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anyone used/using nipple shield?

my DD has had sucking problems due to her prematurity and the Lactation Nurse had me start with a nipple shield. Now she has the hang of sucking from it pretty well but I'm kind of worried that I will have to use this silicone thing on my breast forever as she doesn't seem to show any signs of weaning from it.
It's been about 2 months now.

Anyone else used the nipple shield that long and then had their child wean successfully who can tell me their story and make me feel better??


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nicki wilson
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Re: anyone used/using nipple shield?

i just had ds 5 days ago and the one nurse also suggested the sheild. and to be honest i perfer the sheild, it doesn't hurt as much. but i have tried to bf w/o it and he won't latch on correctly. my milk came down 2 days ago so instead of giving up i ordered 2 more.
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Re: anyone used/using nipple shield?

I can't say we used it that long, but we did use it for a month. It takes a few weeks of trying religiously to wean off of it. How early was she born? Is she past he due date now? I was told not to expect DS to be ready before he was past his due date (he was five weeks early). The first time he latched on without the shield was indeed the day after his due date. It took two weeks after that before he would nurse without it with any regularity and another two weeks before we were completely finished with the shield.

It is very hard. There were sometimes I wanted to just stop trying to wean him off of it and just resign myself to using the shield forever. It is so worth it, though, when you don't have to use it any more! If you want more info about how we went about weaning Alex off the shield, feel free to PM me!! Good luck and HTH!
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Re: anyone used/using nipple shield?

I was told I need it for one breast because they said I have a flat nipple, which I don't but I didn't know any better. So then my ds preferred it to my breast and I had to use it for both till he was about 4 months old. Then one day he just got mad at the shield and decided he watned my breast. I had tried previously to wean him of it but it was so hard on him. I pray your's will do the same and wean themself. It's so wonderful when they do and then the feedings don't last nearly as long.


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Re: anyone used/using nipple shield?

DS was early, too, and we had to use a shield. But I would try every couple of days to latch him without it. One day he just started nursing, and we never looked back! Good luck mama!
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Re: anyone used/using nipple shield?

I've used them twice. This time I weaned my girls off of them at around 5 weeks. If they are ready they can be weaned off, don't worry. It just takes patience and time. She'll get there. Just offer your nipple w/o the shield on it sometimes. Some people also swear on starting them out at a feeding with the shield, then quickly taking them off and removing the shield and putting them back on. You can also try pumping for a minute and then putting her on. Make sure to express a little milk so she can smell it and get a quick fix when she's first put on without the shield. Good luck!
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Re: anyone used/using nipple shield?

We had one from about day 3 up to 6 weeks. I used it on both sides even though only 1 nipp was inverted.

I kept reading these posts on here about how babies just weaned off their and I thought, "there is no way he will ever wean off of this". Then one day, he just didn't want the shield and I took it off and haven't needed it since.

Good luck, you'll get rid of it one of these days.
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Re: anyone used/using nipple shield?

I used it with both of my sons for about the first 4 weeks. After my engorgement went down, I found that we didn't need it anymore.

You'll get there, too Just give it a few weeks of successfully BFing with the shield and then start to see if she can latch without it.

Good Luck!
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Re: anyone used/using nipple shield?

I nursed exclusively with a shield until ds weaned himself in his 10th month. I tried and tried to get him to stop using it (which was very painful for me, so apparently he still wasn't latching properly?). I do feel like it hindered supply at times. He was a skinny baby and he's still skinny (so people tell me that he was fine; it's just his metabolism...he still eats like a horse at age 2). We started cereal around 4 months because he seemed like he needed more in his tummy. It was definitely a rocky road, I'm sure in part because I wasn't willing to accept the shield. His nursing sessions were always really long...around 20 minutes on each side. I truly don't think the shield is the best way to go (oh, the freak-out sessions when the shield had fallen out of my bra! time I left it in my cleveage area between nursings), but I probably wouldn't have lasted past the first month without it. I guess you could consider nursing for 10 months with a shield a success story.

At some point in his 9th month I started supplementing with bottles and one morning he kept popping off and "yelling" at me so I went to the fridge and got a bottle and he eagerly received it. I made myself available for the next few days, but that was it. He was done nursing. The timing was actually good for my schedule, but I had intended to nurse for closer to 12 months.

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Re: anyone used/using nipple shield?

When ds was about 4 weeks old we were out (unexpectedly) and I din't have the shield with us, so he just started sucking and did fine ever since...when you feel baby's mouth is being able to get all the way around the areola I'd try it
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