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Pumping question

I am EBF my 4 month old DD. I start back to work soon 3 days a week 5 hour days. I have already ok'ed it with my boss for my husband to bring my DD up to work to nurse when she needs to since she has never had a bottle. But I've been thinking about pumping and trying it out to see if it would work. With my ODD when I tried to pump I never got more than an ounce so I'm hoping it works this time. My question is do I need to buy a few different bottles to see which my DD will take to and at 4 months does she need the fast flow nipples or still the slow? TIA!


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Re: Pumping question

I found the trick with pumping was you had to be regular about it to adjust your supply a bit. Most women have more milk in the morning, I pumped right after feeding DS and putting him down for his morning nap. I just had a manual Avent single pump, and could usually get 2-4 ounces per day. If I had missed a feeding, or he had slept through the night, I could get more than that. I remember one stellar session with 8.5 ounces, I was very excited even though some women can get this much regularly. I think an electric double pump would be a big help here too.

I think I would stick with a newborn or size zero nipple for now, and the type of bottle wouldn't matter. It might even help to keep her on the breast if you use a very slow flow, since she won't get used to instant and quick flow and start to perfer the bottle.

Best of luck!
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Re: Pumping question

Like the PP said, I would use a slow flow nipple. I use the Avent Tempo nursers and DS has no problems going back and forth. I rarely give him a bottle just to make sure he'll still take it. If you are going to pump, I would definitely use a double electric pump. You can usually rent them if you don't want to buy one. I pump in between nursings occasionally and only get 2-3 oz. However, the stuff I've read says you get MUCH more when you are away from baby and that when you pump in addition to nursing full time, you are only getting the "extra" that baby doesn't need. Good luck!
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Re: Pumping question

we still use slow flow nipples at 6.5 months. I pump 3 times a day & usually get 2-3 ounces. the end of the week less though, stress and fatique affect your supply. we use Medela b/c they are BPA free and fit the pump.
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Re: Pumping question

use slow flow nipples AND try a few different bottles. Some brands have different sized nipples - like Dr Browns regular are slightly wider than Gerber classic. Some babies prefer the Playtex nursers because the nipples work more like a mommy. Some babies prefer avent. I'd try out both wide and regular styles and just buy one of each you plan on trying at first. I've heard most have success with avent and playtex. My baby girl will only take playtex with the LATEX nipples - unless she's so hungry she'll eat the table lol then she'll take a silicone nipple.
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Re: Pumping question

you might want to look into renting a hospital grade pump for a month to see how it all goes, then continuing to rent or buy one if it all works out well.

stick with slow flow nipples. try different bottles. buy one of several types/styles and start with one. if she takes it, great, you can return the others. i have heard playtex nursers with the rubber nipple mentioned most often as the one that bf babes will take. i would start with that one.

pumping needs to be regular for it to be effective. so chose a time of day when you will consistently be able to pump. as the others have mentioned, mornings are usually when moms get the most milk. also, don't expect to get loads of milk, especially at first. remember that what you can express is in no way an indication of how much milk you have, babies are way more effective at removing milk.

awesome boss you have though! at least you don't have to worry about the what ifs should your dd not take to the bottle.
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