a firm believer in the benefits of co-sleeping BUT if it doesn't work for your family and you both are getting better sleep separately, then I say you need to do what is best in your situation.
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