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Ack! *family rant/vent*

I love my mom, but her ideas about bfing are driving me nuts.
I took my ds (19mos) for a visit this weekend, and the few times he wanted to nurse I had to deal with her huffing and puffing and rolling her eyes. She doesn't really say much except "why don't you just give him real milk?" but the insinuation in the body language and eye rolling is that she thinks it's disgusting that I'm still nursing him.
Really now, it's not an all the time thing. He only nurses 2 or 3 times/day and it's mostly for comfort, but that's just it! It's comfort!!!! What kind of mom would I be if I didn't give him the comfort that he craves and needs. Why doesn't she get that?


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Re: Ack! *family rant/vent*

Dear Baby in my Belly, Please come out. Seriously. It's like a 100 degrees here, IN CANADA. Your dad has taken to calling me puffy. I get that you're a dude and the last thing you want to do is leave a place you're going to spend the rest of your life trying to get back into, but enough. Your room is really cool, come out and see it. Sincerely, Love Mummy
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Re: Ack! *family rant/vent*

Yeah, I know that me BF'ing my daughter made a lot of people in mine and my husbands family uncomfortable also, I nursed her until 19 months. I probably would have gone longer except I was pregnant with my son and my milk dried up. I plan on nursing DS as long as he and I are both comfortable with it, but already I know it makes some people squirm, and he's only 7 months! I'm sorry mama... HUGS!
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Re: Ack! *family rant/vent*

By "real" milk does she mean COW's milk? That would be real milk for a calf. But being as you're human and you make milk for your own baby then THAT would be real milk!

Okay, just a little snippiness there but really, you're doing the right thing. It would just be nice if you could do it with support, especially from your own mom. How did her BF experience go? Maybe she feels a bit guilty about it somehow? I don't know, that could be causing her reaction. At any rate, I hope you don't let it affect what you are doing for your baby.
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Re: Ack! *family rant/vent*

I just don't spend a lot of time with people like that....
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Re: Ack! *family rant/vent*

things have changed since she was a mom. you're the mama now! and you know what's best for your DS! keep up it!!
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Re: Ack! *family rant/vent*

I have a feeling that I will be running into this too. My ds is 7 months and I am already getting the "are you STILL breastfeeding" question with raised eyebrows.
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Re: Ack! *family rant/vent*

Oh geez! 19 mos? What would she have though of my almost- 3yo running up for na-nas???

With something like that (and my inlaws were just as disgusted by extended nursing), I don't even respond. Nod smile, and ignore.
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Re: Ack! *family rant/vent*

My MIL insisted that when Gage was 6m-19m he was nursing only because he was "getting off" from it. Like sexually...seriously.. Needless to say, we dont see her often...not to mention she's an alcoholic..
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Re: Ack! *family rant/vent*

Hehe..I haven't really had to deal with those comments until now. I've been visiting family.

My gparents were asking if he drank milk yet(cow's milk). I said no, that he didn't drink milk. And they were like "no milk!?!?!" And, I said, yes, he gets milk(meaning my milk). And then it was "oh yourmilk." And then it was "so, you don't even give him chocolate milk??!?!"

I said "Sorry, I don't make chocolate milk."

I was the only one who found that one funny.

But they are gradually getting the idea that my milk is real milk, and whole milk, and all of that jazz.

His body, his choice.
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